My Hearts Owner (16+)

His touch was breath taking. I closed my eyes to feel the senstaion running through my body. i opened my eyes to georgeous Blue orbs staring at my Topaz eyes. his look intestified as he stepped closer and smirked. I let myself go and fell into his intoxicating touch. Emotions swirled in my stomach as my hands trembled. I was nervous for what would happen next. But also intruiqed and went for it.


3. Under The MoonLight


It was a 40 minute ride and when we stopped. we were in a open park next to a river. Niall got out of the car and walked around to my side and opened the door. I stepped out and looked around. it was night time out and the stars where out. "Were here" niall said smiling. I tilted my head to the side. Niall laughed at my confusion and went to the trunk of his car. He took out a basket with a blanket. "Picnic!!" i sqealed. I covered my mouth. Niall laughed. "Yup. We are having a picnic" niall said smiling. Oh my god how romantic!

We settled under a tree that was right behind the river. Niall and me opened the blanket and opened the basket. There were sandwiches, root beer, soda, and pizza. I giggled at the food. Of course Niall would bring pizza. I sat down on the blanket. my hips on the blanket, my legs together sideways, and and my shoes off. Niall layed down infront of me withe the food between us. I grabbed one of the root beers and a slice of pizza and began to chew.

"So tell me about yourself" Niall said chewing pizza. I swallowed and then spoke "Im 19, im from California, moved here when i was 4, I live.....alone." i said hesitating. "Well.... what about your parents" Niall asked me. I stayed quiet for a minute, but got the courage to speak. "T-t-they died a couple of weeks ago because a inccedent that occured with a car" I said . I stopped eating because of the flashback that came into my mind of the inccedent.

"Im sorry. I-i didn't mean to-" I unterrupted him. "Its okay i know you didnt ask to cause any harm" I said. I got my appetite back and finished my pizza. After we finished our food. Niall took my hand and lead me down to the rocks near the river. The moon was shining on the water and reflected on the rocks.

"Its beautiful" I said. "Yes. But you know whats is more beautiful?" Niall asked. "No what?" I said. he smiled at me and said, "You". I blushed and i looked at him in the eyes. His blue eyes glisened by the light of the moon. He smiled and so did i. He slowly began to lean in, and i closed my eyes and leaned. My stomach was swirling and butterflies fluttered in my tummy. I felt soft lips on mine, I turned my head to the left and he turned his head to his left. He opened his mouth and closed it again on my lips. I felt his tounge attempt to slip in. I accepted its entrance. Our tounges played with each other. I decided to heat it up and bite his lip. When we pulled away, i licked my lips to savor his taste. I opened my eyes to find him biting his bottom lip.

He smirked and i licked my bottom lips and bit it. I looked down but kept my head in place. He looked at me, cupped my chin, and brought my head up to his face and planted another kiss on me. This one was more passionate. Our tounges entwined withe each other. I lifted my arms and placed the in his hair. I ruffled it a bit. His hands where on my face. I brought my hands down so they would be on the back of his neck. I pulled away and giggled. He smiled and lifted me up from the rock i was sitting on.   He pulled me in for a hug. I berried my face in his shoulder and my arms wrapped around the back of his neck. He spun me around so he would be hugging me from behind. He swayed me side to side and whispered in my ear "Be Mine".  I closed my eyes and swayed along. "Be mine" he whispered again. I nodded and he spun me again. I looked up at him and stared at his eyes. He smiled and i gave him a little peck on the cheek.

When we got up from the rocks, we held hands back to his car. What a night. I wouldn't forget this night, no matter how hard i tried. I was nialls girl and i felt like i was dreaming. We drove back to my home. Niall got out of the car first and opened the door for me. He closed the door behind me and i was about to walk to my home until i felt Niall grab my arm and pull me back to him. His lips crashed into mine. i closed my eyes and kissed him back. I pulled away and walked to my porch.

I smiled and niall was about to get into his car and drive away until i called him "Niall?" I asked. "Hmm" He said turning around. "Can you... stay, for the night?" I asked unsurely. He chuckled. "Sure babe" He said. He parked his car in the driveway and walked towards me. I pulled him in a hug and lead him inside.

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