Could This Really be Happening?

Brooklynn Parkers was on The X-Factor competing against the now famous boy-band, One Direction. Brooke wins but gains no fame, instead One Direction gains all the fame. A couple of years later there is an X-Factor reunion party. Brooke gets tricked into going. You'll never guess who was there too, the one and only One Direction. Brooke tries as hard as she can to avoid them because they stole all of her fame. But what happens when she falls head over heels for the one and only Liam Payne?


3. Falling

Liam's POV


As we finished singing 'Little Things' a beautiful girl and her friend came in. She looked about nineteen maybe eighteen. But when she saw us she looked like she almost had a heart attack. When we finished I immediately walked over to her to check to see if she was alright. "Are you alright love?" I asked "...It was you and your band!” she screamed I looked at her confused, and then it hit me. She won The X-Factor when we were on it! But I don’t get what we did to her. “Love, what did we do?” I asked confused “You stole all of my fame!” she screamed as she shoved past me and left the party.


Brooke’s POV

‘Why did they have to be there?’ I thought to myself as I sat quietly sobbing in my car. Taylor was sitting with me but I wouldn’t talk I just sat there. I finally got the courage to say “We’re going back in there. I’m not a weak person I’m strong. Now, give me your make-up.” I dried my tears and re-did my make-up. I locked my car and we went back the party. I walked in and the brown haired boy that talked to me earlier started walking towards me. ‘Oh great, him again.’ I thought to myself. But he had a caring look on his face as he approached me.


Liam’s POV

There was just something special about her. Her name is Brooke; I always had a huge crush on her back in our X-Factor days, but I was just too shy to ask her out. “Hi I’m Liam.” I said kind of nervously, but I don’t think she noticed. “I’m Brooke.” She said shyly. “Are you here with anyone?” I asked “Yeah, my friend Taylor,” she said quietly and pointed to a brunette dancing with Niall. “Would you like to dance love?” “Uh, well I don’t really dance,” she spoke softly “Neither do I,” I said. “Well, okay,” she spoke a little more confidently. After dancing for about an hour, I started to really fall for her. I felt like I really knew her. I’ve never felt this way before.  So I decided to make a move. I stepped a little closer to her. “You have beautiful eyes Brooke,” I said. She blushed and said “Thanks,” a little quietly.


Brooke’s POV

I’m really starting to fall for Liam, and I think he likes me back. But, I’m starting to have mixed feelings, I mean him and his band did steal all my fame. But, I might be willing to set that aside for Liam. Even though I barely know him, I feel really close to him, like I can tell him anything. I was interrupted from my thoughts by Liam coming closer and looking straight into my eyes. “You have beautiful eyes Brooke,” Liam said into my ear. “Thanks,” I whispered blushing. Okay, yeah I totally like him.

Liam’s POV

She’s so cute when she blushes. I really like her and she needs to know, I just don’t know how to tell her. Ok I’m going to tell her and it will be okay. Liam you are okay, I reassured myself. I nervously looked at her, and she must’ve noticed me looking a little nervous. “Liam are you alright?” she caringly asked. “Yeah, I’m great,” I replied “Um, Brooke?” I asked nervously twiddling with my fingers. “Yeah,” She said “I, uh, well um, I like you, like more than a friend,” “You do?” she asked hopefully as her eyes widened. “Yes I do, a lot actually,” “I really like you too Liam,” she spoke softly. Just then like it was on cue, a slow song came on. “May I have this dance my lady?” I asked her “Of course,” she replied smiling. As we were slow dancing, I decided to make another move. I leaned in, and so did she. As our lips touched I felt sparks. When we pulled apart a huge smile spread across her lips. We were the only people slow dancing but who cares. This night couldn’t be anymore perfect.







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