We Found Hate In A Hopeless Place *Completed*

*Completed* Jenni is new to a school and doesn't know how to fit in... EVER. She tries to fit in but she seems to always do something wrong :/ One day she bumped into a guy, Kurt, who was just a jerk. She soon makes a few friends... To find out more you going to have to read it :)


5. Kurt or Parker...

Kurt or Parker...

I sit in class tapping my pencil. The date you may ask... It was okay. He kept trying to kiss me but I stopped him.

"And when the two c-" The last bell rang meaning we could go home. Everyone jumped out of their seats and ran to the door and left in two seconds. I walk up to Parker.

"Hey want to hang out at my place?" I ask.

Parker's POV

I look up and see Gena giving me a thumbs up.

"Okay..." I say.

"Okay I'll drive." We got into her car and we started driving... Soon we were at Jenni's house. She jumps out of the car.

"So why did you move?" I ask. She licks her lips and looks at me in the eye. She leans in for a kiss a think. She doges my lips and goes to my ear.

"You'll have to find out yourself." She whispers them she sits back.

"So you and Kurt going out?" She shrugs.

"I don't know. I think he just wanted one thing."

"Oh..." She stands up.

"You want some popcorn?" She asks.

"Sure." I say.

Gena texts me.

You get anything out of her?

I'm not playing your games anymore! Stop texting me!

I put my phone down and wait for the popcorn.

(A/N Sorry it's short but I have to get to bed sorry :/)

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