The good, the bad and the dirty

She was the good girl. He was the bad boy. She worked her butt off to get money. He got money easily. She was an open book. He was mysterious.

Sophie was the type of girl who was average. Not all the special. Not one that everyone wanted. Long, Brown, Wavy hair and big, brown eyes. She played football for her local team, and was determined to go pro. She had a confusing background but still made sure everyone around her was happy.

Ashton (Ash) was every girls dream. Tall, bright blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, looks like a surfer. He was a total player back in his school years. He'd had a rough time after he left school. Not many people knew about this, and if they did they were in his business. He was the mysterious guy who would intimidate you instantly. The type of person who you would back down to if in a fight.


5. Movie night

Tying up the bow in the back of my apron, I look around the room. Although it's only 6pm people are out of their heads already. I don't understand why! The bright strobe lights shine around the room, lighting up the gloomy corners where couples are making out. My first shift back after my weeks break.. I'm not going to lie, being back brings back the memories from last time. Zeke's over at the DJ box playing some awesome tunes... which people are somehow grinding too. Like usual. "Four shots of whatever please lovely lady," A guy, no older than 19 says to me as I snap back to life. I pour out four shots of sambuca and baileys (Slippery Nipples) and hand them over to the guy. He says a pervy thank you and goodbye and then leaves. I let out a huge sigh that I didn't realise I was holding in and prepare myself for the long night ahead. Drunk people do annoy me. And the feeling of someone watching me is making things worse.


As soon as my shift is over I go to the staff room and check my hair and collect my stuff, before making my way out to the alleyway which takes me to the staff car park. As soon as I set foot outside I'm taken to the cold wind. Goosebumps naturally rise on my arms and legs.. maybe shorts weren't a good idea. I shake that thought from my head and slowly walk along the alley to my car. A snapping of a stick sounds from behind me and nonchalantly turn around to see if anyone was there. Nothing. Hmm maybe it was me standing on a stick. I carry on walking until hands cover my eyes. I go to scream but a hand covers my mouth. Crap. I do the next best thing and lick the persons hand. They remove their hand and spin me around. I open my mouth to scream but don't when I come face to face with the piercing blue eyes that belong to ash. He smiles when he knows I'm not going to scream. "Thought you would put up a fight, not lick my hand," he says smiling.
"No. I don't like to use violence unless necessary," I reply smiling, "anyway why are you here?"
"Wanted to make sure a pretty girl doesn't get hurt down a dark alley," he says huskily. "Why don't you come have a movie night at mine? I want to get to know you." Hmm... A movie night with a fit guy, or my bed. It's a tough decision. I nod my head slightly. 
"Sure I'll come. Do you mind if I come in your car? Mine needs come petrol and I don't like going at night.. Because of thugs." He smirks but smiles and agrees. I follow him to his car, and he opens the passenger door for me like a gentleman. The leather seats warm up as soon as he puts his key in, warming me up quickly. The goosebumps on my body go, thank god, but not before he wraps his jacket around me. 

The smell of alcohol is strong. It's almost like being at work still. Last time I was here I don't remember this smell. As we make our way through the hallway, I look into the living room to see people collapsed on the floor and sofas... Probably drunk. 
"CHARLIE!!" Ash yells. After waiting a bit the sound of footsteps are heard coming down the stairs. "You threw a party without me?!?" 
"Sorry man. You were out all last night and I was bored. Plus I didn't know when you were coming home so I needed some company!" Charlie says with a slight twinkle of amusement in his eyes, which he quickly recovers from. 
"You could have tidied up by now." Ashley says this while nodding his head towards me.
"Hey.... You're Sophie right? I'm Charlie!" I nod my head politely. 
"We'll go upstairs. If there's anyone in my room you are dead char," and with that ash leads me upstairs with his hand resting on my lower back. 

As soon as we enter his room I'm shocked. It's spotless. I mean spotless. No clothes on the floor. Nothing. I sit on the edge of his bed and take in my surroundings. A kingsize, pillar bed is centre of his room. A flat screen hanging on his wall and trophies are on shelves in various places in the room. It's fair to say he must be a pretty good football player. "Earth to Sophie..." I'm snapped out my thoughts by Ash waving his hand infront my face. I shake my head before smiling towards him. "I was saying do you want anything to drink?" I shake my head, and he makes his way towards the door. "Okay well I'll be back in 5 minutes. There's clothes through the door in the corner and movies in the drawers under the TV." I smile.
"Wait... Can I have a hot chocolate if possible?" 
"Sure! Back in a minute babe," he says before leaving. I walk over to the door and open it. I'm met by a room full of clothes. A walk in wardrobe. I walk towards a shelf that seems to be holding tops and take the top one. It's a YMCMB top. I take my top off and replace it with the white top. It reaches down to mid thigh. I decided to find some shorts or something and slip them on underneath. I'm aware I look a mess but oh well. I put my hair up into a messy bun and go back and sit on the bed crossed legged. Minutes later Ash walks through the door with a tray of food and two hot chocolates. Mmmm. I put a film in and sit back on the bed with ash. As the film starts I can feel ash's gaze on my back and it's actually annoying me. I turn round but he looks innocently at the TV. I look back at the TV and continue to watch the film.
About our fourth film I start to feel sleepy. I check my phone and see its half past midnight."I better get going. It's late and I'm getting sleepy," I say to Ashley.
"No don't go. Stay here the night. Plus you don't have your car," he has a good point!
"Okay," he lifts the duvet up and I wriggle underneath. Ash turns the TV off and snuggles up to me so he's spooning me. For once I feel comfortable in bed. I fit perfectly in his arms. Wait. I'm not even with him so why am I talking like this. I fall asleep to the sound of soft breathing in my ear. I was content. For the last 4 years I haven't slept right and tonight I had the best sleep ever. 


A/N - sorry for the late update. Had a busy holiday and now back to school

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