My Hearts Owner (16+)

His touch was breath taking. I closed my eyes to feel the senstaion running through my body. i opened my eyes to georgeous Blue orbs staring at my Topaz eyes. his look intestified as he stepped closer and smirked. I let myself go and fell into his intoxicating touch. Emotions swirled in my stomach as my hands trembled. I was nervous for what would happen next. But also intruiqed and went for it.


2. Are you ready?


When i woke up it was 11:00. I got up lazily and rubbed my face.I grabbed my phone and checked it. 3 messages from niall. All in the morning. I smiled as i read the cute messages

"Hey Babe, Are you awake??"

"Ari, wake up, i want you to wake up"

"Hellooooooo, dont wake me go over ther and wake you up :P"

I smiled and responded,

"Im up, lol what happened?"

I clicked send and went to the bathroom. I removed my clothes and underwear and stepped in the bathtub  and took a shower. after i was done, i brushed my teeth and put on my towel robe. my hair was wet, so i put it in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom. i went to my room and changed into simple shorts upto my knees and a black-t that exposed alittle of my bra under my arms. i removed the towel from my hair and dried it.

It was curly and frizzy, like i wanted it. i was gonna leave it like that for the date. Wait, The date! I haven't decided what to wear. Oh great and i didnt go shopping and i couldnt go now cuz i have no money right now, my job still hasn't sent me my check for this week.

I rushed to my closet desperate to find something to wear. I was flipping through hangers looking for a outfit until i saw a box on the floor. The box was labeled "Moms old date dress". I lifted the box and opened it.  I was releifed. I knew the perfect dress.

My moms old White dress with black polkadots. I had a pair of black heels and a white purse that could go along. Now for my hair. I decided to do a sideways braid with two twisties streching to the back of my head. Great. i had my outfit done. now for my makeup. I came up with doing the Cateye and a shade of white and glossy lips with a dash of blush. Since i had alot of time left, i went back to sleep.


When i woke up again it was 5:00. damn. i slept for 6 hours. Well i did go to bed last night at 3am. I got up and started getting ready. I took another shower, and wet my hair again. I layed my clothes on my bed before i went to sleep ro i wouldnt have to search my closet again. I took the dress and put it on. i zipped up the back and lifted up the top. It was also strapless, but it was comfortable. I looked at myself in the mirror. To think that my mom wore this on her first date too. I could imagine her and my dad laughing and enjoying themselves. A tear fell from my eye to my chin. i wiped it off, and began to do my hair. I split it so that one part of my hair had more hair than the other. I took one strand of hair from the left side and twisted it to the back of my head. i held it there with a bobby pin.

I did the same to the right side which had the majority of the hair and pinned it. I took the hair that remained and brought it to the right and made a fishtail braid. Satified with my hair i put on my heels and went to the bathroom to do my makeup. I was looking for eyeliner and found it in the bottom of the bag. I then steadily did the cat eye on each one. I then put on some white eye shadow with allitle bit of black for shadow.

After i applied lip gloss. it was 7:45. I was ready ahead of time.I sat on my bed and checked for messages on my cell. No messages, but i sent niall a message that reads,

"Hey, Im ready. Are you coming? ~Ari"

i clicked send and layed back on my bed. I faced the ceiling and breathed in. My first date is with a celebrity and one of my favorite celebrities. A smile spread across my face. I heard my phone beep which means i got a text. It was from niall.

"Yeah babe, im right outside. Come on out. </3 ~niall"

I smiled and picked up my purse and walked down stairs. I made sure i looked okay and walked out. I closed the door behind me and walked down the patio. I saw niall leaning against his car upfront. I smiled and walked foward.

"Hey babe. You look amazing" He complimented me.I blushed and smiled. Niall was wearing jeans, a white collor shirt and a black sweater. "You look good yourself" i said making HIM blush. "Shall we go?" niall said gesturing to his car. "Yeah lets go" i said walking into the car. I sat in the front passenger seat. Niall walked around the car to get to the other side of the car. he got in the drivers seat and closed the door.

"Where are we going?" I asked him turning my head. "Its a surprise" he said smiling. "But its o long ride. Are you okay with that?" niall asked me. I took a moment to think about it because i get carsick alot, but nialls car didnt have a specific scent. Scented cars make me sick. "Yeah sure. Im okay with that" I said unsurely. "You sure?" Niall said concerned about me because he could tell i wasn't sure. I nodded and he nodded too. He put the car in drive and drove off.


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