His eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"But your hers" I said looking at the floor.He moved my head up and pulled me close,"No,I'm yours."


2. Love

He walked back with a half eaten muffin in his hand.

"Jake your here "i said smiling as i grabbed his arm.

"Yep,you know i wouldn't leave you" he said doing that half smile thing.

My heart fluttered at the sight of him.He took hole of my hand,I felt it again.I couldn't be but I was,I'm in love with my best friend.No,I'll just be so awkward.I remember a few years ago I had a crush  on someone then i ended up blurting out i loved them and he stayed away from me forever,I can't loose Jake,not now not ever.

The doctor started pulling along my bed to x-ray i felt the bump as we went along the uneven floor Jake still by my side.

We entered the x-ray room and began the process,it didn't take to long cause we were put in what felt like a few minutes.

I was back to were I was the doctors left us alone,me and Jake. I was really awkward I felt like I couldn't talk when Jake asked me stuff I simply just nodded my head or shook it

Then Jake came closer.

"I know you more than anyone,so I know" he said getting to close,"you like me"

The he put his lips onto mine,It felt so write but i knew it was so wrong.I pulled away he smiled,i wouldn't and couldn't.

"How could you!" i began,"you have a girlfriend!" "I might of wanted it to happen,but not this way." i said getting up.

"Were are you going"he shouted.

"Anywhere I can get away from you!"i  screamed

Then I walked away,well limped but Jake could go faster than me and he managed to catch me.

"I love you" he said taking by the shoulders.

"Thats what i was afraid of" i mumbled.

He obviously heard me and he sighed.

"I didn't mean that"I said sitting on one of the chairs.

I felt a sharp pain in my leg,

"Take me back to my hospital bed" i begged Jake.

He lifted me up in my arms carrying me,holding tight I felt like no one could break us apart we love each other that's all that matters.

"Ur hum" coughed a voice.

Me and Jake turned around,it was his girlfriend looking at us.

"Jake,put her down,whats going on here?" she asked.

"Nothing"we both said in turn.

"Good"she said scanning me.

"We better go" she said grabbing Jake's hand.

I limped back to my bed waiting for Jake although I knew inside he wouldn't come back.

About an hour later the doctor told me I had broken my leg luckily I wouldn't need surgery.They plastered me up in a blue plaster and gave me some crutches they called my mum she came running in.

"Oh my baby" she said squeezing me tight,"I'm so glad your ok"

"Can't breath mum" i said trying to struggle out of the deadly hug.

"Sorry" she said detaching herself from me.

We drove home and had my favorite tea,homemade meatballs. I went to bed early that night I had alot to think about I don't nee to though it's obvious he's going to choose her over me.


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