Why Are You My Clarity?

After all the terrible events that happened in her life, Lindsey meets Niall, the boy who has always lived next door, but never came outside.


1. Bruises

Lindsey shook violently, her heart racing as her Dad came through the door and undoing his tie.  Lindsey had burnt the chicken that was supposed to be prepared for dinner tonight and due to the fact that she wasn't allowed to leave the house, didn't have the chance to grab another before her father came home.  "What happened?" her father, Marcus asked darkly, dropping his suitcase to the floor and taking off his jacket.  Lindsey turned around, chugging back tears as she explained, "I'm sorry, I tried cooking the chicken but I left it in the oven for too long I guess and well I burnt it.  But I'll be happy making someth--" she cried, stopping abruptly as her father back handed her across her face.  Lindsey gasped, leaning back against the counter as her father moved closer the anger in him rising.  "I ASKED YOU TO DO ONE FUCKING THING LINDSEY AND YOU SCREWED IT UP! AS USUAL!  YOU'RE JUST AS STUPID AS YOUR WORTHLESS MOTHER!" he screamed, backhanding her once more, pushing her to the floor.  "My mother was not worthless..." she mumbled, holding her now, sore cheek, bright red and agitated.  "EXCUSE ME?  YOU SPEAK WHEN YOU ARE SPOKEN TOO!" Marcus screamed again, kicking her hard in the stomach and walking away, "Now head to the damn store and buy me something else to eat.  If you're not back in an half an hour, there will be hell to pay, do you hear me?" he called, grabbing his suitcase and casually walking up the stairs to his bedroom, as if nothing had happened.  Lindsey wiped the tears from her eyes and grabbed her keys and headed to the car, her knit sweater wrapped tightly around her small, fragile and broken body.  She was sure this time her father had broken a rib or two, but there was no use complaining about it.  Her father would never take her to the hospital and got enjoyment from Lindsey's pain and suffering.  Lindsey started the car and drove to the market as fast as she could and parked, checking her phone for the time as she ran in, heading straight to the poultry section.  She grabbed another small, already cooked chicken and headed to the cash register, taking out her debit card and swiping it before dropping it on the ground.  "Here I got that..." offered a blonde haired boy, grabbing the debit card and handing it to her, his eyes gaping wide as he noticed the bruise on the side of her face.  "Oh my gosh...are you okay?" he asked, not tearing his eyes away as he gave Lindsey back her card and putting his basket on the floor.  Lindsey turned a bright red and covered her cheek, "Yes, I'm fine," she nodded, grabbing her receipt and the chicken before running out the door and into the car.  She pulled down the visor and opened the mirror and gasped, the red mark that was on her face before turned into a bright purple bruise, covering half of her cheek and just under her black eye.  Lindsey sobbed, resting her head on the steering wheel and hiding her face.  After a few moments she turned the key into the ignition and drove off, trying to forget the fact that she walked into a public place with her new wound.   

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