Loving a Nerd

Zoe Williams is an 18 year old girl who's dad has forced her to move from the U.S. to Ireland because of his new job. Once she gets there she automatically makes new friends and starts crushing hard. But she's not crushing on your regular guy with the perfect abs and face. She's crushing on the school nerd. Will her friends talk her into liking another, or will she find love with the nerd?


1. Chapter 1

Zoe's POV

"Dad! Are you gonna help with the luggage or what?" I called to my dad. We had just moved all the way to his home town of Mullingar, Ireland. I walked up to the large house that my dad once called his home. "So this is where you used to live huh?"

"Yep" he grunted. "Pretty swanky huh?"

"Dad. Really? Swanky!" I laughed. He laughed and nodded. "C'mon we need to unpack."

"What you're not upset?" my dad asked. I shook my head. You see I wasn't exactly the most popular person at my school. In fact I was a total nerd. I wore glasses, was the smartest person in school (which has its perks but gets u teased... a lot), wore sweater vests, and I was basically an overall nerd. But oh o. that was not happening this year. I got contacts, and changed my appearance. I'm not gonna change my intelligence though. I need to get into a good college. Anyways, it had been about 3 hours and we had unpacked the majority of everything.

"Hey squido. You need to be headin' to bed. Its already 10:30 and you have to start school tomorrow."

"Alright dad!" I called to him while rushing upstairs to my new room. I quickly changed clothes while plugging in my phone and setting my alarm. I covered myself up and drifted off to sleep.

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