You'll Only Let Me Down ~Harry Styles Love Story~

Gigi is a normal seventeen year old girl who's life was changed forever when she went to a One Direction concert. The tall boy with dimples and curly hair and an irresistible smile saw her in the crowd and pulled her up onstage.
After that, things happened and Harry has let Gigi down too many times and they break up. But what happens when they haven't seen each other for a while and Harry shows up on her doorstep?


1. Nothing Could Ruin Today

The sun streamed through the blinds on my windows. One little strand reflected to my face and woke me up instantly. It was only eight in the morning. I smiled and then bit my lip, staring at nothing. Today is the day of my first One Direction concert. I've been a big fan of them ever since the X-Factor and wanted to meet them. 

My friend and I both bought our own backstage passes and front row tickets with the money we saved from our birthdays, Christmas, and our jobs. I've been waiting for this day since we bought the tickets. 

"Mum?" I peered around the corner of the stairs. From the bottom of the stairs we had a perfect view of what went on in the kitchen. Mum's small figure was at the stove making bacon and eggs like I loved every Tuesday during my Summer vacation. She must have heard me call her name even over the sizzling of the hot pan and turned to me.

"Yes Gigi? Good morning, breakfast is going to be ready soon." She was separating the pieces of bacon that were done onto a plate and leaving the not finished pieces in the pan. She kept switching from both pans to flip eggs and watch the bacon. "You should just come and sit." 

I did as told and watched her work away at the stove. 

"So Mum, you know today is the day of the concert right?" I rushed. 

"Yes I do sweety. How could I forget when you reminded every day starting with Sunday of five weeks ago?" She teased. Okay, well I didn't bug her that much about it. All I needed was a ride there because Becky couldn't make it here on time. Driving from her job at the coffee shop to the Stadium was almost two hours to drive. 

"Sorry Mum. But I need a ride there. Becky would make us late if she picked me up." 

"Now dear what time does this event start?"

"Around noon. Please give me a ride!" I begged. Mum laughed and smiled, coming over to kiss my cheek. She placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me doing so. 

"Of course, after you eat start getting ready. Maybe you can get backstage early with though tickets."

"Mum I can't just do that."

"Of course you can! I did! Well, my friends and I used to sneak in backstage and watch those boy bands take their shirts off." She looked at me. "But those were the olden days and maybe you can't do that anymore." 

I couldn't picture my own mother being a rebel and breaking the rules. But I shrugged it off and thought about trying to get in before.

"Maybe you'll be able to meet that curly haired boy that you like so much." She giggled and took my empty plate to the sink. 

"I'll be back down I'm going to get dressed." 

In my room was a bed, dresser with a mirror over it, and a desk where I could do my homework or sit with my laptop. The room wasn't very big but it was the perfect size for all these things. On the wall in front of my bed is a TV and I usually fall asleep to it every night. My cell phone started to ring from the desk in the corner. 

"Hello?" A scream was my only response on the other end.

"GIGI! THE BOYS ARE GOING TO BRING FANS UP ON STAGE TODAY! OH MY GOD  CAN'T BREATHE!" Becky yelped. I could tell she was crying. But I started to scream too.



"Wait but didn't you have to work?"

"Yeah but I went in at four this morning. BYE!" And she hung up. 

I'D HAVE A CHANCE TO MEET HARRY STYLES! Nothing could ruin today, or I wouldn't let it. 


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