My Hearts Owner (16+)

His touch was breath taking. I closed my eyes to feel the senstaion running through my body. i opened my eyes to georgeous Blue orbs staring at my Topaz eyes. his look intestified as he stepped closer and smirked. I let myself go and fell into his intoxicating touch. Emotions swirled in my stomach as my hands trembled. I was nervous for what would happen next. But also intruiqed and went for it.


1. The Night It Began.

My friends had invited me to a party across town. I refused to go, parties just weren't my fav things to do on my weekend. I'm the quiet bookworm who usually spends her weekends in her home studying, but somehow my friends managed to convince me to accompany them.So when it was friday night, i was not in the best mood.

 This entire week my friends had been taking me store to store finding the right outfit, but when i was too picky to choose anything, my friends decided to get me one of the most revealing dresses ive ever wore. It was sick and disgusting how teenage girls can bounce their "Fruits" in a misbehaivoral way.

It was time to head out to the party and all i wanted to do was barf. When Ally sent my phone a text saying to head down to the sidewalk, i just looked at myself in the mirror. I touched the revealed flesh on my chest and shoulder. I rummaged through my closet looking for a sweater or something to cover me. My dress was black and strapless. I settled with a black girly blazer i got in forever 21. I modeled infront of the mirror to see if it looked okay with the dress. I decided it looked fine, grabbed my hand bag, and ran down stairs. Well i couldnt get there very fast in these 4 inch heels. I made a disgusted noise as i heard my friends squeak when they saw my outfit.

"Omg! you look so good and i love the touch with the blazer. So cute" Ally said and Chloe and Marissa nodded. "Lets just go already" i said getting in the back seat. Ally and me were the only ones with our drivers license. I didnt drive because my car was being repaired after the inccedent that occured a couple of weeks ago that cost the life of my mom and dad. But i stayed in my own home since i was old enough to live on my own.

It was a 15 minute ride and was the longest 15 minutes ever. When we got there. I already wanted to go home. A bunch of teens where hanging out in the porch and front yard. People kissing, grinding, and smoking Hookah. I might as well just stay in the car. "Lets go in" Ally said excitedly.

I got out of the car uncomfortably. We walked past some guys who were smoking and drinking. I heard them make comments about us like "Dayyumm, thats a fine ass girl" and "See ya'll in the bed later". I immedietly felt uncomfortable and pulled the sides of my blazer closer to my chest.

The door was open and when we walked in, i could feel the music inside me. The music was playing to the max. People where drinking, dancing, and couples going upstairs to do buisness. When i turned around, i saw Ally shaking her ass and dancing with a guy. Chloe was getting a drink, And marissa was talking to a boy she just met. I was just standing in the middle of everyone in the party having a great time. but not me.

I was going to go to chloe when i felt a arm go around my waist. I panicked and turned around. There was a big tall guy hoding me. His eyes where almost bloodshot so i knew he was high. "Hey there baby wanna dance" He said. "Um no now let go of me" I said struggling to get free. "Now dont get fiesty and we'll get along really well" He said rubbing his nose up my neck. "Get away you creep!!" i yelled. he gave me a evil face and picked me up. He flinged me on his shoulder. "Put me down you asshole!" I said beating on his back. He didnt respond and nearly screamed when i realized he was taking me upstairs.

He walked through multiple hallways looking for a room that wasnt occupied. I was yelling and punching his back for him to release me. He didnt budge. I soon gave up and began to burst into tears. What a horrible night. When he found a room, he turned the lights on, and threw me on a bed. I pulled my legs up to my chest and backed away.

" Now you listen to me and do as i say" he said getting close. "L-let me outta h-here" I said studerring. He could see my fear and that gave him pleasure. His overpowerment towards me. "Baby, the fun didn't even begin" He said with a smirk. He got on the bed and came close to me. He grabbed my ankle and pulled it down so that i was laying down. I closed my eyes as a tear fell down to my lips. He placed a hand on each side of me head and got over me. He wasn't laying his weight on me, but his body hovering over me. He leaned in and licked my neck. My breathe intensified when he pulled away from my neck and began to go for my lips.

I couldnt help but yell out "HELP! HELP! Somebody". He gave me a bad look and pressed his lips against mine. I closed my eyes and didnt know what to do. So, i slapped him. i didnt know how hard i hit him until he flipped off me. I was too shocked to move. He flet his jaw and immidietly got on the bed and pinned me to the wall. I let out a loud scream and cried. "Now your gonna get it" He threatned me. But when his hand almsot made it up to my crotch, the door went flying open.

"Let her go" The guy in the door said. "And who are you to tell me what to do" The guy holding me said. " Let her go and nothing will happen" He said. His hands released me and i quickly got up and ran to the door.

"You alright?" the man who saved me said. He had a cute irish accent and blonde hair. He was taller than me so to look at him i had to lift my head. I nodded and walked slowly. My arms where across my chest and im pretty sure  my face was pale in fear.

"Whats your name,love" He asked me. He couldnt look me in the eyes because i was walking straight foward and he was next to me. I was too scared to turn my head to answer, so i stopped. "Im Ariana. You?" I asked alittle more comfortable. He didnt look like the type that would hurt me or try to do anything to me. His eyes were gentle and beautiful. "Niall" He said with a smile.

I recognized that name somewhere. Then it hit me. Niall Horan from that famous boy band One Direction. "From One Direction?" I said nervously. I was a directioner, but not the stalker type that would faint if i met them. I questioned why i didnt recognize him when i saw him. I guess the lights where so dim i could only see his hair, blue eyes, and had a irish accent. "Yup, the one and only" He said. "Why aren't you somewhere recording or with the others" I asked him slightly tilting my head to the side. "They are here and we had a day off" He said pointing the boys. They were together with a bunch of girls around them

"Come on and meet them" Niall said taking my hand and leading me in their direction. "There he is" Harry said when he saw niall. "And he has a lady with him" Louis said looking at me. I knew i was blushing so i looked down at the ground. "Guys, this is Ariana. We met upstairs" Niall said turning to me. He noticed i wasn't looking at him or the boys so he cupped my chin and lifted my head to him. My eyes connected to his and i smiled. He smiled too and stayed looking into each others eyes until we were interrupted by Zayn. "Do you guys want a room?" He joked. I snapped out of the daze and looked at zayn. He smiled and mouthed the words "He likes you".

"Okay enough jokes okay?" Niall said. They nodded and laughed. "Ariana, can i talk to you privatly?" Niall said looking at me. "Um, sure" i said my brows frowning. He lead me outside and we sat down on a bench on the porch. "Um, i know we just met, but would you....erm.. like to go out sometime?" He asked unsurely. Outside, i was just smiling, but inside, i was screaming like crazy. "Sure, i'd love to go out on a date with you" I said smiling. His face brightened and he asked for my phone. I gave it to him and he put his number and sent himself a text so he could keep me as a contact. He then took a picture of me to put it as the photo of the contact. i did the same to him.

"Great so ill pick you up Tommorow night?" He asked returning my phone. "Yeah. I'll text you my adress" I said smiling. we both got up and he gave me a hug. We both went into the party. He said goodbye to me and returned with the boys. I went looking for chloe, ally, and marissa. After i found them all, i convinced them that we should go home.

"So, what happened in there? You look all smiley" Ally asked me. "Well..... i have a date tommorow" I said bluxhing. They all screamed. "Omg with who?" Marissa asked me excitedly. I hesitated to answer but still did. "Niall Horan" I said. They all almost had a heart attack. "The celebrity boy band member?!?!?!" Chloe asked. I nodded and they all went nuts. "You lcuky ass bitch!" Ally said. The rest of the ride was all screaming and questions about what he said, when and did i meet one direction.

Then Ally stopped at my house to drop me off. "Get ready for tommorow hun" Ally said smiling and drove off. I digged in my purse to find my keys. I put it in the hole, and opened the door. The comfort of my own home was warm. I went up the stairs to my room and took a shower, brushed my teeth and jumped into bed. I always checked my phone before going to bed and i got a mesage from niall. It said,

"Hey Ari, can't wait for tommorow. Text me your adress. </3 ~Niall"

I smiled as i read the message and responded,

"Hey Niall, Me either and the adress is 154 Rosevelt Possie Street. My house has a mailbox with the number 1764. </3 ~Ariana"

I clicked send and waited for a response.

"Kay, See you tommorow at 8pm ~Niall"

I closed my eyes and feel asleep with thoughts of Niall

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