Why Are You My Clarity?

After all the terrible events that happened in her life, Lindsey meets Niall, the boy who has always lived next door, but never came outside.


5. Safe

Lindsey shuddered, pulling her sweater tighter around her small waist as she stepped out of the car and stood in front of the new flat.  Niall came behind her, rubbing her shoulders gently, "It'll be fine Lindsey, c'mon," he assured, wrapping an arm around her waist and leading her inside.  He unlocked the door and opened it to let Lindsey in first, smiling as the the heads of 4 other boys were seen over the view of the couch.  The curly haired boy turned first and grinned, "Hey boys, Niall's here!" he smiled, jumping over the couch and walking towards Niall and Lindsey.  He paused abruptly as he got a better look at Lindsey, "Niall....You know she's a wanted woman right now?  If they found her here-" he started, being interrupted by an angry Niall.  "I know Harry...I know," he sighed, "But she can't go back....I'll explain later, alright?  But for now, she needs a place to stay," he stated.  Niall led her to his bedroom, which was clean and neat, something Lindsey didn't really expect from a teenage boy.  "You like it?" he asked, closing the door, dropping his coat on the end of the bed.  Lindsey nodded, tears falling from her face as she turned around, "It's great," she smiled.  Niall moved forward, wrapping his arms gently around her body as it shook and trembled, "Why are you crying?" he asked, rubbing the small of her back.  "I didn't realize how much trouble I had gotten you into until now," she cried.  Niall shook his head, "I don't care how much trouble I'll get into for having you here, all that matters is that you're safe for now. Here with me.  I wouldn't have it any other way, alright?" he assured, pulling away from her and looking her in the eyes.  Lindsey looked back at him and noticed the worry in his eyes but his reassuring and kind smile that calmed her slightly.  "Get some rest okay?  Me and the boys will grab the boxes and bring them inside, alright?" he smiled, kissing her lips gently and walking out the door, shutting it behind him.  Lindsey walked to the bed, pulling back the homemade quilt and nestling in the soft bed, falling asleep moments later.  

"Lindsey?" Niall whispered, kissing her forehead, gently waking her up.  Lindsey opened her eyes, and smiled, rubbing her thumb across Niall's cheek.  "You hungry?" Niall asked, taking her hand in his and squeezing it tightly.  Lindsey nodded and sat up, pulling her hair up into a messy bun and pushing the covers off of her.  "Does that hurt?" Niall asked, his eyes wide with shock.  Lindsey stared back at him in confusion, "Does what hurt?" she asked, looking around for a mirror.  She sighed as she looked at her reflection, seeing another bruise, dark and purple underneath her right eye.  "You know, this is exactly how you looked when I saw you at the market.." Niall whispered, resting his chin on her shoulder.  "You looked scared, sad, confused...but you were gorgeous.  Even with the bruise.  You still do," he assured, squeezing her hips gently.  Lindsey smiled, "Cheeeese," she joked, turning away from the mirror and wrapping her arms around Niall's neck.  Niall smiled, "You know it.  C'mon, I'm hungry, food's waiting," he smiled, picking her up and carrying her downstairs and into the dining room.  There the boys had already helped themselves to boxes of Chinese food and bags of sauces and chopsticks.  "Finally!  We saved you two a plate!" Harry yelled, taking a bite of a crab rangoon and sitting down in an empty chair.  Lindsey sat down next to Niall and silently grabbed the box of fried rice, adding it to her plate.  "Lindsey...I'm sorry for what I said earlier...I didn't understand what you went through before you went here," Harry apologized.  Lindsey nodded, "It's fine..." she whispered, continuing to grab the rest of the food on her plate.  Harry got up, moving closer with his arms wide open, causing Lindsey to jump.  "--I only meant to give you a hug. Lindsey I wasn't going to hurt you," he explained, sighing before grabbing his plate and walking sadly to his room  Lindsey let go of her grip around Niall's arm, which had turned red from being held so tight.  She looked down at her plate and suddenly felt a wave of nausea, ashamed of the incident, "I'm not hungry, I'm gonna head to bed," she whispered, forcing back tears.  

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