My moms boyfriends son

Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child.
When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick.

After finding out more about each other, bonding, and becoming great friends...
they both end up falling for each other without realizing it.

Does Nick feel the same way? Will they become brother and sister?
Will they do the unexpeced? Will their parents find out that they both like each other?

Read to find out


1. Nights with the 'family'

Cathryns (Cat) POV:

I was laying on my bed listening to music through my headphones while i scrolled through Facebook.

I was enjoying my peace and quiet while it lasted, you see...


My mom got a new boyfriend a few months ago, he's really nice, funny, sweet, swilly, and a gentleman. But it gets really annoying whenever you see your mom constantly giving a man 'the lash flutter'

Better known as batting your eyelahses.


He doesnt seem to mind, but it gets extra annoying whenever he makes her laugh like crazy and giggle all the time.


Dont get me wrong, I love that my mom found someone. Especially someone who loves her just as much as she loves him.

Oh, and his son... Nick.


His son is about my age, 18.

He is almost exactly like eric, he has blonde hair though. Not brunette.


Nick has green eyes and is a few inches taller then me, but hes really silly, sweet, funny, and kinda cute.


I almost forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Cathryn Slalo, or Cat.

I have long wavy brnette hair with kinda big green eyes. Im a bit on the tan side, but not to much.

I have little baby freckles crossing my nose and swooping down to the inards of my cheeks.


I am 5'4 and i have a 'smaller' frame, i guess you could say.


Back to the story!

I was humming 'They don't know about us' By One Direction.

I continued humming and scrolling through my iPod until my mom called from down stairs, "honey, Eric is here! Get a bit organized and meet us in the living room please!"

I groaned and pulled myself off of my bed.

I went to my closet and pulled out some grey baggy sweats, and a kinda tight black shirt,

. I fixed my hair into a messy bun and trotted down the stairs, skipping one each time I hopped down.


I jump down the last two steps and landing on the bottom stair. I turned myself at the end of the railing and landed onto the hard wood floor.


I walked passed the living room into the kitchen and was greeted by Eric.

"Hello Cat" he said smiling, "hellooo" i smiled back and continued into the kitchen.


I saw my mom showing Nick something on the comuter, I walked behind her and Smiled a Nick who returned the smile.

"Whatchya showing him?" I asked while looking closer at the screen.

"Im showing him some pictures of our family reunion" she said kinda cheery.

"Im sure he just loves looking at that" I said smirking and walked off into the kitchen looking puzzled at all the foods laid across the counter tops.

"Whats for dinner?" I asked while picking up a green stick that was floppy, and then plopping it back down.

"Were having chicken tortolini and asparagus" Eric chuckled and fixed our plates.


"Whats asparagus?" Nick and I asked in usion while he walked up next to me.

I laughed a little bit and waited for their answer.


Eric and Mum gave us the 'are you kidding look'

I turned to Nick and chuckled along with him, then I turned my head back to my Mum and Eric.


"Well, what is it?" Nick asked while looking disturbed at the asparagus.

I laughed while i watched him play with the asparagus.

"Its like brocoli I guess.. But stick form and longer" My Mum replied while setting all the plates on the table.


"Thats what she said!" Nick yelled, I laughed silently but a bit ucrontrollably.


I took a napkin and headed towards the living room to eat.


I turned on TV and propped my feet on the coffee table while I sat back and ate.

"This is disgusting" Nick said while sitting down and playing with the asparagus with his fork.

"Nick!" Eric yelled slamming his fork on his plate.

I turned to my asparagus that was stabbed by my fork.

I slowly took a bite of it, ew.

I got up to throw it away and while i approached where everyone else was sat,

I quickly said "No, hes right. This is atrochious." *however you spelll it, lol.*


Nick winked at me after i had said it, i smiled and continued to the kitchen.

I leaned against the counter to finish my food chicken tortolini.


"Wanna watch a movie?" I asked Nick while he came in and rinsed his plate off.

"Ya sure" he said with a big smile.


I smiled back and rinsed my plate off. I stood by Nick and we walked to the living room together,

We saw Eric and Mum cuddling, "get a room" I chuckled, i saw my mom blush and smile.

"Wanna watch a movie in my room then?" I asked turning to Nick.


He nodded and smiled, i smiled to and walked to the stairs and trotted up them.

I reached the top and turned around to wait for Nick, "come on slow poke" I said smiling,

"Im coming, im coming. I just messed up my back a bit" he groaned.

"Oh, sorry" I gave a weak smile and shrugged.


"Its alright" he said inr elief when he reached the top.

I walked into my room and closed the door behind Nick.

"What movie?" I aked while looking through a shelf.

"You got Coraline? I've never seen it but it looks cool" he said while plopping to bean bags on the floor side by side.


"Yeah" I said taking it from the shelf, I put it into the movie player and plopped next to Nick.

"So how did you mess up your back?" I asked turning to him while the previews played.

"I got in a fight with Mavricks" He scoffed,  "Oh, i hate Mavricks."

He nodded and but the inside of his cheek.


Right before the movie started i got a blanket and laid it across our laps. I bundled into a ball to get cozy.


While the movie started i let my thoughts take over.


To be honest, I can see my mom and Eric getting married. And i hate thinking this but I kinda dont want them to. Well i do, but it would be awkward between me and Nick, right? Im sure he's already figured out by now that i like him a little.

But he doesnt show much interest, we are just good friends.

We get along great.

But what if one day Mum and Eric break up? I wont have Nick, and without Nick i dont have anyone.


Ya see, im not really the 'popular' type. at school, im the 'tom boy' type that people make fun of almost contstantly. I have a good style, personality, and i can be funny.

But people just see me as trash, except for my Mum, Eric, and Nick.


Nick has never witnessed or heard about me getting bullied, if he did he would litteraly kill whoever bullies me.

He protected me like a big brother, he is practically the big brother i've never had but had always wanted.


I was in deep thought and was snapped out of it when i realized the movie was over.

I turned my head towards Nick who gave me a strange face, like he was trying to read my face.


"Whats wrong?" He asked while he faced all the way towards me.

"Just, uh, thinking" I gave a reasurring smile, "about what?" he smirked, showing his white teeth, braces, and dimples.


"Things" I stuck my togue out and smiled, "what type of things?" He said sticking his tongue out at me.


"Whats to wear to school tomorrow, annndddd, um, and what it would look like if i straightened your hair.

"Straighten my hair? Are you crazy?" He smiled, "maybe a little" I smirked and got off the bean bang and headed towards my vanity.


I got my straightner ready and turned towards Nick who was right behind me, towering over me.

"Seriously?" He made a pouty face, i nodded up at him and got out a black stool for him to sit on.


*A/N I will publish the rest of the chapter later, i wrote this chapter down on my iPod notes, so i was copying it from there. And i hoenstly dont feel like typing right now.

Sorry :c But give me your thoughts on the story so far c:

-lauren xx

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