It Started On Youtube

21 Year old girl named Breeana loved a boy named Joey Graceffa on youtube. when she went to comic con she met joey. they instatly clicked but drama was in air.


1. Meeting Him

I walked up to shanes booth with my i love joey shirt  "Oh hell no im gonna send shanaynay to beat yo ass hes mine" he said as he laugh then  i showed him my braclets with shoey and shane love "okay maybe you can date him if  he wants" he said smiling i went to the rest of peoples booths then joeys i was next "Oh girl i love your shirt " he said starring at my shirt" thanks i watch your videos every day joey i love you " i said smiling "love you to call me" he mouthed i thought he was joking he signed my shirt and a paper i read it "wanna go out call me (his number)" i looked over at him and he smiled

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