It Started On Youtube

21 Year old girl named Breeana loved a boy named Joey Graceffa on youtube. when she went to comic con she met joey. they instatly clicked but drama was in air.


7. A Fun Day .....NOT

It was the day of comic con!!!!! i was so excited i woke up in joeys arms on te couch . i kissed him on the lips before walking to change but he pulled me into another kiss. "i would love to wake up to that every morning" he said to me "wake up comic con is in 3 hours!" "i need 1 to get ready!" "i need 3 " i said smiling. so i was making eggs and bacon when he wrapped his arms around my waist and his head on my chin. "i love your eggs and bacon" he said " they are no different from  any one else's" i said " its just special the way you make it" " thats so cheesy but i still love you " i said while turning around wrapping my arms around his neck and we put are foreheads together. he smiled i did to .the he kissed me. after 4 seconds of a kiss i had to finish the eggs..



                                                             LATER IN THE DAY AT COMIC CON

 I was wearing a dress that was pink . joey was wearing his striped shirt with short jeans. we were walking around  in the boat when joey came up to me with two hats. " how did you get these?" i saw mario a luigi  hat " i stole them shhh" "JOEY!" I whispered yelled he grabbed my hand and we ran out of the boat and he shoved the hats in my bag "no if you stole them you hold them!" i said cause i didnt want to get the blame. suddenly meghan  walked up. she didnt know we were going out yet ....  I think. "Hey joey" she said while hugging him "Not to be rude or anything but who are you" "Oh this is my girlfriend Breeana" he said smiling . "Hi nice to meet you " "i said putting my hand out "Nice to meet you to im meghan " she said shaking my hand. we both smiled. "Are you doing the zombie run this year?" "Yeah but i dont think breeana can shes in heals and a dress" "I will just wait at the end okay?" "okay" Joey said LATER IN THE DAY BACK AT THE SHIP!!  i was looking for joey all over the ship. i couldnt find him . then oh god this cant be happening .HE WAS KISSING ANOTHER GIRL!!! i almost ran out but then i heard somehting " Why would you kiss me you knew im going out with breeana i thought you were a fan not a boyfriend stealer!! he said walking away. them he saw me around the corner crying "did you see that ?" he said but i quickly  hugged him "I'm so sorry breeana  i would never do that to you she kissed me " "i know i heard i love you joey" i said kissing him "i love you to he said . i wiped my tears i saw the girl with a smile on her face. i slapped her " its so pathetic when you cant get a boyfriend so you haft to steal one" she was about to slap me but i caught her hand "I can beat your ass in 5 seconds with heels on so, i would run if i were you" i said letting go of her arm me and joey got out of the ship before anyone saw us he grabbed my arm and we put foreheads together "Just know im yours and i always will be yours" he said " i know" i said while smiling then i couldnt wait no longer. I crashed my lips onto his . we let go of the kiss and i smiled and looked at him "Shall we go ?" he asked "we shall" i said

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