My moms boyfriends son

Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child.
When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick.

After finding out more about each other, bonding, and becoming great friends...
they both end up falling for each other without realizing it.

Does Nick feel the same way? Will they become brother and sister?
Will they do the unexpeced? Will their parents find out that they both like each other?

Read to find out


3. The news

Cat's POV:
My eyes fluttered open to my alarm clock going off. I sighed and reached over to hit the snooze button.
I felt warm arms around my waist, I looked at them and smiled. 
I yawned and turned around so I was facing Nick.
His head was gently rested on my other pillow, his straight hair was wavy again. I pulled some from his face.
"Nick, get up. We gotta get ready for school" I yawned again and looked at the window that showed the sun rising.
I lightly shook his arm, "I've been up" he said with a raspy morning voice, a smile appeared on his face.
"For how long? And why?" I asked while his eyes gently opened and looked into mine.
"Just about 23 minutes, and I couldn't fall back asleep" he yawned and sat up. 
"Alright" I said and throwing the blankets off my legs, he did the same.

I walked over to my dresser and opened one drawer that showed my skinny jeans and shorts.
Since its Winter I guess I should go with skinny jeans, it is freezing during Winter where I live. 
I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and closed the drawer.

I looked over at Nick who was opening my bedroom door, "see you at breakfast" I said before he walked out, "yup" he said popping the p and smiling.
I looked at my drawers and smiled, I opened up another drawer and took out a green lace flowy tank top that had a floral lace skull on the front and a zipper at the top of it in the back.
I got a black tank top and threw it all on.

I walked to my vanity and put my hair in a messy bun. I put my foundation on and my black liquid liner forming a small wing on the top.

I brushed my teeth and put deodorant on. I got my phone and grabbed my hoodie before hurrying out of the room and rushing down stairs.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Eric and Mum sitting at the table discussing their schedule with their coffee.

I smiled at them and walked into the kitchen where Nick was making cereal.

He had already gotten ready to,
He was wearing sweat pants and a regular green t-shirt with a thick black hoodie. 

"Hello, handsome" I said walking into the kitchen and getting out my favorite cereal and milk.
"Morning gorgeous" he winked and put the cereal up while I reached up for a bowl. 
I made my cereal and got out my phone while I ate, Nick sat next to me at the table.
I every once in a while see him glance down at my phone to see if anybody was saying rude things, thank god nobody was being rude.

It was bright outside now and time for us to go to school and work.
I put my bowl in the sink and put my phone in my pocket.
I put my hoodie on and zipped it up, and let the hoodie go over my head.

Nick did the same and handed me my shoes while I handed him his.

"Thanks" he said smiling, he still had some of that sexy raspy morning voice left.

"Your welcome" I replied and smiled slipping my toms on.

"Bye mum!" I called from te front door. 
"Bye Eric!" Nick said while opening the door, sending a freezing cold rush of air welcome itself into my house.

I shivered and put my hands in my pockets. 
I walked outside and had cold air all around me, the sun was almost set but it was still slightly dark. 
I waited for Nick in the coldness while he closed the door.

He walked up behind me and took my hand in his, when I blushed my cheeks didnt even feel warm. Just cold.

I smiled at him and saw the air blow out of his mouth from the coldness.
I chuckled a bit and felt my hand become more cold while we walked to school.

It was kinda snowing when we got to school, everybody was rushing inside 
of school. 

Nick and I approached school and he tightened his grip on my hand when we got closer to the doors. "It's alright, Nick" I said before we entered the school, he looked down at me and gave a nervous nod.

I smiled and opened the door.
We walked in and very fast lay the warm air wrapped around us and gave relief to my arms and body. 

I could still feel how cold my face was though. 
We walked more into school, heading to our lockers.

Everybody had their glare on us, like we had done something wrong.

"Are you guys like, dating?" A random girl scoffed, "no, were just good friends" Nick replied giving her a death glare.
I smiled at his protective-ness.

"Ew, Nick bro, why are you hanging out with her?" Marcel ( c;) 
Marcel was one of Nick's buddies, but I guess not for long. 

Nick's grip tightened to my hand. 
I held his hand with my other hand now.

"Shut up" Nick said turning to him, "never speak about or to my sister like that!" Nick yelled in his face.
"Sister??!" A bunch of people yelled with a hint of question at the end.

"Yeah, what do you guys care anyway?!" Nick scoffed and walked me through the hallway while I kept my head down. 

He walked me to my locker and stood there. He placed two fingers under my chin and raised my head up to look up at him. 
"It's alright, gorgeous" he said smiling. I nodded and gave him a hug, "thank you" I released and opened my locker. 
"Any time. Since we have most periods together, I was wondering if you would like to meet me somewhere for 1st period?" He asked rocking back on his heels. 
"Um sure" I was a bit curious, but got a bit excited. 

"Okay, see you soon. Gorgeous" he said and kissed my cheek. 
I stood frozen while I just glared at my locker door. 

I 'unfroze' and got my books out, with a smile the whole time. 

I was about to close my locker but somebody slammed it shut for me.
I looked at who it was and saw Harvey, (;D) 
"Hey, sweetheart" he smirked. 
"I'm not your sweetheart, and since when do you want to talk to me?"
I looked him straight in the eye and held my books close to my chest.

"Since a few minutes ago, I realized how great you were" he smirked.
"Ya right" I rolled my eyes with sas.
"Don't talk to me like that, sweetie" 
He scoffed. 
"I'm not your sweetie, leave me alone please" I said trying to go around him,
He only blocked me.
I looked around the hallway, desperate for Nick to approach.

"Where do you think your going, baby?" He smiled.
"Away from you, that's where" I scoffed.

He didnt smile.

He grabbed my arms and pushed me against the locker, sending a loud noise across the hallway. 

Before I could do anything, his lips were pressed against mine. I didnt kiss back. I just stood there trying to get him off of me, using my feet. 

He wouldn't release. 

"Stop squirming" he said through gritted teeth when he pulled away for a few seconds.

He attached his lips to mine again, he got more forceful which I guess meant he wanted me to kiss back...?

I sighed in my head and kissed back, not every time, but I did.
I felt a smirk form his lips while he tried to get more. 
I shook my head while he asked for entrance to my mouth. 
I felt his nails dig into my arm through my jacket, so I gave in and let him.

His tongue brushed against my teeth, leaving me in complete disgust. 

I soon heard footsteps running toward us, I was in much relief. 

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" Nick yelled pulling him off of me and throwing a punch at him, sending him to the floor. 

I caught my breathe while I watched Nick beat up Harvey. 
They were tumbling across the floor and finally Nick was pinning Harvey down on the floor.

He threw punches at him until he could barely move. 
He brushed his lips with his hand while he stood up and towered over Harvey, who was holding his side and groaning. 

"Gorgeous, why would you do this?!" He raised his voice. 
I took a step back and sighed, "he made me" I looked straight into his green eyes and soon saw Harvey standing behind him. 

Before I could say anything, Nick was crashing to the floor. 
I rushed to him and moved hair from his face. 
He groaned in pain and turned over and held his back. 
I looked up at Harvey who was smirking. 

I stood up and got right in Harvey's face, "GET OUT OF HERE!!" I screamed at him. 
He nodded quickly and stumbled to get away from me. 
I went back to Nick who was holding his back. 
"Nick, its alright. Get up, I'm taking you to the nurses office" I said while helping him up. 

I put his arm over my shoulder and gently held his back while he stumbled and walked. 

We got to the nurses office. I laid Nick on one of the beds and explained to the nurse, leaving her in a lot of shock. "I will call the hospital for an ambulance" she said while walking to her phone. 
I sighed and sat next to Nick who was asleep. 
"Is that you gorgeous?" He asked and opened his eyes, "yes it is" I smiled and brushed some of his hair back. 
He smiled and held my hand that was brushing through his hair. 

I heard sirens coming closer to the school, I looked out of the window and saw two men carrying a gurney. 

They were soon lifting him up onto te gurney and taking him out of the room.

I ran outside before the left, I went up to one of the paramedics. 
"Can I visit him tomorrow morning?" I asked out of breathe from the cold weather.
"Yes ma'am, you can't come before 8:45 am though." He said.
I nodded and decided to just skip school and walk home in the cold.

I got home and ran up to my room and got under my covers to get warm.

I wonder if Nick will be alright, yes he will be perfectly fine.
I hope, no he will be perfect!

What if he's not though? 
What if he broke a few bones?? 
No he didnt... But..

I kept thinking and thinking, until I fell to sleep. 

I woke up later to Mum barging into my room. 
"Nick is in the hospital" she said looking down and walking to my bed Nd siting down. 
I tried to act like I didnt know, "oh my gosh! Can I see him any time soon?!" I asked really shocked. 

"Yeah, but Eric and I can't go. We have to do extra work in the morning as evening to get money to keep Nick in the hospital for a few weeks. So you will have to go alone" my mom sighed.
"It's alright mum, he will be fine" I said sitting up and rubbing her back. 
I checked my ipod, 8:34 PM. 

I really slept that much? Oh we'll, now I can go to sleep and wake up to see Nick.

I set my alarm for 9:00 am. 

"I'm gonna go to bed, I love you" I said to my mum and kissed her cheek.
"Alright love. I love you to" she smiled and kissed my cheek. 

She left my room and turned my lights off and closed my door. 

I laid my head down and took forever to fall asleep, and eventually did. 

My alarm clock buzzed, I groaned and hit the snooze button. 
Then my head shot up, I remember I get to see Nick today!
I hopped out of bed and brushed my teeth and fixed my makeup.

My clothes looked alright so I let it be.
I put some deodorant on before bursting out into the cold outdoors.

I ran to the little truck we have for emergencies that was parked in te garage.
I grabbed te keys from the gate and hopped into te truck and turned it on.

I sped out of the driveway and sped down all of te roads.

I arrived to the hospital and sighed hole my hand rested on the keys.
I eventually took them out and grabbed my ipod.
I shivered the whole way to the hospital doors.

I opened the doors and was greeted by warm air that felt like heaven suffocating me.

I walked up to te front desk and told the lady who I was seeing.
She nodded and told me the room number, I quickly ran to the elevator and frantically pressed the 3rd floor button. 

*ding!* the elevator went and opened up, I ran down the hall looking for room 105.

I found it and knocked, I could already hear the beeping of the monitors inside. 
"Come in" a male voice said. 
I walked in and Nick was asleep on the hospital bed with wires and IV stands around the bed.

Their was a white bandage around his head, and something for his back.

I came in and slowly sat down on the chair that was placed next to the bed.

"So, h-how is he?" I stuttered and looks at the doctor.

"We'll he hit the back of his head pretty badly, and since his back was already messed up, the fall he took injured it pretty severely. 
He didnt break his spine, but he sprained it. So he's gonna have a back cast for a few weeks, and were still checking out his head." 
The doctor sighed, "oh um a-alright" I stuttered again.

"When will he be up?" I asked and held onto his hand. "Any minute now" the doctor smiled, I nodded in relief and couldn't wait until his gorgeous eyes opened. 

I got out my ipod and looked at all the pictures Nick and I took together to pass time. 

Soon I heard something moving, I looked up at saw Nick slowly propping himself up and groaning in pain.
"No Nick,at back down" the doctor said.

"Where am I?" Nick asked and held his head, "oh, yeah.." I saw a tear roll down his face. 

The tear made me sad, so I spoke up.
"Nick I'm sorry this happened to you.."
I said and held tighter to his hand, his head turned towards me.
"Cat?!!" He smiled, "yeah, can't you see me..?" I questioned tilting my head.

"No, the lights are out" he chuckled.
"Um no Nick, there not" I said letting a tear fall. 
"Wh-what..?" Nick said shaking his head vigorously.

"Cat, may I speak with you outside please?" Te doctor asked, "of course" I replied wiping my tear away and getting up.

"Cat, I'm sorry but te nurses and I believe Nick has gone blind.
There is surgery that can help, an get his vision back. But, we will have to wait for that" the doctor sighed.
"No no no no no..." I said, "so sorry" he said and walked down the hallway.

I walked back into the room, "Cat, is it you??" He asked looking around te room.
"Yes Nick, its me" I sniffled and sat down in the chair and held his hand.

He smiled and nodded.

Te doctor walked in with medicine in his hand. "This is for him, so he doesn't loose memory. The side effects aren't much but they are;
Moody, tired a lot, weak, and less interest in food, make sure he takes it once a day by mouth and wash it down with water" the doctor said handing it to me and writing on a piece of paper, "oh alright.. When does he come out of the hospital?"  I questioned examining the bottle.

"In about 2 weeks" 

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