Creatures Of The Light

Sera has lived a life of misfortune since the day her family died. She is forced to live with her wicked aunt, until the day she runs away. While roaming the streets of London alone, Sera finds herself faced with three strangers. What do they want with her and how will they affect her life forever?


3. Dark Crossings


Dark Crossings


Sunlight; something Sera had missed deeply. The innocent girl had thought she would have never yet seen the brightness and beauty of the surrounding light after the given events taken place last night. When the darkness had still roamed, she had thought she were to die. Although the sun had risen, Sera was still shivering with her small body pressed against the cold ground. The trees of the forest surrounding her were painted with frost, each branch perfectly covered in white. So beautiful, Sera thought. As she embraced the light, she felt thankful. She knew she had not much but the tattered rag around her body and the delicate locket of her beloved mother’s but she had a lot more than she expected at that moment; life.

            Sera looked around and remembered where she was. The fire, that had kept her decently warm throughout the night, was no longer burning. Across from her laid three figures. Christopher, Marcus and Nicholas. She sat up quickly and something dropped from her body. It was a man’s jacket. This was certainly not hers, although she was grateful for the warmth it had provided her. Inspecting the jacket, she had noticed that one of the men had not been wearing his. Christopher. She then wondered why she had his jacket. Had she walked in the night and accidentally taken it from him? Or had he placed it around her out of kindness? Neither made sense, Sera had never once in her life slept walked, not that she had been told at least, and Christopher was a stranger, although he was the kindest of the three.

            Sera lifted the jacket from the frosted, cold ground, brushed it off gently and folded it into her arms. Trying to be quiet she stood up, but crunch noise under her feet had made her silence impossible. At once, all three men were awake and sitting up staring at her. “Thief!” Marcus accused, his index finger pointed at her. Sera looked confused before looking down at the jacket in her arms. “No, I don’t know how-” she was cut off. “I gave it to her,” Christopher shrugged. Marcus nodded, not looking shocked. “I figured you did, Christopher. I just wanted a reason for her to feel ashamed. You are the weak one,” Marcus insulted him. Sera narrowed her eyes at him and grimaced, while placing the jacket at her feet.

            “Now if you gentlemen will kindly excuse me, I’ll be on my way,” she nodded to them. “And where exactly will you be going, little one?” Sera frowned; she had never been referred to as anything but her name. “You will call me Seraphine, Mr. Catling, and how is that your concern?” The vampire looked at her with his lips spread into a wicked grin. “So we may follow you, but of course,” he said. “That is hardly necessary. I appreciate your assistance but I must travel on my own further on,” she told them. A cold breeze sped by her and Sera wished he had not taken off the jacket. “You may be through with our assistance but we now require yours,” the venator had woken and was now standing beside Marcus. His hair was a tattered mess but he was just as beautiful as before.

            Sera looked confused. “How could I possibly be of your assistance?” she wondered out loud. The venator did not answer her question but simply watched the shivering girl. “We may discuss this over breakfast.” “Yes, you look most cold and hungry,” Christopher insisted. Sera thought about the offer.

            Although she had to get away from her wicked aunt, it was most unlike Sera to run away, let alone wander off with strangers. Ever since Sera was a child she had never been on her own. If her parents were too busy to take care of her, she always had her older sister, Victoria, as well as servants for her care. Victoria; her beloved sister. Sera remembered her more clearly than anyone of her family. Sera had always looked up to her sister as Victoria had been so much stronger, always up for any adventure. She knew Victoria would have gladly gone with these men as they were mysterious and unnatural.

            Sera nodded her head; she was in fact cold and hungry, parched as well. Christopher smiled as the other two gathered their belongings. “This way,” Nicholas directed. The four of them trudged through the woods with the sound of the frost crunching under their feet.

            Sera hadn’t known the time when she had woken up. But when they one again approached the streets of London, she realized it must have been very early as there were only a small amount of people wandering the streets. Nick led the way and Sera walked in between both Marcus and Christopher. She almost felt trapped between them, as if they were keeping an eye on her if she were to run.

            Soon they came across a tavern and Nicholas lead them in. The building was small and stuffy with few windows but Sera didn’t mind, as it was much warmer than outside. She kept her arms wrapped tightly around her body and gratefully soaked in the heat. The shivering girl followed the venator to a small table, he pulled out the chair, offering her a seat and Sera took it gladly. Looking around, they seemed to be the only ones in the small tavern. It was quiet and no one spoke a word.

            “Customers!” Sera herd a loud screeching female voice from the back of the room. An elderly woman, dressed in a dark red coloured dress, snow white, thin hair and pale skin that had already begun to wrinkle, emerged from the back room of the tavern.

            “Delighted to be of your assistance, how may I –oh!” She set her warm, hazel, soft eyes among the odd group of four sitting before her. It was quite unusual to find a group of three men and one young lady. Usually only men would settle themselves in the tavern for a drink, leaving their wives at home with the young ones. But this was not just one man, but three of the young woman’s company. Her eyes lingered on the poor girl as she sat at the table, hugging her body, looking awfully cold. And skinny, she was. Very skinny, the old woman noticed.

            For a moment she had lost her train of thought and forgotten her words but quickly brushed it off and gathered herself. “My poor dear!” she screeched, “I’ll fetch you something warm to fill your tummy with right away.” Sera nodded gratefully and the old woman wandered off to the back of the tavern.  She was once again left alone in the awkward silence. “Quite the attention this one attracts,” Marcus started, “I wonder if it will be of no cost.” Sera fought back the urge to roll her eyes at him; she was just a sweet lady with a big heart.

            No one said a word and the room was filled with the noise of the young girl’s teeth chattering. Sera knew they had things to discuss with her and she wondered why they were so quiet. “Aren’t you going to explain to me-” Christopher interrupted her by shushing her. “She’s coming back.” Sera furrowed her eyebrows. “I don’t hear anything.” “You wouldn’t,” said Christopher. I looked confused and Nicholas leaned over the table and simply whispered, “Werewolf super-hearing.” “Hush,” Christopher silenced him and soon enough the old woman came round the corner carrying bowls of what looked like hot porridge and a try of bread. “Here you are, dearies! This one’s on the house,” she chirped. Marcus gave Sera a smug smile. They thanked her warmly and she left them to eat. Sera picked up a piece of the bread and noticed the garlic powder sprinkled on top. She hadn’t eaten in what seemed like forever so she was thankful and content when she took her first bite of food.

            “This is of most revolting,” Marcus said, pointing to the bread. Then Sera remembered, “Can’t garlic harm vampires?” Christopher and Nicholas both collapsed their heads in their hand. “Oh no,” Nicholas said. “Here we go,” said Christopher.

            “That is a myth!” Marcus out raged, “One of the many that are insulting to vampires. For example, we vampires do not turn into bats, we cannot be harmed or intimidated by crosses, and holy water is of no harm to us, we do not sleep in coffins, the sun is not a threat to us and we are most certainly not harmed by the bitter yet pathetic drone food known as garlic!”

            Sera looked taken aback as she had clearly offended the outraged vampire. But she still had one question in mind. “Then why refer to the bread as ‘revolting’?” Marcus had relaxed back into his seat and said, “I never cared for the taste of garlic. Although we vampires do not eat drone food, I remember hating the taste from my human life.”

            He was crazy, Sera thought. A gentleman would never raise his voice at a lady. She cleared her throat. “Well then. Why don’t you tell me something I should ought to know about vampires.” Marcus inspected her from his seat across the table, his eyes narrowed as though he were trying to read her mind. “Very well,” he nodded. “I would trust that you know now, we feed on human blood. You called us murderers before and at that, I am. I killed those people, for if I did not, they would have risen and become just like me. A cold monster.” Sera gulped but did not say a word. “Vampires must be invited into one’s home by the owner of the home, or a blood relative. It is also true that vampires do not own reflections as well as we heal quickly. We can compel humans to do as we say and vervain is a lethal substance to us. I will tell you the only two ways in which to kill a vampire, only because you, little girl, couldn’t possibly if you tried. A wooden steak through the heart is will kill a vampire almost instantly, but removing its fangs will starve it to death as it cannot feed, but this takes time.” Sera took time to process all the information she had learned of the cold creatures, knowing it would all be useful. “What about werewolves?” she asked, looking at Christopher as he ate a spoonful of porridge. “I see you eat ‘drone food’.” He nodded, “Indeed we do.”

            "What else can you tell me?” Christopher took another spoonful and then cleared his throat. “Well, we do not change on a full moon, unless we want to, of course. That is the most common myth known. Werewolves have control of when they shift back and fourth. Silver is another myth, we can touch it as could anyone yet it is our fate if we are stabbed through the heart with it. Like vampires, our bite is also lethal to humans, as it changes them and we also heal very quickly. Wolfsbane is the only substance that brings us harm, like vervain to a vampire.” Sera nodded.

            Werewolves and vampires have a lot more in common than Sera had thought. “I thought vampires and werewolves hated one another,” Sera commented. Nicholas, who had been very quiet, nodded. “Not just vampires and werewolves, most supernatural creatures do not have a liking to one another. They all want to be the superior species.”

            “But if that is true,” Sera inquired, “then why is a vampire, a werewolf and a venator traveling together and what do they want with a necromancer?”

            “Well,” Nicholas spoke, “we are misfits who have either run away for our own reasons or have been exiled.”

            “And which are you?”

            “That is none of your concern.”

            “Fine. What do you want of me?”

            “That is a much wiser question. You see, you can communicate with the dead.”

            “Yes we have established that.”

            “We need you to talk with someone. It is of grave importance and we would appreciate is greatly if you would accompany us for you to do so.”

            Sera smiled smugly at the thought. “You are saying you need my help?” Nicholas shook his head. “We certainly do not need help.” Sera shrugged and rose from her seat. “It was nice to be acquainted,” she said, then walked towards the exit of the tavern. “No, wait!” Christopher caught her by the arm. “We do need your help.” Sera shook her head, “I want to hear it from him,” she pointed at Nicholas.

            Nicholas shook his head, “Oh no.” Christopher frowned at him. “Oh do say it, Nicholas!” Nicholas gave a long sigh then nodded. “Fine, we need your help,” he muttered.

            Sera smiled victoriously. “Great, now where are we going?” she asked. “No where,” came a growling voice from the back of the tavern. Sera spun around quickly, only to spot the sweet old lady. She no longer had the white fray hair or warm hazel eyes. Her eyes were now glowing red, he skin was still wrinkled but a darker colour and she was almost completely bald with only a few tiny strands sticking out.

            “You’ll all be staying right here,” she said with a toothy, evil smile.

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