Why Are You My Clarity?

After all the terrible events that happened in her life, Lindsey meets Niall, the boy who has always lived next door, but never came outside.


3. Come With Me

It had been weeks since Lindsey had talked to Niall and oddly enough, she missed seeing him.  Since the visit to the hospital a few weeks ago, his balcony door was always closed and the curtains were always drawn.  Lindsey shrugged it off as best as she could as she got up to take a bath, grabbing her iPod and radio and walking to the bathroom.  Her father was on another business trip, which meant that the house was her's for the week and she had time to relax.  She turned on the tub faucet and grabbed her rose scented bubble soap and lit a few candles, watching the water rise as the bubbles formed.  She turned on her iPod and undressed before turning off the faucet and getting in the tub, her hair tied up in a messy bun.  Her side had barely hurt her, due to the fact that she was on so much pain medication, but she did notice an improvement.  "Lindsey?" called a voice from the bathroom door, slightly muffled.  Lindsey jumped, grabbing the closest thing near her and clenched it tightly. "Who's there?" she called back, preparing herself for a fight.  The door opened and there stood Niall, his plaid shirt slightly unbuttoned, and his hair untamed, "Jeez Lindsey, what are you going to do? Plunge me to my death?" he chuckled, pointing towards the plunger that was in her hands.  "It was the only thing in here, what do you expect?  That I stash a gun under the bathroom sink?" she hissed, dropping the plunger back down and drained the tub.  "Doesn't sound like a bad idea," he mumbled under his breath, grabbing a towel and handing it to her before turning around modestly.  Lindsey wrapped the towel around her waist after drying off the rest of her body and sighed, "I was taking a bath you know..." she huffed, walking past him and into her bedroom, grabbing herself pajamas.  "I had something to tell you," he smiled, sitting on the bed and waiting for her to get dressed, trying his hardest to resist the urge to look.  "And that couldn't wait until I was out of the tub?" she asked, giggling as she turned back around to him.  Niall shook his head, "I'm leaving, I got an apartment in London with a few of my mates," Niall grinned.  Lindsey's heart stopped and began to sink, "Yippee for you," she mumbled, grabbing her laptop from underneath her bed and opening it.  "I want you to come with me Lindsey," Niall spoke, taking her hand in his.  "I can't just leave you here, not with him.  Please come with me," he begged, looking up at her.  "You want me to move in with you after we just recently got reacquainted a few weeks ago?" she asked, crossing her arms.  "That's exactly what I'm doing," he chuckled, mockingly crossing his arms as well and squinted his eyes.  Lindsey giggled, looking down at her fingers as she weighed the pros and cons, "Fine Niall....I'll go," she grinned, looking back up at him.  Niall grinned widely as he hugged her tightly, being careful not to hurt her ribs.  "Start packing your things then, we leave next Sunday," he ordered, getting up from her bed and walking to the balcony.  Lindsey's eyes widened, "That's when my father returns," she hissed, her heart racing with worry.  Niall turned to her and brushed his thumb across her cheek, "We'll be gone before he comes back," he assured, "I promise."

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