Kidnapped By One Direction

Jamie reed is a 18 year old living in her own. She is a fashion-stylist one of the biggest in the world actually.
But what happens when celebrity Boy-Band One Direction kidnap her? Then she is all over the news Missing? But in order for the band not to get thrown in jail , they ask her to be their new Clothing-Line Stylist! When she accepts.... Her world goes tumbling down. But can One Direction help turn it back around?


2. Their Explanation

Their Explanation.

Jamie's POV

"We're here!" Louis chimed out from the front. Finally! I had been sitting with Lily, and we had basically fangirled through our eyes. (yeah, I didn't even know It was possible!) they all climbed out and then Lily and I did. They had out their hoods down so we knew exactly who they were. As they let us in first something squeezed my bum! I whirled around fast. I gave a cheeky Harry a glare, who the hell does he think he is? Kidnaps a girl and touches them?? that's not how Jamie Reed rolls!

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Zayn who had grabbed my arm and was leading me to a room. I was thrown in with Lily in tow. Zayn walked up to us and ripped the tape off! "AHHHHHHHH" we screamed in pain. Zayn looked worried for a minute, and then walked out the room mumbling a "sorry." The door slammed shut and I heard the lock.

I sighed as I took out my little Hand bag (that I styled) and searched for my mini make-up kit, (what? i got to look good for One Direction) I looked at the tiny mirror. My hair was a mess, my make-up was smudged/ Gosh! I re-applied my make-up. (not very much) and looked to Lily. She was doing the same thing.

Once she finished, I could tell in her eyes, that she knew what we had to do. "Lily, whats your plan?" I asked quietly. She smirked, and pointed to the window. Perfect! we shuffled to the window. We had to get the ropes off our hands first though. "Lily, I have a pocket-knife in my jean pocket, can you get it?" i asked. She nodded and i moved so she could get in my pocket. She put her hand in and grabbed it and pulled it out.

"Good thing you have this!" Lily whisper-yelled. i nodded. she undid mine. (which was kind of hard considering she couldn't see since her hands were tied as well). Once she finished i did hers.

We were free! We walked towards the window. Damn! the fall was a VERY long way down. "We can't jump that!" I told her. She nodded understanding. I looked at the doorknob. "yes!" i whispered.

"what?" she asked confused, i pulled a bobby pin from my hair. "Oh! you can pick the lock!" she said to me. I smiled and nodded. We both moved towards the door. I got on one knee and stuck the bobby pin in the tiny key hole. I took it out and bended it so it was straight. (but on the lumpy side) I stuck it back in and twisted it towards the left. I heard a 'click.'

I fist pumped into the air. "Now, we're gonna run downstairs and out the door. we're going to run as fast as you can. Lily, this is a good reason we ran track in college." I told her.

She nodded. She had her concentration face on, which meant: It's game time.

"we have to be silent thought" i whispered. I stood up and slowly opened the door. No creaking. yes! When we looked in the hallway the stairs were to the right. and on the left were 4 other doors with their names on them. I looked at the one we were in. It said:

The Sass Master From Doncaster

We were in Louis' room! I motioned Lily to get next to me.

I whispered so low, i thought even Lily didn't hear me, but luckily she did. "On a count of 3"




"Go!" I whispered. We silently lunged down the steps, where our bags were near the door. we grabbed them and fumbled with the lock until it opened. We ran out and shut it before running for our lives. we ran about 2 blocks. (good thing we weren't wearing heels!) "Hey!" we heard a voice.

"Don't look!" I yelled and then we made a sharp turn into the busy street, cars stopped, and there were a few horns, but overall we were ok. we ran and ran and ran.

for who knows how long? I have no cloe, but we could do this all day. But with those boys being so tall, they had longer strides than us. i was only 5'5 and Lily was 5'5 as well.

I felt arms go around my waist and put his giant hand over my mouth. I bit his hand and Lily had kneed another one in the fields. (if you know what i mean ;) ) We continued to run. until we got to a dead end.

"Oh Come on!" i yelled. i felt something hit my head. the last thing i heard, were the screams of my best friend....

A/N: So sorry I havent uploaded! My mom grounded me because I got in a fight with my brother, which involved hitting.... and i hit pretty hard so i accidentally gave him a black eye. hehehe so yeah! I'll post again today! Hopefully! Also I'll have some time to post especially on Friday because I'm getting Braces! so yeah.



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