His eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"But your hers" I said looking at the floor.He moved my head up and pulled me close,"No,I'm yours."


6. Not again

I heard my phone buzz next to me.Slowly I opened my eyes and looked down at my phone on the wooden bedside cabnet.


Hey R u ok?? Listen I'm really sorry and i want to give us another try :)

This was unexpected,so I simply replied.

Go tell that to your girlfriend

Quickly he typed back

Ok I get your angry so forget it but if you need anything you ask me ok?

Whatever I typed before turning my phone off.


We came home that morning and I was quite happy it was my birthday soon and thats why my mum took me away and by soon I mean tomorrow,me and mum are gonna spend the whole day together.Sometimes I don't get why people don't just wanna spend time with there mum's I mean it's your mum,come on.

Anyway for now Im gonna just do-,oh who am I kidding? I need to go and see Jake I might as well repair our friendship at least.

I raced to his house and knocked on the grand door.

He opened it just popping out his face.

"OH,ummm hi." he said blankly

"Hey Jake come outI wanna fix are friendship!" I said a little to cheerfully.

"No thanks"He said and began closing the door.

I stuck my foot into the door so he couldn't close it and then pushed it open. It revealed a small girl with blonde wavy hair and light blue eyes the worst part was she was only wearing a towel. 

"You didn't"I managed to stutter out.

He didn't reply.

"I need to go Jake" I said starting too walk away.

As I did i felt his hand grip onto my wrist and pull me in releasing his lips onto mine.It was so passionate I could feel his emotions and I'm sure he could feel mine.

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