It Started On Youtube

21 Year old girl named Breeana loved a boy named Joey Graceffa on youtube. when she went to comic con she met joey. they instatly clicked but drama was in air.


2. The Date

I called him at about 6:30 later that night "hello?" "hey joey its breeana from comic con" "oh hey breeana i thought you wouldnt call?" "after what shane said to me i was thinking he would sen shanaynay to me thats what he said but then i said who care " he laughs hard " so wanna hang out?" "sure were?" "a movie?" "sure" "pick you up at 8?" "sure ill send you my adress" i hung up i got ready. all i wore was black skinny jeans and my youtube shirt.(skipping the drive and picking up) we got to the movies "wait your a youtuber?" he said pointing to my shirt "you the girl who does the cove to titanium right?" "yeah" "oh you have a great voice" he said while smiling "can we watch the conjuring?" "are you sure?" "yes i really want to see it"  he bought the tickets and got me some popcorn during the movie there was a really scary part i put my head in his chest "dont worry im here" he whispered while putting his arm around me  i let him  i looked up to him he looked down at me thank god we sat in the very back row he crashed his lips onto mine i let him when he let go of the kiss he lloked at me with a smile and antoher scary part came up i jumped he laughed. After the movie he drove me home.We walked up to my door step he looked at me and said  with a smile "i had a really fun night" " me to " he kissed me again "i know i just met but wanna go out?" "I would love to " i said with a smile he let out a good sigh he kissed me longer. I let go of the kiss and said "goodnight joey text you tomorrow" while biting my lip "goodnight breeana" he smiled and walked away i walked in my apartment and waled up stairs. I took off my clothes and put on my pjs. I layed on my bed thinking to my self " Im going out with Joey Graceffa, im the luckiest girl in the worl. then i soon fell asleep 

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