The good, the bad and the dirty

She was the good girl. He was the bad boy. She worked her butt off to get money. He got money easily. She was an open book. He was mysterious.

Sophie was the type of girl who was average. Not all the special. Not one that everyone wanted. Long, Brown, Wavy hair and big, brown eyes. She played football for her local team, and was determined to go pro. She had a confusing background but still made sure everyone around her was happy.

Ashton (Ash) was every girls dream. Tall, bright blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, looks like a surfer. He was a total player back in his school years. He'd had a rough time after he left school. Not many people knew about this, and if they did they were in his business. He was the mysterious guy who would intimidate you instantly. The type of person who you would back down to if in a fight.



"I'll have a double gin and tonic and what ever this fair lady would like!" He says to me whilst letting his hand slide up the intoxicated ladies thigh. The one thing I hated about this job was seeing most people being taken advantage of. You'd never see me in here if it wasn't for my job. The music is way too loud, there's too much alcohol, the girls dress like sluts and the boys just want a shag from any walking thing. It's disgraceful to see all of this but I have to. I have to plaster on this big fake smile and serve the drunk people, mostly teens, whatever they want. I have to put up with the constant dirty comments and the perverts. As you can tell I'm not one for clubbing. I'm more of a good girl, I do all my work at school, I do all my homework and chores. I'm not going to lie there is an upside to being what everyone calls a nerd, I get to play football. I play for county, U16's, but the deal is we have to keep our grades up to carry on playing. I've been playing football ever since I was 8, so it sort of comes naturally. I juggle school life, family life, football and work and somehow find sleep in-between it all. I'm surprised I don't look like a zombie. "Hellooooo?!" I'm snapped out my thoughts by a guy thumping his fist down on the counter. "Five shots of the strongest stuff sweet thing," He adds a wink at the end. I'm pretty sure i tasted bile in my throat as soon as he did this, but I pour 5 shots for him instantly. I need to stop zoning out during work. Thank god the rush hour was coming up. At around about 11pm every night everyone comes to our nightclub and it becomes packed. It sure does keep me awake!


"Thank god that's over! Did you see the girls trying to tear my clothes off whilst I manned the dj box?!" 

"No I was too busy trying to not get raped at the bar. I'm pretty sure most guys were undressing me with their eyes!" After work, around about 3am, Zeke who's my best friend drives me back to mine. Well technically he drives us both home as he normally crashes at mine after a long night. 

"You should be used to that by now! You're a sexy girl with a lush body. You should get used to the fact boys like you, drunk or not!" Yeah Zeke has that mind where he thinks everybody loves everybody. That may be because he was one of the popular guys when he was younger. Yeah he's twenty... exactly 3 years older than me. He's about six foot three, brown hair which is in a perfect quiff, dazzling blue eyes and a perfect smile. He's also well built as he works out when he's not working. The one thing that attracts girls to him though isn't his looks, surprisingly, but his dj skills! He's amazing! "Do you mind if I camp at yours again? It's too late to go home!"
"Are you being serious Ze? You pretty much own the spare room at my flat and you have your own wardrobe there too!" 

"Good point," He grins cheekily at me. I bet you're wondering how we're both wide awake. Well the fact that we both work at a nightclub is mostly why we're wide awake. The loud music and the heavy bass makes sure you don't fall asleep there, along with the strong smell or alcohol and puke. Yeah, you don't want to work at a nightclub. You start off from the bottom, cleaning toilets ect, and then work your way up to a barmaid ect. 



"Wakey, wakey! Rise and shine!!" I'm awoken by Zeke and the smell of pancakes. Yes Zeke cooked me pancakes! Wow he knows how to make me smile. I'm not a morning person at all, normally I end up grunting and pulling the quilt over my head blocking out everything and everyone. But on goo days Zeke cooks me pancakes, knowing I'll wake up as soon as i smell them. I sit up smiling like a 3 year old at Christmas and grab the plate off the side table. He cooks them perfectly and covers them in the right amount of syrup and always puts berries on the side so they're at least a little healthy. Also inside the pancakes there's chocolate chips.. sometimes blueberries. It depends how rough my night at work was! I inhale them in less than three minutes, that's quite slow for me. "So what are we doing today?"

"I say we hit the shops! I need more clothes for summer, and new clothes for work. Half of my clothes have puke stains in them, that I can't get out!" I say smiling hopefully. Zeke sighs before nodding his head. "You can use the shower first," I say innocently.



After six hours of shopping.. Yes I said six! I came home with about 10 new tshirts, lots of shorts, some jeans, hoodies, about 5 pairs of shoes and some beanies. We get home about 3pm giving me an hour to get ready for work. I slip into some short denim shorts and a crop top and put my hair into a messy bun and apply some makeup, only a little as i don't want to end up looking like a slut. Anyway I know i'll be wearing my work apron over my clothes anyway. "You ready for a night of torture?" Zeke says entering my room. I nod my head before grabbing my phone and walk over to him giving him a high five.


Little did I know that Zeke's statement would become so so true.

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