His eyes twinkled in the sunlight.
"But your hers" I said looking at the floor.He moved my head up and pulled me close,"No,I'm yours."


1. Friends

We'd always been friends,me and Jake.I'm not sure how but it just happened you know kinda randomly,he's my best friend,no not my boyfriend,just my best friend.I'd never have feelings for him it would just be weird you know.

I lay in my bed not sure weather to cherish my few minutes left to sleep or get up.I desided to lay back down,I closed my eyes and just drifted off.

I was woken by a loud beep coming out the window,I peered over at my alarm clock 8:55,I'll be late for school I have to be there by 9 and I'm not even dressed.I raced into the bathroom and rummaged through my makeup bag then quickly brushed some mascara onto my basically see through eyelashes.I pushed my hair into a messy bun the through on a floral skirt and a black tank top with my black dolly shoes.Then I looked out the window again,it was raining,great.I didn't have time to change so i just went out in it.We i had slammed the door shut I found that Jake had already started driving.I ran through the poring rain tearing down the streets screaming his name,he looked back and i frantically waved my arms in the air,he continued to drive.I fell onto my knees cutting them on the sharp road my wet hair fell out of place dripping all over m shoulders,I couldn't get up I was just to tired then I saw headlights coming towards me a car slamming there brakes on then silence.

My eyes fluttered open i was in Jake's arms then i felt a horrible pain.I groaned and gripped Jake tighter.

"It's ok 'll get you to a hospital" he said soothing me.

I put my hand onto my head and pulled it back down I found blood on my hand I winsed at the sight and kept my eyes closed until we got to the hospital,I drifted in and out of contentiousness but I was alive so that was ok.

Jake ran into the A&E doors showing me to  passing doctors I thought we'd have to wait a while but we were taken straight through.They carefully lay me onto a bed Jake still holding my hand.A friendly doctor called Dr Hallen talked to me and asked me questions.l answered them truthfully and she checked me over.She whispered something to her colleague then told me what was happening.

"We've cleaned you up and we're taking you to x-ray now so that we know nothings broken ok?" she asked

I slowly moved my head in a up and down motion.

I looked out of my swollen eyes to see Jake above me,I smiled.

"Thanks for saving me"I said quietly

"Why were you on the road?" he wondered.

"I couldn't breath I think I was collapsing I was chasing you" i said ashamed.

"I realized then I came back and found you lying crookedly it was horrible,especially cause your my best friend"he said giving my shoulder a small pat.

I tried to smile but was to tired.

"Do you want anything?"Jake asked getting up.

I shook my head.

"I'll be back in a minute"he said letting go of my hand.

The doctors came to take me to x-ray.

"Wait for Jake" i said as loud as I could,"please" i said putting my hand on the doctors arm.

"W need t-

"Please"i interrupted.

"Fine" she sighed.

Inside my head I smiled and went woo but on the outside I just looked terrible and hurt crooked and stupid.

I gave a long sigh then snuggled into my blanket.

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