Captain's Lover - CaptainSparklez FanFic (Remake originally on Tomlinsons-Hip-Trusts)

27734 This is the original page. Jordan is your ordinary guy, right? Wrong. Jordan is a world famous youtuber, having over 4,000,000 plus subscribers. He is huge for his minecraft adventure games, and parodies. Then there is your average youtuber who isnt world wide but only country wide. Evelyn Rose' Daily is your average youtuber. She has a vlogging channel and a gaming channel. She gets paid for what she loves. The only thing is, she has no clue, and neither does Jordan, that the two live right across from eachother. What happens when they crash into each others lives?


1. Chapter One - Lover at First Sight isn't Real

{{ A/N: Hey, I'm starting my own fanfic ;3 Yep! Ik. My BIO says i wont, but, whatever :P Idc anymore. I hope you like it, and make sure you check out CaptainSparklez on YouTube!

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** Jordan's Point Of View **


My feet shuffled along the floorboards as i made my way back to my room. Mark had me out at a restaurant until... What? I checked my phone for the time. It was almost eleven. Wow. I could hear someone shuffling around across the hall. My gaze slowly traveled over to a young looking girl, around the age of 19, I'm guessing, wearing a mid-thigh length black dress. I couldn't help but gawk at how pretty she was, even though i didn't even know her.


"Can i help you?" It was then that i realized i was caught. I glanced back up into her grey eyes.


"Oh, um, I'm sorry. Do you need any help with anything?" I managed to keep my cool. Thats good. That is always good. I breathed a sigh of relief as she smiled.


"That would be kind. I cant reach the key on top of the door frame." She pointed up to the top of the door. That's how i noticed how short she was.


"Oh, I could help." I walked over and stretched up, feeling around for the key. "Got it!" I grinned and hopped back down to my feet. I handed the key over to her.


"Thank you..." She trailed off, frowning slightly. Right. She didn't know my name.


"Jordan. Jordan Moran." I replied, holding out my hand for a quick shake.


"Nice to meet you Jordan. Im Evelyn Greene." The girl, now known as Evelyn, shook my hand. Her hands were soft, yet it didn't phase me. I found most girls hands soft. "Well," She broke the hand shake and unlocked her door. "I should head in. Maybe ill talk to you tomorrow?"


I nodded vigorously. "Yeah, sounds good. Um, wait." I looked at her for a minute before carrying out my sentence. "We've probably been neighbors for months, and we hardly know eachother. How about we go to the cafe tomorrow for lunch? Ill come by at twelve thirty, yeah?" I suggested.


She beamed me a light, yet perfect toothed smile. "Sounds good. We can exchange numbers then. Later Jordan!" And with that, she closed the door.


I turned around and walked into my own flat. A smile was prominent on my lips. Why did i feel this way already? "Love at first sight isn't real." I mumbled, kicking off my shoes and heading towards my computer room. Time to edit a video to post tomorrow so i wont have to do it tomorrow twice.


** Evelyn's Point Of View **


My feet carried me into my kitchen where i set my bag down. Jordan seemed like a nice guy. He was pretty attractive- wait, what? I cant say that unless i know his personality.


I walked out of the kitchen, grabbing an apple on my way, and walked into my computer room.


My desk set up was pretty simple. Two monitors, one computer, the rowdier, WIFI adapter, and everything else. I had a Sony Mic i used in my videos as well as black Turtle Beech headphones. I smiled. It had taken months for me to save up for all my equipment. Wondering how I did it? Its simple. Weeks and even months of working.


Im a vlogger and a gamer on Youtube, with my channels EvePezVlogs and EvePlaysGames. I bet you can guess which is which. Its pretty simple. I use ezvidinc for my recording. Yet i use Skype so my viewers can hear my friends in my videos.


I flopped down into my office chair and started with my editing. My editing was pretty hard. It took me an hour to cut out scenes, and an extra to add in stuff. And then thirty minutes to add my intro and outro. It was pretty hard, if i say so.


Once i had all my stuff done, i sat back. It was around twelve thirty. I needed to get to bed. I quickly stood up and headed into the bathroom. I took off my make up and peeled off my skin-tight dress, jumping into the shower.


I finished my quick shower and let my hair air dry. I walked into my room and grabbed clothes, pulling them on while i climbed into bed. I gazed around at my painted walls, that i have put drawings on. I smiled at all the experiences before closing my eyes and drifting off... Tomorrow, i was going out with Jordan.


{{ A/N Bai! That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed, and i will update soon, but idk how much i will, considering i am lazeh and what not.


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