Kidnapped By One Direction

Jamie reed is a 18 year old living in her own. She is a fashion-stylist one of the biggest in the world actually.
But what happens when celebrity Boy-Band One Direction kidnap her? Then she is all over the news Missing? But in order for the band not to get thrown in jail , they ask her to be their new Clothing-Line Stylist! When she accepts.... Her world goes tumbling down. But can One Direction help turn it back around?


1. The Beginning

A/N: So! How are you all?!?! Well I'm starting a new Movella! Great right?!?! I'd like to hear (comment) about how I'm doing with the story! Thanks :) P.S. if you see anyone stealing my story mind telling me? Thanks!

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Jamie's POV

"Lily! That poor old lady is probably scarred!" I giggled. We were in Victoria Secret getting some new underwear. Lily had said so loudly that 'Maybe she should go without underwear to impress her boyfriend' and an old lady had overheard and grumbled "hormonal teenagers these days!" And then shuddered!


I admit, it was pretty funny! "After this we can walk over to Starbucks?" I asked her, looking at a strapless purple bra with matching panties. I smiled and put it in the 3 other under sets I'm planning on buying. "Yeah sounds good! I heard One Directions in town!" Lily said happily. I nodded. Lily and I were huge fans! Sure, we knew they were still normal boys but you know.... They've go talent!


As soon as we stepped out Victoria secret with all the other shopping bags we have, we started heading to Starbucks, Lily and I are Fashion Stylist. We're partners in the business and get paid £5,000 a month! It's a great pay, and we love it!


As we chatted about random things, I stopped. Causing Lily to stop. "What?" She asked confused. I quickly turned my head. 2 boys with their heads down in Black hoodies we behind us. I furrowed my brow. Maybe they were just going the same way.


"Eh, come on" I said as we continued walking. "Jamie, do you see those two following us" she whispered to me. "Yeah, that's why I stopped" I whispered back.


I looked behind me. They were gone? "They're gone" I said to her.


"Good! We don't need a st-" she couldn't finish her sentence because we were both tackled to the ground. "Hey!" I called out. As they tied ropes behind my arms. I looked to Lily, the same thing. I nodded at her, and we both hit our partners areas. The buckled over and we grabbed our things and ran.


They were high on our trail. "Shit...." I mumbled. As we picked up the pace.


but we didnt get far. We were launched back and thrown into a van. They then continued to Tie out hands and duck tape out mouths.


As we sat there looking at eachother frightened. I looked to Lily, her Blonde Hair (which she dyed) was messy and her Big brown eyes were in fright. I on the other had my brown hair in a ponytail which reached my mid-back. And my Brown eyes were closed, trying to think of an idea. That is, until i heard shuffling. I looked to Lily who was nudging at the boy next to me.


I looked at him. and then I head-butted his shoulder. his quickly looked at me making his hood fall off. there sat, Zayn Malik....

My eyes went wide and I looked at Lily. I looked around the big van. 3 were with us in the back, and 2 were up front.

Oh my God. I Jamie Reed and my Best Friend have been kidnapped.... By One Direction?!?!

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