It Started On Youtube

21 Year old girl named Breeana loved a boy named Joey Graceffa on youtube. when she went to comic con she met joey. they instatly clicked but drama was in air.


4. The Hard Part. That Got Better

The next day i woke up and went on my laptop. I watched the video joey put on his YouTube account.  I looked down in the comments i saw 2 good ones when i went further down i started crying

"Shes a whore"

"Joey are you going out with her?!?!?! you can do so much better!"

On and on over 5,000 more comments. I threw my laptop and buried my head in my pillow. Then I heard a knock at the door then I thought REALLY OF ALL TIMES WHY NOW??!?!?. I walked up to the door and saw joey. Mascara was running down my face "Breeana i guess you saw" he said with his head down "Just leave me alone joey" i said while shutting the door but he stuck his foot in the door "Breeana wait, i love you i have never felt this way  before i cant bare to date anybody without thinking your mine please go out with me?" he said giving me a rose . I took the rose, smiled, and laughed at the same time " sure joey i look like a mess though" i said laughing. "can i come in?" i looked at him weird "No not like that just to help you with your makeup and i thought we can watch a movie or go out?" "Sure joey that would be fine.". We walked into my apartment and went to the bathroom. He got a cold rag and started to wipe my face. When he was done he just looked at me and smiled "What?" i said laughing "You look beautiful" he said smiling. I felt my cheeks get hot. Then i smashed my lips on his. We started making out. It started getting really intense "Joey i cant we just started dating i'm sorry" i said looking down " I understand" he said looking at me smiling then he gave me a 4 second kiss and we got out of the bathroom.  We walked into the living room and picked out a movie. Bridesmaids. I loved that movie . We didn't really watch it all we did was make out.

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