My moms boyfriends son

Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child.
When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick.

After finding out more about each other, bonding, and becoming great friends...
they both end up falling for each other without realizing it.

Does Nick feel the same way? Will they become brother and sister?
Will they do the unexpeced? Will their parents find out that they both like each other?

Read to find out


16. Sorry >.<

Hey guys! Sorry if I don't update for about a day or two on a book, it is because I'm writing and posting chapters constantly! I love writing and updating for you guys, in just apologizing now just in case it takes me a few days to update on a book, because I will most likely be working on Miss You, because I haven't updated that in a while!


thanks for all your:

likes, comments, reads, and your favorites! It meas a lot and I love you guys so much!!



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