Loving a Nerd

Zoe Williams is an 18 year old girl who's dad has forced her to move from the U.S. to Ireland because of his new job. Once she gets there she automatically makes new friends and starts crushing hard. But she's not crushing on your regular guy with the perfect abs and face. She's crushing on the school nerd. Will her friends talk her into liking another, or will she find love with the nerd?


3. Chapter 3

Marcel's POV

Zoe and I were having a good time just minding our own business when stupid Jareth came over to us.

"Move geek." I started to scramble to my feet when I felt Zoe's hand pull me down.

"I'm sorry who are you talking to? The only person I see here is Marcel and he's a.... a...."


"Hipster." I looked at her in shock. She looked at me and smiled.

"Whatever. So you wanna leave this 'hipster' and come hang with us with GOOD reputations?"

"Nah, I'd rather get somewhere in life." she said turning back to her food and eating. Jareth glared at me and went back to his usual table. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and went back to eating.

Leigh-Anne's POV

I was eating lunch with my boyfriend Louis and his friends Liam, Zayn, and Harry when Niall and his girlfriend Kinlie came and sat down. "Hey guys I think there's a girl sitting with that nerd guy." Kinlie said setting down her tray and looking in the direction he was.

"Oh yeah. That's Zoe. Apparently she's new and has made friends with Marcel." Zayn said his mouth full of this grease with cheese the school call pizza. I looked at Marcel and Zoe too. They were laughing and having a great time it looked like. Marcel wasn't hunched over a book for once!

"I'm glad he has a friend. It should bring up his self-esteem. You know he's teased by everyone." I said taking a bite of my pizza. Louis almost choked.

"Babe. This girl is gonna die in this school because of that geek. We need to point her in the right direction. As in us. Now go tell her to come over here and eat with us."

"Bu-" I began to protest before his lips locked with mine. When he pulled away he looked into my eyes and said, "Please? I'll take you to see Man of Steel."

"Ugh fine! But only 'cause I get to see Man of Steel." I stated rolling my eyes and standing up. I walked over there and sat in front of Zoe and Marcel immediately stopping their conversation.

"H-hey Leigh-Anne.." Marcel stuttered pushing up his glasses.

"Marcel, aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend here?" I asked gesturing to Zoe.

"Uh, um, yeah sorry Leigh-Anne. Th-this is Z-zoe. Zoe this is Leigh-Anne."

"Nice to meet you Zoe. Do you wanna come sit with us and leave Marcel alone to study for a bit?" I offered.

"Actually Marcel and I were studying together." she stated looking at Marcel.

"I-its okay Zoe, I can handle it. Go sit with them."

"Okay. See you after lunch." she called waving to him as I dragged her across the lunch room.

"Trust me, you don't wanna be friends with him. He may seem all dorky but he's just a player in disguise." I lied.

"Really? He seems really sweet." she said smiling.

"That's how he reels you in." her mouth went into an 'o' shape as she sat down at our table. She was actually pretty quiet and wouldn't answer any of the questions we asked her. I hated to do this, but Louis can be pretty persuading.

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