Creatures Of The Light

Sera has lived a life of misfortune since the day her family died. She is forced to live with her wicked aunt, until the day she runs away. While roaming the streets of London alone, Sera finds herself faced with three strangers. What do they want with her and how will they affect her life forever?


1. Cold Fear

I want to explain now that I am taking this book very seriously and so I will be taking my time with it. If you cannot handle that then please wait for the book to be complete. I might also make a few changes along the way if nessasary, but you will be informed.



Cold Fear


London, December 1871


Young sixteen-year-old, Sera Lace sat uncomfortably at the edge of a cushion, just smaller then her height and of which she called her bed. The threads of the fabric had been frayed, stains, of which she was uncertain about, lingered amongst the hard surface and with every seat she took, released a musty, odorous smell that filled the air, causing the girl to gag. She held in her hands, an old and crumpled photograph. She carefully caressed with her thumb, the faces of the three members of her now lost family. Her father had held the position as head of one of the finest banks in all of London. Her mother was a beautiful woman with a strong belief in elegancy. And but of course her elder sister, Victoria, who’d shared a powerful bond with. They may have been a family with an amount of rules and class but there was never a happier family. That is until the late season of last winter. A deadly illness had fallen among the family but a miracle had set itself upon the young girl as she had, for an unexplainable matter, become immune to the disease. Within a month, the three, unlucky members of the family had passed and Sera was placed in the hands of her cruel aunt.

            Sera’s inner family had not wanted any matter with Aunt Esther. Although, Sera was strictly permitted to call her by the name of Ms. Wick. Ms. Wick had always been jealous of her sister’s success as far as her marriage and later on, her wealth. This all according to the story Mrs. Lace had once shared with her daughter. When Ms. Wick had tried to take advantage of the Lace family’s money, she was immediately banished from their lives and was forced to split ways. These events had taken place when Victoria had been none other than four and Sera had not yet been brought into the world, meaning she had never met her aunt until the day she was forced to begin to suffer within her home.

            Ms. Wick often referred to Sera as a ‘devil child’ due to her current existence. Ms. Wick had it in her mind that Sera was meant to die along with the rest of her family that day and had suggested she was ‘evil’ and ‘possessed’ when Sera lived. From what her mother had told her, it didn’t take long for Sera to realize that the only reason her aunt had taken her into her care was the great amount of money that awaited her once she was of the age of eighteen. Although, Sera wanted nothing more than the impossible wish to see her family once again.

            Sera stared down at the black and white photograph with tears filled in her eyes. Blobs of water soaked the paper, leaving a stain, as she allowed the tears to fall down her pale-skinned face. Within seconds, Sera broke down into sobs, holding her head helplessly in her hands. “Seraphine Lace! Get down here this instant!” The angry, crackling voice of Ms. Wick called from the bottom of the stairs.

            Startled, Sera quickly wiped her cheeks dry with the back of her hand and sniffled, trying to pull it back together. She lifted the hem of one of the three dressed her aunt had provided her with and pulled herself up on her feet. Each dress had three things in common; they were all scrubby, boring and grey. They were not what Sera had once been used to but all of her beautiful dresses had been sold along with whatever else her aunt had gotten her hands on. Sera stood in front of a mirror, one of the few pieces of furniture in her room, and saw her red face. Her cheeks had become puffy and her eyes red shot. She tasted salt on her lips and tried to clear up her face before she hurried out of her room- the size of a broom cupboard- to meet Ms. Wick’s needs.

            At the top of the stairs, Sera found herself looking down at a very displeased Ms. Wick. “I instructed you to be ready and awaiting my arrival home.” Ms. Wick sounded very annoyed with Sera. She was not a very patient person. “I apologize-” Sera was quickly interrupted, she could hardly ever complete a sentence directed to her aunt. “No time for your lousy excuses, I mustn’t be late for my evening ahead. Do hurry child, you must help me prepare!” Ms. Wick ordered for Sera to follow her with a quick flick of her finger. Sera did as she was instructed and hurried down the stairs, following Ms. Wick down the hall and to her bedroom, which was quite larger than Sera’s.

           On her way to quickly close the drapes in the far corner of the room, Sera stumbled over the hem of her dress, sending her body and outstretched hands, flat down onto the floorboards. She groaned in agony as she clutched her elbow carefully. She examined a long, dreadful looking cut along her forearm.

            “Really! How could I have been cursed with this devil child!?” Ms. Wick had grown frustrated with Sera as usual. She marched across the room and pulled the young girl up roughly by her hair until she stood her up on her feet. “You will prepare me for my evening or the next time your eyes gaze upon this,” she retrieved a silver locket in the shape of a heat from her pocket and held up it in her hand warningly, “it will be noting more than dust and broken pieces.” The locket, in which was now being strangled in Ms. Wick’s hand, had belonged to Mrs. Lace; Sera’s mother.

            Ms. Wick had caught Sera with it not long ago, had snatched it away from her and was now using, the only item Sera had left of her mother, against her.

            Sera, too shaken to speak, only nodded in defeat. An evil, wicked grin had formed itself on the face of Ms. Wick as she shoved the locket, with little grace, back into her dress. Sera felt repulsed by the old women’s grin. She thought as though the old woman resemble a bat with her unattractive scrunched up face and oddly pointed ears, although Ms. Wick was also very pale. Her black night hair washed all the color from her face.

            Ms. Wick stood herself in the center of the room and held her arms out, waiting for Sera. “Tighten my corset,” her voice came out as an icy demand. Again, Sera did as she was told and stood behind the old woman. Then, Sera felt a chill trickle down the back of her spine. She stiffened at the feeling as it was one she had often. The feeling where she felt as if though someone was watching her, but not from a distance, oh no, she felt as if someone were to be standing right next to her, boring their eyes into her and breathing an icy cold breath down the side of her neck.

            “What are you waiting for child!?” Ms. Wick’s voice had gone through one ear and completely out the other as Sera couldn’t focus on anything other than the presence next to her. She squeezed her eyes shut, too scarred to look. She could not face her fears; this had always been a problem for her.

            Sera’s fear took possession of her judgment. She did something she could only ever dream of doing. She reached quickly into the depth of the old woman’s pocket and snatched the locket of her dear mother back into her possession. Only then did she run away. Not looking back at the presence which had stood beside her, or the evil Ms. Wick who was screaming and chasing after her. “Once you take a step outside, do not bother returning here! You know what happens out there in the night, do not be daft!”  She didn’t hesitate to run to the front door and make her escape into the cold winter’s night.


            Now homeless, Sera struggled in search for new shelter for the evening. She wandered the dark, spooky streets of London very cautiously. Sera had never been exposed to this time of night, at least not alone. She’d never had a reason to be. Her mother would have never allowed it but she was no longer in the care of her mother. She was no longer in the care of anyone. Sera had felt abandoned for longest of time but at the moment she had never felt more alone. Not a single soul was in sight, not even a carriage, and to her, the streets felt just a little too quiet. Sera knew how ridiculous she was being. London was her home, this was her home. Her mother had always said that Sera knew the streets of London all too well that she could find her way home even in her sleep. Now, Sera was being put to the ultimate challenge as she could barely see two inches ahead of her. Her mother’s word echoed through her thoughts. Sera knew where she would go; back to the Lace home. It would be quite the walk but Sera knew it would be worth the comfort and memories.

            Sera picked up the hem of her dress and continued forward. The tap of her shoes echoed loudly around her. Her head searched side from side, she could never be too careful. Ms. Wick’s words still sat in the back of her mind. You know what happens out there in the night. It was true; Sera did know what had recently been occurring in the nights of London. Innocent people, just as her, were disappearing in the night and were not to be found, well not alive. Corpses had been discovered in the random spots of London. Indeed, London had a killer. Warnings had been given and curfews had been strongly advised. These thoughts gave Sera no comfort and instead, scared her deeply. Awareness was a great key in Sera’s survival of the night. What would become of her?

            As darkness loomed around her, Sear could not help but fear what might be in the shadows. She jumped at the sight of movement and let out a slight squeal. Sera was uncertain at what she had seen. Was her mind playing games on her? A shadow passed before her again and coward like a mouse. “Hello?” her voice barely escaped her lips and came out in a shaky tone. Nothing happened. “Is anyone there?” She tried again. Still nothing. “Please, I mean no harm.” A chill passed through her veins and she froze. Yet she still saw nothing but she sensed something. At the thought of a killer jumping out of nowhere and attacking her, Sera’s heart sped up. “I know you are near. I can sense you,” Sera raised her voice.

            Suddenly, a slim shadow appeared in front of her. The figure’s face was too dark to see but it smiled at her, showing Sera all of its white, sharp teeth. Sera’s first instinct was the same as any others; she ran away. She didn’t make it very far before she was blocked once again. This figure was different, she could tell. It was bigger, stockier and had glowing, brown eyes. Sera gasped and immediately turned on her heels and ran in the third and final direction that she could, as the fourth, was blocked by a building. She ran as fast as she could to escape from the two killers, hoping she was fast enough. Within thirty seconds she was cut off for the third time. This was again, a different figure. She could not see it due to the darkness but Sera could tell this was a man. The figure was too large to be a woman. He wasn’t as stocky as the last figure or as slim as the first, he was in between but that didn’t make him any less scary.

            The stranger took a step toward her and with no where to run, Sera took one step back. She kept backing up as the stranger came forward, until her back gently pressed up against the brick wall. To her left and right the others were coming closer as well. She knew she could not take on three killers. Sera squeezed her eyes closed as tight she could until her eyelids began to hurt. She pressed her back harder against the wall. Sera tried to pretend that she was somewhere else. Anywhere else. She could feel both the heat and the breaths of those around her.

            “What is this small, pretty thing doing out at night?” said the second figure. Sera winced at his voice. “This is a nice treat,” said the first one in a male tone as well. They were all male. “Indeed. She is not one of our usual,” said the last one.

            Sera worked up a hint of courage to open one eye and peak at the strangers. It was still too dark to see them. “Are you here to hurt me?” She was terrified, not knowing what to do. Sera knew her aunt was indeed right, she was daft. No young lady shall wander the streets at night, not alone.

            “No,” answered the last figure. He seemed to be in control. “We are here to kill you.”

Those words had caused Sera’s blood to run cold through her body. She knew she had to get away but she had no where to run, they had surrounded her. Tears formed in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She would not cry in front of these strangers, she would not give them that satisfaction. She took in a deep breath and wiped her eyes. Then she glared at the figure before her. “What have I ever done to you?” she demanded with as much confidence as she could.

            “It is not what you have done, but what you are,” responded the first figure, on her left. There was something about the way he had said it. How was she different compared to them? Were they to kill her because she was a girl? To Sera that made no sense as the other victims were of both genders.

            There seemed to be only one correct question to ask. “What are you?” She had seen the forms of the strangers before her and something about them almost seemed…inhuman. The ridiculously sharp teeth and the bright, brown, glowing eyes.

            The stranger in front of her did not answer right away, but instead created light in his hand as if to pull a candle from his coat pocket. Sera was astonished how quickly he was able to create the light. It seemed effortless. The light allowed Sera to see her three strangers for the first time. As she looked at each one of them, she noticed something they all had in common; they were all very attractive. She felt as if she were being drawn to them.

            The slim one on her left who was first to approach looked very aggressive. He stared down at her as if she were a meal. His eyes were filled with darkness as if he a dark past. Sera felt as if she were to stare into them too long, she would become lost. His tinted bronzed hair reflected in the light which washed out the colour of his inhumanly pale skin. Something about this young man seemed very fierce, as if not a soul would ever catch him smiling. He seemed quite younger than she suspected, they all did. Maybe just few years older than herself.

            The bigger one on her right who was the second one to approach her didn’t look as scary as his shadow. In the dark he had looked really big, mean and quite scary to Sera but in the light, his face seemed almost soft. He had ashy blond hair and his eyes were still glowing brown. He was very well built and looked strong but not tough.

            Finally, the last one who stood before her had been the most gorgeous of them all. Sera had never seen a man look so handsome. His facial features had looked as if they were to be perfectly constructed. He had sleek, black night hair and deep, green eyes. A smirk had crept upon his lips when he watched as Sera examined him. He seemed rather arrogant.

            At the sight of these men, Sera had almost forgotten what they had said. They had told Sera her fate. Her heart began to speed again and her breathing was not quite right. She felt as if though she was being suffocated. Sera tried a new question. “Why must you kill me?” she demanded an answer. “You are nothing but a pathetic Drone,” the stranger on her left spat coldly. “I-I’m a what?” Although Sera had been called many rude names by her aunt she had never herd this one. “A Drone,” he repeated. “Tis the word for human, meaning you are unaware, weak, pathetic and nothing more. You are apart of The Fading.” The man spoke as if he were disgusted by Sera, as if by a simple touch, she would spread a horrid disease. “The Fading?” Sera spoke with a shaky voice. It occurred to her that these men were delusional, crazy, and mad. They spoke of unusual terms. Sera had never been exposed to people who had been mentally ill to an extent and therefore she did not know how to handle the situation. She knew they were in desperate need of help.

            “Nonsense, she is in no need of an explanation. It will be of no use to her.” The man in front of her spoke deeply. She knew what he had meant, that she would be dead. They nodded to one another before they began to close in on her, trapping her tightly together. She wanted to scream but when she had tried, no noise came from her mouth. Without warning, the slender looking man gripped her head back, exposing her bare neck and sunk his teeth into her. Pain shot through her body. She attempted to scream once again but she made no noise, as if something was preventing her, blocking her from screaming. Sera’s eyes went wide as she felt blood slowly dripping down her neck and onto her washed out, ragged dress. The blood, still flowing through her veins, burned as if she had drunken a bottle of poison. It was not long before she had started to feel light headed, slowly sinking to the ground. The stranger continued to sink his teeth into her neck; she was puzzled as to what he was doing, although she knew it was not good. Just before she felt as though she were about to faint, the stranger had removed himself from her neck and released her from his grip in one swift motion. Sera followed the man’s gaze. Behind the four of them was a very large, dark creature.

             The creature was covered in black from head to toe. Sera saw it had no face, only eyes; the colour of yellow. Although the creature was anything from human, it had a similar type of body. A head, arms, a torso; but no legs. Instead, the creature was hovering the slightest above the ground. Sera caressed her head and wondered if what she was seeing was real instead of a hallucination. Judging by the looks of the strangers faces and there gazes fixed on the creature, she knew something stood before them. The first stranger with the sleek black hair and green eyes pulled out an interesting weapon of some sort. It was a sword but was shaped oddly. Unlike the swords she had seen, this one was curved in the shape of a crescent. It looked to have been made from some sort of dark coloured metal. On the handle of the sword, there was an unfamiliar symbol but Sera did not waste time to look any further into it. She saw this is as her first, and possibly last, chance to escape. She picked herself up onto her feet, trying not to fall as she was still very dizzy, and ran as fast she could. Running did not help the state Sera was in, her vision became foggy and soon, she could see almost nothing. She hadn’t made it very far before she herd a beguiler sound behind her. She slowly turned around, dreading to look.

           Sera then found herself eye to eye with the dark creature. She looked into its yellow eyes with fear and could even see her own reflection in them. The creature made an intense, low noise, as if it were breathing in. Not long after, Sera passed out, landing roughly on the cold surface of the street of the dark alley in London.

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