Why Are You My Clarity?

After all the terrible events that happened in her life, Lindsey meets Niall, the boy who has always lived next door, but never came outside.


6. Adjusting

"Lindsey...Lindsey babe open the door please," his soft Irish accept called through the bathroom door. Lindsey grabbed her phone and plugged it into the iHome that was on the bathroom shelf. Soft music started to play as she slowly got undressed, ignoring the calls from the other side. She took out her hair and turned on the shower, not waiting for the water to warm as she stepped in. The water was freezing, hitting his soft pale skin and causing goosebumps to appear. She leaned back her head, letting the water splash down her face and sooth the bruises. The water grew warmer over time and soon Lindsey was more calm than she had ever felt. She grabbed her body wash and loofah and began to wash herself, trying to forget the incident at dinner. She didn't mean to jump...it was a habit. A habit she wish she didn't have. Suddenly she heard the volume of her music lower, "Lindsey...are you alright?" Niall asked. Lindsey bowed her head under the warm water, imagining Niall's worried face on the other side of the shower curtain. She rinsed off quickly and turned off the water, standing there for a moment as she tried to muster up the courage to speak. The curtain slightly opened as Niall handed her a fresh towel and patiently waited for her. Lindsey stepped out and looked up at him, her eyes already full of tears. Niall smiled back reassuringly and wrapped his arms around her, "it's okay...it's alright," he cooed as Lindsey sobbed. "No it's not alright. I'm embarrassed and angry!" She cried, holding him tighter. "I'm a paranoid git because of what he did to me for so many years. I know Harry would never hurt me but I'm so scared... I'm so scared Niall. I know people can snap or change. I've seen it happen," she cried. Niall kissed her forehead softly before picking her up, bridal style and carrying her to the bedroom. He turned and grabbed one of the boxes and searched for her pajamas, grabbing a nightgown and pulling off her towel and tossing the nightgown over her head and handing her a pair of fresh panties, helping her dress. "You're bruises look better today," he smiled, kissing her cheek and pulling her into bed, wrapping the covers around them. Lindsey was barely paying attention, in a daze as her anxieties clouded her mind. "Is Harry mad at me? For what happened at dinner?" She asked. Niall stopped mid conversation and frowned, "He's hurt but understands what you went through."

Lindsey sighed, resting her head on Niall's chest, "Should I go talk to him?" She asked, rubbing her fingers in small circles against Niall's skin. "If you think you should. It would help. I'll wait up for you," he smiled, brushing back her hair. Lindsey smiled and sat up, grabbing her thick wool cardigan and wrapping it around her small body before walking out of the bedroom. Harry's room was a few doors down the hall and almost always open. Harry wasn't much of the type to keep things private unless there was a girl involved. Lindsey knocked on the door frame as she saw Harry sitting on his bed, scrolling through his phone, probably looking at his twitter feed. "Harry...can I talk to you?" She asked, her voice barely audible over the soft music that played in the background. Harry nodded, turning off the music and putting his phone on the bed stand next to him. Lindsey shut the door and moved to the end of the bed, sitting Indian style as she tried to think of what to say. Moments passed before Lindsey spoke up. "I'm sure Niall told you about my home life, am I right?" She asked. Harry nodded, "Yes. And I get it Lindsey. I didn't mean to make you upset," he apologized. Lindsey shook her head, "No need to apologize Harry, really. It's something I'm not used to. You're a very loving and affectionate person. No one has ever lunged at me to HUG me. It's going to take me some time to trust people's actions or intentions, okay?" She smiled. Harry nodded, rubbing her knee gently, "You know me, Niall, and the rest of the boys will do anything to protect you right? You don't have to worry about us ever hurting you the way you were hurt before," he assured. Lindsey smiled softly, moving closer to hug him, wrapping her arms around his neck, "thank you.." She whispered. Harry chuckled, "Now get to bed, I'm sure you're tired, we'll talk more on the morning. Maybe see about getting you help, with your dad and his army searching for you," he smiled.

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