Creatures Of The Light

Sera has lived a life of misfortune since the day her family died. She is forced to live with her wicked aunt, until the day she runs away. While roaming the streets of London alone, Sera finds herself faced with three strangers. What do they want with her and how will they affect her life forever?


2. Peculiar Misfits


Peculiar Misfits


Sera's eyes fluttered open as she at last had awakened from the deep sleep she was in. Her body began to jerk as soon as she sat herself upward onto the cold rough ground. Her stomach was in a dreadful state as it began to rumble and Sera felt as though some form of terrible substance was stirring around inside her. It burned through her body. She began to cough harshly before it turned into gagging. It was not long; Sera didn’t even have a chance to be on her feet before the toxic liquid rose from her stomach causing the poor girl to vomit. The burning acid scorched her throat, leaving her mouth with a bitter taste. 

            “That is rather revolting.” A voice came from behind her. Sera turned her head around quickly, startled. The gorgeous stranger had sat behind her, staring at her oddly. One on each of his, side stood the other two men. They all gazed upon her but made no move to ham her unlike before. But they did not make an attempt to help in her utter state. They were all huddled around a campfire. Sera watched as the flamed danced around the wood and sparks flew. Sera felt no longer scarred of them, for they did not pose a threat to her.

            Sera said nothing in reply. She backed away from the pool of disgusting liquid she had brought up from her stomach and wiped her mouth clean, although very unladylike. Loose curls had come undone from her hair and lingered on her face. The grey rag that she wore as a dress was in its worst state, all ripped and covered in filth. Sera wanted nothing more than to just curl her fragile body into a ball and sleep all the disasters of her life away. Although she knew it was impossible, for she sat in front of three strangers who seemed- almost curious with her. The night was still young as darkness loomed around her. Sera had wondered how long she had been out for. Then the past events of earlier in the night struck her memory. She remembered the creature that had chassed after her. She had never seen such a beast in her life. None of it had seemed possible. Perhaps she had gone mad and imagined all of it.

            Through the fire, she looked at the gorgeous man. The light clung to the edge of his face, giving him the look of, what Sera had thought, an angel. She did not know what to say. She was still in a weak state. Instead, it was he that spoke. “The venom will linger only for the full night. When dawn approaches, you will recover almost completely.” Sera frowned, “Venom? I do not understand.”

            “Yes, venom. Demon venom to be precise. You, my dear, have been attacked by a jackel. It is a demon species. Jackels are known for feeding off one’s fear.”

            “Demon!?” Sera felt as though she were a little light headed once again.

            “Yes. Demons do exist.”

            “They do not. Mythical creatures, demons are,” Sera argued.

            “Not in this world,” the stranger explained. Sera was so shocked she did not know what to think of this. She had seen the dreadful creature for herself and she could not explain it. But it could certainly not be a demon; those creatures just did not exist. Did they? Sera was forced then to expand her mind and suspend her common knowledge. “Are you a demon?” Her voice was on the edge of suspense as she dreaded the answer.

            The three strangers looked at her as if she had asked the most ridiculous question. Then they began to laugh aloud. How rude, she thought. Gentlemen were not to laugh at a lady. “But of course I am not!” He replied. “I am but the complete opposite. My kind is known for killing the demon kind and sending them straight back to the gates of Hell. I am a venator. Venator; the Latin word for tracker. I track demons.”

            Not being one to argue or disagree with any explanation of the sorts after what she had earlier witnessed, Sera absorb the information reasonably. “If you are a venator, as you say, then what exactly are your friends?” Sera’s eyes wandered to the slim stranger as his eyes locked on hers. His lips formed into a smile, exposing his white sharp teeth. Although, they weren’t exactly teeth, but fangs. Sera gasped in horror. “Vampire,” he answered her. Her head turned and she looked at the bigger stranger. His eyes were still glowing bright brown as they reflected off the fire. “Werewolf,” he answered as well.

            This could not be possible. She could not be sitting across from a blood sucking vampire, a vicious, howling werewolf and a demon tracker known as a venator, it did not seem possible. Although she could not think such beliefs as Sera herself had experienced unnatural events in her life.

            Her last encounter was just before she had escaped her aunt’s house. She had felt a presence beside her. Since Sera was just a little girl, her parents had called her special. She had dreams, no, nightmares about monsters. Monsters who would call on her and know her name. These creatures terrified her as they all equally terrifying. Some of these creatures were wet, as if drenched in water. Others were hot, as of they had been badly burnt. Some had a morbid face with a hole through the head. But they all had their similarities. They all looked human. Yes, since she was just a little girl, Sera could see the undead. The Lace family knew of Sera’s gift but she thought of it as a curse and would give anything to have it lifted. Throughout the years Sera ignored these spirits, thinking it was the only way to rid of them.

            “Now the real question is what are you?” He must have been joking, Sera thought. But of course she was human. Anything but, seemed impossible. “Human,” she answered. The venator shook his head. “But you are not. A Drone would not have seen such a creature as a jackel. You are greater than a Drone, past the unfading world.” Sera shook her head. She had not the slightest idea of what to say. Should she share her secret with them?

            “If she insists on being a Drone, why don’t we just kill her? I am hungry.” The vampire said as he slowly licked his fangs at her and took a step in her direction.

            “Marcus, please. You are scaring the girl.” The werewolf placed his hand on the vampire’s chest, forcing him to stay back. “No, he’s right. Why should we let her live? She hasn’t proven herself to be anything to us. She has seen our faces, she will report against us at the most if we let her live.” The attractive venator had barely managed a glance at Sera as he spoke of her with such little care in his voice. How could he be so cruel as to decide my fate at this moment, she thought. Sera wanted very much to stay alive and breathing, so she knew this was her only chance to make it count. Sera did the only thing she’d learned to do in life, she ran. As fast as her feet would carry her, she fled into the empty woods of which they had set up camp.

            She had not made it very far before she was cut off by the vampire, Marcus. He stood in front of her, blocking her path. “And where do you think you are going?” His voice was aggressive and playful. Sera took a step back but Marcus leaped at her and griped her round the neck. He held her up and pressed her body hard against a tall, wide tree. Sera clawed at her throat, desperate for air. Shortly, the two other members of the crew joined to watch. “Please!” she tried to plead through her gasps for air. “I’m d-different…I c-can help!” The vampire scoffed. “You, a drone, help us?” “Not drone!” A low gurgling noise was not forming in the back of her throat and she felt as if her whole face were turning a solid shade of purple.

            The venator nodded and Marcus released his grip from her neck. She fell roughly to the hard ground and small pebbled dug into her skin and she sunk her nails in her knee to pull them out. She stayed seated on the ground and looked up as the three strangers gazed down on her. “So now you admit you are not a drone. Women, they do not know how to set their minds.” The venator looked annoyed as he rolled his eyes then he looked down to her expectantly.

            Sera shook her head. “No, I am not what you call a drone. I am…well, come to think of it, I really do not know what I am.”

            “What do you know?”

            “I see the dead. Spirits. Earthbound creatures.”


            “What did you call me?”

            “He called you a necromancer. A being that can rise and communicate with the dead. But you, my dear, are special. You cannot only see ghosts but you can see demons, something that most necromancers cannot. Not with such little knowledge and experience that is.” The werewolf explained. Sera believed that from the four of them, he was the most knowledgeable, reasonable and polite.

            “I do not see how she is any of our use as she claimed to be.” Marcus sneered. The venator sighed at his companion’s idiocy. “She is the key to tracking our demons. With her sight of such creatures and her ability to contact them, she can find us any demon we might need to trace.”

            “Any demon?”

            “Yes, any demon.”

            Marcus’ face had suddenly lightened up and a smile had actually, with great surprise, spread across his mouth.

            “Now is that enough for you to keep her alive?” The werewolf asked.

            The vampire said nothing but nodded stubbornly with his jaw set tight. Sera didn’t trust him. Although she didn’t trust any of the peculiar strangers, Marcus set her on edge. There was a type of sullen hatred from him that Sera felt was intended for her personally. She wanted to flee and locate a small place to hide but she knew if she made that attempt, they would, with no little time, catch up to her.

            “Marcus, make yourself at use and fetch some firewood,” the venator ordered. The sullen vampire looked taken back. “But we already have-” he tried to argue. “Now.” The venator’s voice was calm but demanding as he bossed Marcus around. Marcus frowned but turned his back to Sera and left farther into the woods.

            Sera let out a sigh of relief. Not having Marcus’ cold eyes stare into hers was a weight lifted from her shoulders. In front of her stood the venator, his hand held out for her to take. Sera hesitated only for a moment before taking it. He pulled her up onto her feet and she brushed herself off once again. Sera looked up at him. He really was handsome, he was about a foot taller than her with beautiful facial features. And his eyes, so green and so full of light. Just the glint in his eyes lit a spark deep inside her, something she had yet to discover. Then she noticed something. Those gorgeous eyes were staring right into hers.

            “Are you alright?” he asked, with little concern but more humour in his voice. She nodded, too embarrassed to speak that she had been caught staring at the boy. A smirk formed on his lips. “I get that a lot,” he started, “Women speechless over my amazing looks and adoring charm.” Sera shook her head and entered back to reality. “For goodness sakes, I was not admiring you and I have full control over my speech, thank you very much,” she retorted. She did not know this man and she would not let him have the best of her. She stood her ground and turned her chin away from him, walking back toward the fire.

            Sera looked to see the werewolf looking lonely sitting by himself by the heat. She walked over, dragging her feet tiredly. It was remarkable how she had passed out for, god knows how long, and can still be tired. The werewolf’s steady eyes gazed upon the young girl. “You must think we’re so cruel,” he said. Sera knew exactly what he meant.

            “Those other people. You’ve killed them,” she said with her eyes glued to the ground, she didn’t dare to look up to see his face.

            “Yes but-”

            “You’re murderers,” she interrupted him.

            “We help Marcus capture his prey to feed.”

            “You mean people-”

            “Demons,” this time he interrupted her, “They are all demons.”

            “No, you’re lying. I saw a demon, it looked dark and evil and cold. It was so inhuman. You’ve killed people.” Sera’s voice was filled with anger and accusation.

            “What you saw was a jackel demon, which appear very inhuman. Jackels appear that way to scare their prey as they feed off one’s fear. What you are referring to are ranger demons. They appear in the form of a human to attract other humans. Marcus feeds on them because they contain human blood when in human form. We do not kill innocent drones.”

            Sera thought for a moment. She had to take this all in. She knew he could by lying but what would he gain from lying to her? “Wait,” she said, “When you three had trapped me, you told me you were going to kill me because I was a drone.”

            “At first we thought you were a demon, it was odd to see a young lady wander the streets alone, given at night. Then we realized that you were not reacting the way a ranger demon would when we threatened you. You claimed to be something different.”

            Sera didn’t say a word. She just sat herself down on the cold ground and stared into the fire. She never wanted to be different. She was cut off from her thoughts when something sat beside her. She followed her eyes up to see those deep green eyes once again. “How rude of us,” the werewolf said, “We haven’t formally introduced ourselves. My name is Christopher Timbers, this is-” “Nicholas Ashman, at you service” the venator interrupted. “And you might have already guessed who Marcus is. Marcus Catling,” he chuckled.

            She nodded. “My name is Seraphine Lace,” she announced. “Seraphine, such a bold name for something so pretty and tiny,” Nicholas said, taking a piece of Sera’s hair and playing with it between his fingers. Sera whacked his hand away, feeing insulted. She was a small girl but that didn’t make her weak. She stood to her feet. “Now that we have resolved that…confusing conflict, I shall be back on my way.” With that, she began heading deeper into the woods and didn’t bother too look back. She took seven steps before she felt a fast gush of wind speed by her. Startled, she took a step back and hugged herself, shivering. Then, out of no where, Marcus stood in front of her. She jumped back with a scream and fell to the ground.

            Marcus stood above her, holding a handful of firewood with a big grin on his face. “You frightened me!” Sera yelled at him with a hand over her heart. “Yes, my intentions,” he said in amusement. She frowned and quickly stood up. “Out of my way,” she growled at him. Marcus held up his index finger and waved it in front of her. “Not so fast, you’re staying with us.” Sera was taken aback. “Pardon me? I am able to do as I please.” Marcus did not move.

            “He’s right,” Christopher spoke up, “It is not safe for a young lady to wander off alone in the dark.” Sera watched his brown eyes glow in the dark and she could see them filled with concern. “You never know what could happen,” Marcus said darkly. Sera could see she was not to win this battle. “Fine, I shall stay here the night, but as soon as the sun rises, I’m off on own.” She sounded stern, giving her own orders to three men. She knew she would not allow them to overtake her. None of the other’s said a word. She gathered herself and found a small patch of leaves to lay on by the warm fire.

            She might not have the most perfect life but Sera knew she was very lucky to have lived this night. She felt the heat of the fire sink into her skin and allowed sleep to posses her.

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