Poems, Quotes and Random Short stories

Some stuff I had lying around that I wanted to chuck into a book. The title sort of exlains the whole book. Some of this stuff is idiotically short. While others are rather long.....


5. Jasmine's Note

Dear friends,

What I have gone to do is something I regret. As you read this my footsteps thud across the open moor leading to a battle to end all battles. I am fearful, but trying to be brave, like you guys. Only now do I know what it means to be brave, not to have done something with no fear, but to do something even though you’re frightened. I am about to walk into the arms of death, I’m not sure if I can over them this time.

I am walking into a mess of danger, every bone and muscle in my body yells against what I am about to do. My mentor  Valcore spoke of something that would overwhelm me, only know do I understand. I have been holding back this power inside me, hatred and power. Yet again I have lost myself, but the path I take is my own, I know that I may never return. And if I survive the encounter will not return, because I am someone else I was never me always something more. I felt hatred and love how they can walk so close together is unknown. Nothing is black and white my friends it is never that easy. I hate the way I feel so powerful so willing….. Willing to do things not even Valcore would dare try. I am scared, scared for me and for you. But what I am doing is for your wellbeing do realize this.

You welcomed me with open arms and hearts, and trusted me as well as I would expect. I hope you will forgive me for what I am about to do. I wanted to be nothing like Valcore, but I’m more of a monster than he ever was.

                                                                      Jasmine E. Warlord

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