No longer The Same

Never leave a person and exepct them to be the same when you come back


2. Moving Day

Marcel's P.O.V.

"Get up now," my sister Jane yelled from my bedroom door. I could tell she was not happy about moving out of this town. "I'm up, now leave please?" I asked her while dragging myself out of bed. I put on my clothes that I normally wore. Brown kakki pants, an button up long sleeve shirt, sweeter vest, nice dress shoes. We moved from London to the USA almost 3 years ago because my mom got a job here. She left us though about 2 months ago and my dad died when I was 9 so my sister and I had no choice but to move back to London with our uncle. I was excited to go back even though I get bullied. "MARCEL WE ARE LEAVING NOW LETS GO!" Jane yelled from the front door interupting my thoughts. "COMING!" I shouted back.

~~~~~~~~~~Skip plane ride~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We had just got off the plane and had a 10 min drive until we got to our Uncle Kell's house. When we got there it was already late and I had to start school tomorrow so I went to bed.

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