Why Are You My Clarity?

After all the terrible events that happened in her life, Lindsey meets Niall, the boy who has always lived next door, but never came outside.


2. Hurt

Lindsey ran to her room immediately following dinner and shut her door, knowing if she didn't get away from her father fast enough things would get worse.  She walked to her balcony and leaned against the intricate metal railing, looking down at her neighborhood below.  Lindsey brushed back her hair, trying her hardest to forget the pain on her side.  "Hey!" whispered a voice from across in the next house over, the same blonde boy from the market standing in his balcony and waving.  Lindsey's eyes widened with anger and shock, even more embarrassed as she realized that they had been neighbors this whole time and has probably known every incident and bruise that her and her father have been through.  She began to turn away before he spoke again, "No wait.. Lindsey right?  Your name is Lindsey?" he asked, reaching out his hand as if to give off the impression that he meant no harm.  Lindsey stopped in her tracks and sighed before turning back around and nodding.  "You don't remember me do you?  We were in the same homeroom in middle school before I became homeschooled," he smiled, "Niall Horan?"  Lindsey bit her lip, remembering the boy very well as the memories floated through her head.  He sat in front of her and had been the victim of bullying, the reason why he left the school in the first place.  She felt for him, he was beat up at school while she was beat up at home. Lindsey nodded once more and waved, "I remember," she whispered, leaning against the railing once more.  "Are you okay Lindsey? I know we weren't very close growing up but today, when I saw you...You looked helpless," he frowned.  Lindsey nodded, trying to avoid answering him completely.  Niall nodded as well, knowing he wasn't going to receive a straight answer from her, "If you every need to talk Lindsey I'm-" Niall started before being interrupted by Marcus' yelling.  Lindsey turned around and ran back in her room, shutting the balcony doors and flinging the curtains shut, "I heard talking!  Who the hell are you talking to Lindsey?" yelled Marcus, kicking the bedroom door open and walking in.  Lindsey stood against the wall, shaking her head, "It was nothing Dad, the neighbors next door, that's all," she lied.  Marcus wrapped his fingers around her throat and squeezed, "Better be.  We don't talk to strangers in this house do we?" he asked threateningly, squeezing tighter and blocking off Lindsey's airway, lifting her off the floor.  Lindsey nodded as best as she could before Marcus let her drop to the floor and walked out the room, slapping the door and locking her in.  Lindsey wrapped her arms around her knees and cried not really remembering when she fell asleep.

~~~~~The Next Morning~~~~

Lindsey woke up, her broken ribs making it difficult to pick herself off of the floor and over to the shower.  She showered and got ready for her morning college course, picking the door lock before walking down the stairs, knowing that her father left for work early this morning.  She grabbed her keys and walked to her car, noticing Niall, sitting at the end of the driveway.  "I saw your Dad leave this morning so I thought it would be safe," he explained, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.  "What happened last night?" he asked, walking towards her, looking closely for anymore bruises.  Lindsey shook her head, hurrying into her car and pushing the key into the ignition.  Niall hopped in the passenger seat and crossed his arms, "I'm not leaving until you tell me Lindsey.  What's going on?" he asked again more sternly.  Lindsey closed her eyes, and shook her head, trying to think of the best way to tell someone you just recently got to know again that you are the victim of child abuse.  She pulled off her sweater and lifted up her cami, exposing her dark blue bruised side.  "He beats you?" he asked, brushing his fingers gently across her skin, his voice cracking.  Lindsey nodded, pulling her shirt back over her head.  "Lindsey, let me drive you to the hospital at least," he offered, his eyes full of sadness as he held her hand, rubbing his fingertips across her hand.  After a few moments, she nodded, unbuckling her seat belt and getting out of the car and to the passenger seat.  Niall passed her getting into the driver's seat and buckled himself in before starting the car once more and pulling out of the driveway.  "How long has he been using you as a punching bag?" he asked, the disdain and disgust really apparent in his words.  Lindsey nodded, "Since my mother left," she spoke softly.  "You're mom...left you?  With him?" he asked shocked, stopping at a red light and turning to her.  Lindsey shrugged, "I tell myself everyday that she must of had a reason and that she'll come back one day," she whispered.  Niall frowned and pressed the gas as the light changed from red to green, "How come you never told anyone?" he asked, pulling into the hospital and parking in the closest spot towards the ER.  Lindsey shrugged, "Who would believe me?  He's the CEO of a famous and rich company.  No one would ever believe me, he's the perfect working class man.  And even if I did, he barely talks about me so I doubt people even know I exist," she explained, unbuckling her seat belt with all her might, trying to ignore the harsh pain.  Niall got out of the car and ran to the other side, opening the passenger door and leaning over Lindsey, undoing her seat belt for her and helping her out of the car.  Lindsey smiled and walked through the ER doors, walking to the counter and checking in.  Soon later, her name was called and escorted her to a very plain white room.  "So...you think you broke a few ribs?  How did you manage that one?" the doctor asked, lifting her shirt and softly feeling her broken ribs, writing down how many he thought were broken.  "I fell down the stairs...I'm clumsy," she explained.  "Is that how you got the bruise too?" he asked, pulling her shirt back down and leaning back in his chair.  Lindsey nodded, trying her hardest not to give any type of hint that she was lying through her teeth.  Niall stood next to her, his fists clenching as he looked down at her.  The doctor stood up and grabbed his clip board, "I'm going to get the x-ray room ready for you and then after we will take care of your side, be right back," he smiled before walking out the door.  "Why did you lie about that? You could have been able to get away from your father once and for all?!" he hissed.  Lindsey smiled mockingly and shook her head, "And go where Niall?  I have no place to go! My father supports me and I have no job, I'd be homeless," she hissed back.  Niall huffed before leaning back against the wall, calming down.  She's right... he thought to himself.  After being x-rayed, taped up and given the proper medication for the pain she was let go, just in time to be home to make her father's dinner.  She dropped Niall off in his driveway and smiled, "Thank you for today Niall..." she spoke softly.  Niall nodded, trying his hardest to smile back even though he was hurting as well. He kissed her cheek before getting out of the car and shutting the door.  

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