His eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"But your hers" I said looking at the floor.He moved my head up and pulled me close,"No,I'm yours."


4. Off limits

I aggressively pulled the brush through my thick hair pulling out ever single knot out I have a reason to be angry as you know.I never want to see or hear Jake's voice again but obviously that's not going to happen we go to the same school. I pushed my hair into a messy bun then pulled it back down and let my wavy hair flow free.I got out my school uniform a white blouse with a grey cardigan and grey skirt with dolly shoes and slipped it on.I grabbed my multi colored backpack and headed out the door.I decided I would get the bus I have no other way of transport except Jake and the bus anyway still I would of liked to sit in his car with the comfy chairs and the music blasting out of the speakers than sit on a filthily school bus but I was angry I can't just step into his car.After thinking about this I noticed something familiar going past it was the school bus I am not chasing past it,we all know how that ended last time.I started heading out of our street when Jake's car pulled up how did he have the nerve,I guess he didn't know what I saw did he.

His window slowly came down revealing his face.His eyes were red and puffy with panda rings at the bottom of his eyes.His face looked pale and washed out.

He gave a little sniff then said,"get in then."

"How could you cheat on me I suddenly blurted out.

"That's why you shouldn't have a girlfriend and have me as a friend on facebook!" i screeched.

"I do-

"Save it" i interrupted and started to go down the road.

Then he was carrying me to his car.

"Let me go" I yelped.

We got into his car but he didn't start the engine.

"Look if I'm gonna come in your car you could at least drive it" i mumbled.

"Let me explain"he said his lips wobbling

"I,i don't love you" he said quietly.

I still heard it and my heart still snapped into tiny pieces.

"I thought I did but I don't" he murmered 

We were silent for a minute then he took hold of me he pulled me closer and closer and closer.I starred into his brown eyes they sparkled I could feel the butterfly s in his stomach.We kissed and snuggled all day we didn't go to school which I felt a bit guilty about but being in Jake' arms was better,no it wasn't he had a girlfriend.I pulled away and went out of the car.

"You have a girlfriend so this is over." 

He didn't reply.

I went into my house as quickly as I could and heard the door click shut behind me,I can't be with Jake he's off limits forever... 

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