He Is A Hero

Arabella has been abused by her mom since she was 8. On top of that her parents got divorced. Arabella's dad moved to Mullingar, Ireland and left her with the abusive parent. She met Niall when she was 16. That next year she moved to Mullingar with her dad. This is her life.


1. Arabella Perrie Kroeger

I was 10 when my parents got divorced. My dad moved to Mullingar and left me with my abusive mother. Everything was fine till I was 15. That's when shit started going down. It took us 2 years till we finally solved this. My stepdad paid for my flight to Mullingar. That next day he drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. When I boarded the plane I started to cry because I had to leave my friends and my little sister Avarielle behind. I was on the plane for four hours till I finally arrived at Mullingar International Airport. I got off the plane to see my dad. Then I saw another car pull in right beside my dad's car. It turned out to be my boyfriend Niall. I ran to him. He kissed me and asked if everything was alright. I said "It is now". We loaded my stuff into the cars and went home. Niall turned out to be living with my dad. By the time I got home it was almost midnight so I got my pj's on. I went into the living room where daddy and Niall were. I had chosen a noodle top. They saw where I had been cutting myself and asked what the hell was I thinking. Niall grabbed my arm, kissed the cuts, and said "Don't I love you". I said I was sorry. Then I kissed them goodnight and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up in my bra and underwear. Niall was beside me in his boxers. I guess me waking up woke him up. He kissed me and said good morning beautiful. I kissed him back and ended up on top of him. We stopped for a little and he asked me to make him breakfast. So I made pancakes. Afterwards Niall's older brother Greg came by and I introduced myself. He looked at me and smiled. He then looked at Niall and said that I was perfect for him. I smiled at Greg and said thanks. After he it was noon and so we had Nando's for lunch. Then we went swimming. Then we had supper. We had pizza. It was delicious. I had a root beer float for desert. After that Niall grabbed me by the waist and said he wanted to go swimming. So we did and kinda went skinny dipping. Afterwards we went to bed. I love being with my dad and Niall. They saved me from my abusive mom. Niall makes me feel better about myself. My dad...well I'm a daddy's girl. I hate it when Niall has to go to work and on tours. He brings me with him for some of the tours. When he doesn't I cry because he's away. But I know he will return safe and sound. 

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