The good, the bad and the dirty

She was the good girl. He was the bad boy. She worked her butt off to get money. He got money easily. She was an open book. He was mysterious.

Sophie was the type of girl who was average. Not all the special. Not one that everyone wanted. Long, Brown, Wavy hair and big, brown eyes. She played football for her local team, and was determined to go pro. She had a confusing background but still made sure everyone around her was happy.

Ashton (Ash) was every girls dream. Tall, bright blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, looks like a surfer. He was a total player back in his school years. He'd had a rough time after he left school. Not many people knew about this, and if they did they were in his business. He was the mysterious guy who would intimidate you instantly. The type of person who you would back down to if in a fight.


3. shopping!

"Morning hottie! Can I get you something to eat?" It's him. The one that bought me a drink at the club. The one who captivated me straight away! He's the one that bought me here. He probably fucked me when I was out or something. "Helloo..." I'm snapped out of my thoughts by a hand waving infront of my face.

"Um.. I'll just have some toast, I'm not very hungry." I see Abi, from the corner of my eyes, rolling her eyes at me with a smirk on her face. "I don't want to be a pain in anyway. I'll call my friend to pick me up as well so then I can get out of here and let you carry on with life."

"No." I'm guessing Ashley says forcefully. "I mean.. why don't you have more than that to eat. I don't want to let you go without satisfying your stomach!" This makes me roll my eyes.

"Fine do you mind if I have a bacon sandwich?" I ask politely knowing it should hopefully satisfy the two boys and Abi.

"A bacon sandwich is coming up straight away!" Ashley says as he walks to the fridge to get some bacon. Wow he has a nice body. I stand there taking in his body, forgetting there's other people here.

"Hey, so how about we go shopping! I don't want you to go and then i'll never see you again," Abi suggests, and I'm not going to lie that sounds like a good idea!

"Sure! I need some more clothes anyway! Why don't we leave straight after I eat?" I notice Ashley tense as soon as those words leave my mouth.

"Yeah sure! I'll go get my bag ready then whilst you eat up!" Abi says whilst leaving the room and heading upstairs. As soon as she's left the room Ashley places my breakfast in front of me. It looks delicious. I quickly scoff the food down, wanting to get out the room as soon as possible, as I can feel the boys' eyes on me. I get up and place my plate in the dishwasher, smile politely to the boys and head back upstairs to find Abi. "hey babe," I say as I enter the room that she's in. I know she's in there as she has her music up full blast.

"Hey, you ready?" Abi quickly packs her earphones and purse into her bag and stands up.

"As ready as i'll ever be!" I smile and walk down to the door. "How are we getting there?"

"I'll drive if you want," Abi suggests. It was either that or get the bus and I don't want to do that as there can be freaks on the bus. Plus I don't have my car, so I can't exactly drive there either.
"yeah sure," I say and walk out the door with Abi following behind.


After a five minute drive we arrive at the biggest shopping mall in the area. Wow I haven't been here in ages!  "So where are we starting to?" Abi says, looking around at the shops on the first level, that are in sight. "How about Hollister?" I nod my head and walk towards the shop.

After 2 hours of shopping in different shops and trying on thousands of outfits we decide to hit the food court and find a nice meal. I decide on a jacket potato with beans and cheese, and Abi decides on cheese burger and chips. "So how did you meet Ashley and Charlie?" I decide to keep the conversation off of me, as I know Abi would hit a emotional spot. Everyone does.

"We met in college a few years ago. My room mate was friends with Ash! They were the types that partied all night long 24/7. Char was his room mate and so us two ended up getting dragged along to places, the parties, meet ups, everywhere. Now look at us.. still friends! You wouldn't think we were the type that people were scared of back in the days.. Well maybe Ash, with his tats and everything. Not me and Char though!" She rambles on about their times In college, but I blank out and focus on my potato. "Sophieeee" I'm broken out of my thoughts by Abi waving her hand in front of my face. "Huh?" I say, "Sorry I sorta blanked out." I smile weakly. "I asked why you have tattoos, because you don't seem like the type of girl who would. No offence!" Ugh.. why does everyone says this? I know I'm not a scary girl, who wears leather and rides a bike! 

"When my sister died I wanted to get something that was dedicated to her, so I got 'Forever in our thoughts Faith, 29.03.2002-14.07.2011' tattooed on my hip. I then wanted something in memory of my granddad so i got the star behind my ear done. The other two are just symbols to remind me of the things I love and to represent a message." I explain, trying to not let the emotion show through. We sit in silence for a while, neither or us knowing what to say. I finish of my jacket potato and get up to put my tray away. "How about we pop in to monsoon and then go back to the house?" Abi says from behind me. I move out the way so she can put her tray away. 

"Sure, but I can't stay long. I got to work tonight so I'll have to go home to change ect. Plus I'm sure Zeke's wondering where I am." I explain to Abi, actually feeling  quite bad about not being able to stay. 

"It's fine! I'll drop you off before I go home if you want!" She offers as we make our way over to Monsoon. I love this shop! It has amazing clothes and accessories! We spend about half an hour looking and end up buying about £75 worth of stuff from there, including matching phone cases and jewellery! We trudge back to the car, each carrying 10 bags full of clothes, shoes and everything else we bought. We put the bags in the boot and get in the car. We turn the radio up full blast and let the roof down on the red convertible. "No matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know I want you bad, and i won't have it any other way, No matter what the other people say" We both sing along to the music as we drive along the motorway! As soon as we drive up to my flat we turn the radio off. "I'll see you soon, I promise" I tell Abi as I get out the car. 

"It's fine! You have my number so call me whenever you're free," She replies. I get my bags out the boot and make my way to my flat. I prepare to face Zeke as soon as I open the door. I take three deep breaths as soon as I get to the door, and the slowly unlock the flat. I step in and get bombarded by Zeke. "Where were you? Did you not think to call? Are you hurt?" 

"OMG! Seriously let me come in first," I complain. After I put my bags in my room I sit with Zeke on the sofa and explain everything that happened. From the moment I finished my shift to shopping with Abi. 

"You could have called me! I've been worried sick," He says after I finish talking. 

"I tried! But you wouldn't pick up," 

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