The good, the bad and the dirty

She was the good girl. He was the bad boy. She worked her butt off to get money. He got money easily. She was an open book. He was mysterious.

Sophie was the type of girl who was average. Not all the special. Not one that everyone wanted. Long, Brown, Wavy hair and big, brown eyes. She played football for her local team, and was determined to go pro. She had a confusing background but still made sure everyone around her was happy.

Ashton (Ash) was every girls dream. Tall, bright blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, looks like a surfer. He was a total player back in his school years. He'd had a rough time after he left school. Not many people knew about this, and if they did they were in his business. He was the mysterious guy who would intimidate you instantly. The type of person who you would back down to if in a fight.


4. school

Sliding on my black skater skirt, I think about what happened last week. When I got drugged and taken to Ashley's house. When I met Abi and went shopping with her. I'm not going to lie.. that week was a rollercoaster. After the whole incident I took the week off to give me time to clear my head. As I hardly ever take time off, and I'm hard working my boss didn't mind. Zeke's gotten over the fact that I didn't tell him what was happening. I look for my white, lacey crop top and shout to see if Zeke's ready to go. I slip on my top as soon as I find it and check to see if my hair and makeup's still perfect.  decide it is and grab my backpack from the chair next to my door. I slip on some toms before walking into the living room. "Took your time!!" Zeke says whilst chucking me a can of coke. "We taking your car yeah?" I ask after I've taken a sip of my coke.

"Of course! How else are we gonna get there?"


"You ready for a long day at school then?" I shake my head at him, like I always do when he asks this question.

"I HATE Thursdays.. Not as much as Mondays but I still hate them!" I say smiling as we walk out to Zeke's car.



History. My last lesson! I take my seat at the back of the classroom and wait for the teacher to come. Wait the teacher is never late. I rest my head on my desk and wait quietly. Minutes later a cough quietens the room. "Hello students, your teacher broke his foot when he fell so I'm going to be covering you until the end of the year," A few whoops and cheers are said as our teacher was a bit of a old fart, he was boring and made us do the same things over and over again. "My name is Mr Cooper," WHY IS HE HERE?!?! "I've been given a brief overview of what you've been doing but I'm going to change everything and be different. I'll cover all topics that are left but in a different way." This I'm glad about!! "But for the first lesson I want to get to know you all."

"How are you going to do that?" Tom, one of the nerds, asks from the front. I meanwhile slink down in my chair. This is definitely my worst lesson ever.

"So I'll let you each ask me ONE question and then I'll ask you one In reply okay? You have to answer truthfully and I will in reply," He says this like we're two year olds. NO. We are seventeen for crying out loud.

He looks up and down the list of names on his desk and finally says "Mr Cox. Michel Cox?" Mike raises his hand. "You can go first,"

"Umm.. how long have you been a teacher?"

"Well I left college a few months ago.. so not long I guess!" There's a few awws and oohs. "What do you plan on doing when you leave school?"

"I want to do something to do with science." Mike replies. No surprise there, he is a bit of a nerd.

"Miss Knowle. Hannah Knowle?" Hannah straightens up in her chair and smiles flirtily.

"Are you single? Or are you taken?" Ha.. so obvious she was going to ask that!

"I'm single!" And that's when all the girls started to mutter about how she plans on getting him. I roll my eyes and slump in my chair even more. "Now.. how many boys have you fucked?" There's a few gasps as he asks this like he's talking to a friend.

"WOW! Can you really ask that?"

"I'm just trying to get to know my students!"

"Okay.. um.. about 9," Hannah says almost in a whisper. She's also blushing!

"Okay! Miss White? Sophie White?" I raise my hand but stay slumped in my seat. As soon as he sees my he smirks. He doesn't think I notice it but I so do.

"Um.. Have you found the right girl? You know the one you think could be the one?" I smile weakly.

"I think so. She's younger than me, and is stunning! She has an amazing personality, but can be a bit of a boring ass at times." I blush slightly as he looks over at me. "What about you?"

I'm taken completely off guard by his question and the change in tone of his voice. It's almost like it's just me and him in the room. "I think so. I don't really know him but I've spoke to him a bit. I hope to know him better, but doubt I will." I know I'm probably blushing so I look down at my lap. This is awkward now. Thank god.. he carries on asking the rest of the class.




"Hey how was your day been?" Zeke asks as I get to his car.

"Weird. But good thanks, yours?"

"Good thanks," he says. As soon as we drive away I go deep into thought. I pull out my phone and decide to ask Abi if she knows why he was here.


S:Hey babe, do you know why Ashley was at my school today?xx

A: He was at your school? He got a call from the head asking if he was at placement and he wasn't so yeah.. that's why he's there.xx

S: Yeah it's my school. I have him for history -.- he made things really awkward for me. But everyone didn't notice as most the girls were tryna flirt with him and the boys were goofing off!xx

A: Aww, well I'll talk to him later. I have to go I have work sorry xx

S: aw okay, don't worry! Text me later x love you!xx

A: Bye Soph xx



Sorry this chapter is fairly short. I've been trying to write 2 books at once and I've been busy because it's the summer holidays! I will try to update as much as possible xx

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