My moms boyfriends son

Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child.
When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick.

After finding out more about each other, bonding, and becoming great friends...
they both end up falling for each other without realizing it.

Does Nick feel the same way? Will they become brother and sister?
Will they do the unexpeced? Will their parents find out that they both like each other?

Read to find out


11. Drama in the hizay

Cats POV:
I felt some tears bundle up in my eyes, I let some fall down my cheeks and splash onto the carpet.
He never screamed at me, and I have never seen his scream before.
He was 100% right though, his words made me realize that I had just been hurting his feelings this whole time.
Yes I do worry and care for him, I just didnt act like it.
And that hurt him inside, I could hear the sadness, anger, and desperation in his voice.

I bit my quivery lip and looked at Noah, who was unconscious on the floor.
I let out a pool of tears while I lead him to my room.
I put his head against one of my throw pillows and placed ice packs all over.

I couldn't stop thinking about where Nick had gone, its snowing, he's blind, angry, and who knows where he could end up, or do.
I left Noah alone and walked into my kitchen.
I leaned over the counter and looked at the picture he threw of us on the ground.
I sniffled and walked over to it. 
I picked it up and smiled at us being so happy together.

I remembered the day of the picture like it was yesterday..

"Nick! Put me down" I laughed while he picked me up and put me on his back.
The snow landed on my clothing, that sunk through and gave me chills.
Nick laughed and spun around, with me flailing and laughing.
He put me down and bundled up a snow ball and threw it at my leg.
I gave a evil grin and threw one back.
We had a snowball fight, and afterwards I took his beanie.
"Give it back!" He laughed and tried to take it, I put it under my shirt and ran from him with the case of giggles.
He pulled me up by my waist and put me on his shoulders.
I screamed but laughed at the same time.
Mum came outside and snapped a picture of us, this was the day I knew I liked Nick.
I felt the tears fall down my chin and watched them land onto the picture.
I heard a knock at the door, "coming!" I yelled and wiped away my tears.
I opened the door and mum had groceries in her hand.
"Sweetie what's wrong??!" Mum asked making her way into te kitchen and putting te bags down.
She came over to me and cupped my cheeks, I told her the whole thing and couldn't keep my mind off of Nick.
"We need to find him! Eric and I talked to the doctors earlier and they said that if he stays furious for a while, he stays like that for a long time. Because the medicine takes over and it's basically telling him to be mad." Mum yelled and got her purse.
"Alright! He's only been furious for about 10 minutes now.. Lets hurry and go" I raised my voice and got my truck keys.
We ran out to my truck and got in.
I sped off and basically flew into the streets, like in the movies.
"Nick!!!" We both screamed out the windows.
We couldn't find him so we drove more down the road.
"Nick!!!" We yelled louder, a male figure turned around from the side walk and looked at us.
We pulled up to him, "have you seen a very tall man with blonde hair, braces, and a big black coat?" I frantically asked.
"Uh yeah, I think I saw him walk into the bar up ahead" he smiled.
"Thank you so much" I said and shook his hand.
I rolled up te window and sped to the bar on the corner, "but Nick doesn't drink beer, or alcohol!" Mum shouted, "he probably does now" I groaned and got out f te truck. 
"Stay here" I said to my mum before she got out.
She nodded worryingly and got back in.
I walked into the bar and searched for Nick.
I looked around the TV room, the eating area, and there were no signs of him.
I walked to the bar tending area and saw him sitting on a stool, with about 4 empty beer glasses in front of him.
I ran up to him, "Nick! What are you doing here?!" I yelled.
He turned his head toward me, "getting away from you" he said, completely sober.
"W-why?" I stuttered. 
"Because, all you did was hurt my feelings. And you don't care about me" he said and took another drink, and slammed it on the counter.
I cringed my whole body whenever he slammed it down.
"I do care, Nick! We have to go!" I yelled. He jerked his arm away.
"I'd rather stay here then see that Noah guy. And I can meet plenty of other ladies here" he said and pointed somewhere out into the crowd.
Soon some gross looking blonde girl with messy curly hair came up.
She was wearing a short pink dress with a push up bra. 
She slid herself onto his lap and kissed his cheek.
He smirked, "see? I don't need you" he scoffed.
I pushed her off of him and pulled him off the stool.
The girl gasped and then grabbed my hair, everybody stood out of the way while I kneed her stomach.
Yeah, I took MMA in 11th grade, I'm a boss like that.

I stepped back so I didnt hurt Nick.
"Only chickens pull hair in a fight" I murmured and punched her.
The bar tender tried to pry me off of her but I kicked and punched. She fell to the floor and held her face.
"That's what you get for touching my brother, you nasty grunch" I scoffed.
The bar tender carried me off to the side next to Nick.
I pulled him out into the cold and put him in the car.
"Get me out of this car!" He yelled.
My mum jumped and started biting her nails.
"No! Your coming home with me and that's final!" I yelled. Wow I sound so much like a adult.
He murmured something under his breathe but I didnt hear it, I shrugged it off and continued driving through te snow.

*skip rest of car ride, it was silent btw*
We got to my apartments. I opened the door for mum and Nick.
I held Nick's arm sternly and watched my mom answer her phone.

"Oh, of course. Be there soon" Mum said into the phone and hung up.
"Who was that?" I asked
"Eric. He needs me to talk with some doctors. So I have to go for about 2 hours, will you be fine to watch him?" She asked.
"Of course mum.." I sighed and watched her drive off.
I brought Nick into my apartment.
He gave me a dirty look, "what?!" I raise my voice.
"I hate you" he murmured.
I held back tears and just walked into the kitchen. 
"Nice to know" I murmured back.
"Your worthless.. I wish that Mum and Eric never met" he scoffed at me.
"Or you wish WE never met?!" I yelled and went to the bathroom and locked te door.
I put the toilet lid down and sat on it, just letting him be alone.

He hasn't eaten in a few days, he hasn't been happy, he's been very furious and depressed, and I think he's gonna be aggressive for his next step.
I heard a bunch of clattering outside, so I jumped up from the toilet and ran into the living room.
Nick was in the kitchen and had a knife in his hand.
I watched him slide it across his wrist, and again and again. 
I watched the blood come out in little dots, and rest on the cuts.
I held my mouth closed while I silently cried.
He put the knife in the sink and held his wrist in pain.
"Please don't do it again" I said and held my face in my hands.
"You can stop telling me what to do!" He yelled.
"And you can stop yelling!" I yelled back.
He came up to me and faced he head looking down at me.
He gave me a little slap across my cheek, it sent pain throughout my right cheek.
I held my cheek and stormed off into the bathroom.
I let tears slide down my cheek and splash onto my hand.
I ran out of the bathroom and went up to him, "alright Nick. Since this is MY apartment, I make the rules. So the rules are; no yelling, being aggressive, rude comments, mean faces, cutting, or leaving unless you have to" I said sternly.
"I can't promise any of those" he scoffed and raised an eyebrow.
"No, but were gonna try" I said and went into the corner to go on Twitter.
I had a notification, ugh hate mail.
I opened it and my mouth dropped wide open whenever I saw who was following me. 

His name starts with a N..

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