Poems, Quotes and Random Short stories

Some stuff I had lying around that I wanted to chuck into a book. The title sort of exlains the whole book. Some of this stuff is idiotically short. While others are rather long.....


1. War

Death’s around the corner,

But I am not afraid,

I know that If I try I’ll avaid,


The blood is on my hands now,

We are going to die,

What is the point if I try?


I leading them to downfall,

They are going to die,

But What on Earth do I have to lose?


We all are going to pass someday,

Maybe we should just get it over with soon,

So what if we die,


I’ve trained for this moment, since I could walk,

But is it the thing I should do?

I’m having second thoughts, maybe we can just talk?


Oh we are going to fall,


Today we all going to prove our courage and strength,

What if we all die,

Will he even care,

I guess I’ll find out, when I see him there,


Today we are going to win,

I can feel it in my heart and soul,

Yet I know some will die,


Maybe I should call it off,

Or just kill myself all  ready,

And get over with,

I mean what kind of leader am I?

I leading what’s left of my family to their deaths,

Should I flee?

Should I cower?

I don’t anymore, But What I do know is Life is over,


I know I’ve done some things, that I should not,

Even have ever dreamt of at all,

But unless I die in my tracks then I am going to fight,

This I know it is the right thing,

Or at least I think it is,

So I’ll leave my life your feet,


I guess I’ll just have to pretend,

That I have no reason to fret,

Yet I started running but there’s no where to run,

Oh God What have I done?


I started this thing, And Its going to end,

With or without my life,

I started it all, And I will end it,

So unless I die right in this place,

I am going to war,


She told me that it would be over,

I think she lied cause I’ve been here awhile,

I’m waiting for her now,

Will she come back, I don’t know,

All I can do is pray,


I nothing to lose,

And nothing to gain,

I have no one to live for,

And nothing but life,

I guess this is freedom,


The lands are burnt and the crops are destroyed,

My family dead and friends slain,

Even I do live, I’m not sure if I want to,

What do I have to lose?

All I can do is wish upon a fallen star,

And pray that tomorrow will be better,


This is war,

War never changes,

I’ve seen for years and years,

I don’t know I’m living life right,

But I know that now their sides,

I can’t call one good or bad,

Since there is is power,

I guess I’ll just hope that those whose sins are bad,

Will die a thousand deaths,

Maybe I’ll live to see my brethren win,

But I may not so I’ll just pray,

That this time will be different.







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