My moms boyfriends son

Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child.
When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick.

After finding out more about each other, bonding, and becoming great friends...
they both end up falling for each other without realizing it.

Does Nick feel the same way? Will they become brother and sister?
Will they do the unexpeced? Will their parents find out that they both like each other?

Read to find out


6. Dinner


"Oh Cat, some guy named Harvey? Called and said he was your friend so i invited him for dinner tonight" My mom stated with a smile.

I looked at Nick who had anger written all over his face.

All i could do was give a weak smile and a small nod.

I attached my hand with Nick's and looked at his face that wasnt happy.

*End of previously*


I was holding onto Nick's hand and just kept my head down. Harvey had raped me.. Nick hates him, and also Nick has got anger issues now.

I dont think this will go well tonight.


"I am gonna go get ready for when Harvery comes" I say and turn towards the stair case.

I let go of Nick's hand and start walking up the stairs.

I sigh whenever I reach my room, I close the door and take my pants off to replace them with fresh skinny jeans.


"Cat..?" Nick asks and walks into my room, closing it behind him.

I jump in fear and cover my body, even though he cant see me its still really awkward.

"I-I dont have any pants on.." I say and blush.

"I cant see you, remember?" He smirks.

"Still" I roll my eyes and put a shirt on.


I see Nick struggling to find my bed, so i walk over and lead him to my bed so he can sit.

"Thank you" he whispered and lays down.

"Your welcome, handsome" I smile and sit by his legs.

I looked at the time, "I think it's time you take your medicine" I say and sigh, turning my head to look at his.

"Alright" he sighs and sits up.

I walk over to my purse and pll out his pills and a water bottle.

I walk back over and hand him the pill, he struggles to place it in his mouth but he eventually does.

I hand him the water and watch him tilt his head back and gulp.

"Thank you" he says and hands me the water bottle while wiping away the extra water around his mouth.


"Yup" I smile and twist the cap on the water bottle.

I set the water bottle down on my dresser and realize that i should probably tell him the truth about what Harvey did to me right..?

It would be better if i did, so he doesnt think im lying if he found out.


I sigh and walk back over to him and take both his hands in mine while i sit down directly in front of him.

"N-Nick." I stuttered, "yes, gorgeous?" he smiles and holds my hand back.

I cant help but smile at him.

"You know how i said that Harvey had asked me out?" I asked and was anxious for a reply.

"Yes..." he had a angry tone now.

"Well, i li'lied about that" I looked down and held my eyes tightly together.

I felt him pull one hand from my hand to find my chin and raise it up to look at him.

I looked up at him, "what do you mean?" he asked softly.

He started rubbing little circles on my chin with his thumb.

"I didnt tell the truth about what he did" I sighed.

"Wh'what did he do..?" he had a angry tone now.

"H-he rap-raped me" I sniffled back the tear, but it fell anyway.


I looked straight into Nick's face that was not happy at all.


He stood up and walked to my wall and punched it, leaving a hole in it.

"Nick!" I yelled and ran to him, holding onto his arm.

"S-sorry" he said and clenched his jaw.

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me, i hugged back and let a few tears roll onto his shirt.


"Gorgeous your getting my shirt wet" he whispered into my ear, sending chills up and down my back.

"Sorry" i whispered back ran my fingers through the back of his hair to calm him down.

"Please dont kill him" i whispered again.

"I'll try not to, oh and your touching my owie on the back of my head" he groned.

"Oops sorry" I jerked my hand away and released our hug.


"Nick! Cat! Harvey is here!" Mum yelled from down stairs.

I groaned and hel donto Nick's hand while i lead him down stairs.

We got down stairs and I could feel the tension rise whenever I saw Harvey, Nick most likely could feel Harvey's presents in the room because he tightened his grip on my hand.

Nick wrapped an arm around my waist and held me close to his warm body.

Eric and Mum gave us a strange look, so did Harvey.

"What? Cant a brother keep a sister warm?" I scoffed.

Eric and Mum nodded while they walked to the kitchen.


"Hey Cat" Harvey smirked.

"Dont talk to her" Nick said sternly.

I held my hand on Nick's tighter to let him know its alright.

He squeezed his hand back to indicate 'alright.'

I lead Nick into the kitchen with Harvey following close behind.

"Whats for dinner?" I asked and released Nick's hand to open the refrigerator.

I looked back at parents who were talking to Nick, I shrugged and turned back to the refrigerator and felt arms slither around my waist.

I looked down and saw Harvey's arms.

I pushed him off of me and slapped him, causing a loud noise to go through the kitchen.

Eric, Mum, and Nick looked at us.

Harvey held his cheek and smirked.

I looked at Nick who looked more then confused, and more then furious.

His fists were white and he kept biting his lip.

"I gotta go to the bathroom, Cat lead me please" Nick said holding out his white fist.

"Alright" I nodded and held onto his hand while i walked him to the bathroom.

I stopped at the bathroom door so he could walk inside.

But instead he pulled me in there with him. "Wh1what are you doing?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

"What did he do?!" He whisper-yelled. "He wrapped his arms around my waist while you guys were talking so i slapped him!" I whisper-yelled to.

"I wont turn my back on you two again.  But i have to for now, so go out there and dont go near him" he said pulling some hair behind my ear.

I nodded and gave him a quick hug before leaving the bathroom.


I walked into the kitchen and saw Mum give me a mad look whenever i walked in, "what?" I asked while i sat at the table.

Harvey came in with his plate and sat right next to me.

I groaned and scooted as much as i could away from him.

"What do you mean what?? You slapped him!" Mum yelled.

"Its not my fault he wrapped his arms around me" i murmured and poked at my food.

"That doesnt mean you can slap him! Thats what friends do!" Mum yelled again,

I didnt respond i just poked at my food. "Im gonna eat in my room" I sighed and got up from the table and walked up the stairs.

I slammed my door that shook the whole house.

I sat in my circle chair and ate my salad.

I heard a knock on my door, "come in" I said in between bites.

Nick walked in with his food, and Eric helping him in.

"Is it alright if he eats up here to?" Eric asked before leaving.

"Of course!" I smiled and helped Nick to the chair next to mine.

"Thanks Cat" Eric smiled and closed the door.


Nick sat his food on my dresser and searched for his chair.

"Why did you put your food up?" I asked and sat my empty plate on the ground.

"Not hungry" He shrugged and held my hand.

I smiled and sighed.

"Whats wrong gorgeous?" He asked tried and open his eyes.

He opened them, but they looked almost dead.

The green that once glowed and sparkled, now was faded and dry looking.


He closed them again and rubbed them.

"Nothing, i just hate Harvey" I said and leaned into my chair.


"I agree" He said and ran his fingers through some of his hair.

"Ew, my hair needs to be washed" He sighed and made a gross face.

"Then take a shower" I chuckled.

"But i would need help" he looked down.


"You have Eric to help you, hes a boy" I smiled and rubbed circles on his hand.


"True, i'll go ask" He said and stood up and stretched his body.

I stood up and lead him down stairs and was greeted by Harvey.

"Move, Harvey" I scoffed and put my arm in front of Nick so he stopped walking.

"Why, sweetie?" He smirked, "Harvey, move out of our god damn way" Nick scoffed, but whispered.

"Ooh, Nick is getting fiesty.. Should I be scared? Oh right i shouldnt, because hes blind" Harvey chuckled.

I let go of Nick's hand and went up to Harvey and slapped him again.

"Ooh, so is Cat" he growled.


"Shut the hell up" Nick scolded and searched for Harvey, and when he did he slammed him into the wall.


Eric ran into the room and gasped.

Nick was towering over Harvey, who was laying on the ground.

"Whats going on in there?1" Mum yelled and ran in.

She gasped to and and gave me a mad look again.

"What! He was making fun of Nick and wouldnt move!" I yelled.

"But hes your friend, he wouldnt make fun of either of you!" They both yelled.


"Hes not my friend! Never has never will! Hes the one who made Nick go blind, hes the one who got in the fight with Nick! I knew all along! And the reason i slapped him before was because he raped me, Mum! he raped me!" I yelled and held my fists tight together.


Nick searched for me and hugged me, i didnt hug back i just stared at my mum who was in complete shock.


Eric took Harvey and kicked him out the door, not literally... Lol...


I watched Harvey walk off through the window.


"Cat i didnt know" Mum whispered and hugged me while Nick was still hugging me.


"Its alright mum" I smiled and hugged back.


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