It Started On Youtube

21 Year old girl named Breeana loved a boy named Joey Graceffa on youtube. when she went to comic con she met joey. they instatly clicked but drama was in air.


5. Comic Con 2

It was a week later. Me and joey had a good relationship some hate but the hate i was getting wasnt bad. I had slept over at joeys house cause were going to Comic Con!!!!!! I was so excited especially last comic con i was meeting joey, Now im going with him!! "Ready babe?" he asked oh i forgot my laptop hold on k" "k hurry though" i got my laptop and put it in my bag "im ready" he kissed me on the lips. he smiled after. We got in the taxi cause Comic Con was in  San Diego . (SKIPPING PLANE RIDE BORING) we got off the plane and went to the hotel. "Wow this is beautiful joey" "Not like you " i smiled then blushed and i kissed him "cheesy but good" i jumped on the bed and just lied there thinking. then joey jumped on the bed next to me i turned to look at him, he did the same "you know we haft to unpack?" "why did you haft to remind me?" i said while kissing him "well if were gonna unpack lets do it " "why did you haft to remind me?" he said repeating me. I got off the  bed and started to unpack. Once we were done unpacking it was about 9:30 and i was hungry "Joey im hungry you?" i asked "Yeah wanna go out?" "i was thinking we can order room service and watch a movie?"  i said while pulling out a stack of movies "even better" he said. I ordered chicken nuggets  fries and a vanilla smoothie he ordered steak and fries with a tea "I always get the kid food i dont like food like that" "I can tell" he said laughing "So what do you want to watch?" i asked. He picks up the movies and looked through them. "How about the conjuring?" ''Sure" I said smiling



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