Kidnapped ~ Harry Styles Love Story ~

[The boys are not famous in this but I will make sure to add them all in!] Harry and Alice send letters back and forth, just because Alice got bored one day and decided to choose a random address to send a letter to. What will happen when they finally meet in person for the first time?


4. Chapter Three


Alice's POV


After a while of this Harry person and I sending letters back and forth, we decide that maybe we should meet up. We only live a few towns away from each other so I think we'd be able to do it. I smile as I sit at my desk, picking up my pen and starting to write back.



So I've been thinking. Maybe it's time we should meet in person? You seem really sweet and I'd like to get to see how you look in person. I was think maybe we could meet at the Starbucks in my town. What do you say?


Alice xx


When I finish writing I do my normal routine of folding the paper and putting it in the envelope, sealing it, and writing all the information on it. I run a hand through my hair and get up, walking to the bathroom. I shower quickly and get into my pajamas. Usually whenever my letters come in it's at night, figures. I brush my hair and teeth and walk outside with the letter. I put it in the mailbox, putting the red lever up so that the mailman knows to send it out. I walk back into my house and crawl into bed, saying goodnight to my aunt and uncle before I put on the TV and fall asleep to it.


A/N: The letters will be over probably the chapter after chapter four and then the actual story will take place and get more interesting from there and chapters will get longer as well!

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