My moms boyfriends son

Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child.
When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick.

After finding out more about each other, bonding, and becoming great friends...
they both end up falling for each other without realizing it.

Does Nick feel the same way? Will they become brother and sister?
Will they do the unexpeced? Will their parents find out that they both like each other?

Read to find out


19. albgtljkb gkbt

Ahh, im so stupid .-. I accidentally pressed Save And Publish on the most recent chapter, when i didnt even finish it D:


So heres the rest of the chapter;

Cats POV:

I smiled back and nodded, kissing his cheek. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to his lips. Our lips connected and we had a quick make out session.

"I'll be right back" I said and made sure he stayed in the kitchen while i went to get ready for the concert, so i could get there early.


I got my box of clothes and went into the bathroom. I put on some red sweats, with red basketball shorts underneath so i could take off the sweats during the concert. Then i threw on a American flowly tank top with a tight hoodie ontop. I put some foundation, nude eyeshadow, a thin line of black liquid liner on the top, some white eyeliner on my water line, and some mascara.


I got out my curler and curled my hair and tossled it around, spraying some hairspray here and there.

I smiled at my look and trotted out of the room, i had spent 2 hours getting ready.. Wow, i didnt even realize!

*I really shouldnt have put what she was getting dressed in, to many details lol. Dat was boring*


I walked into the kitchen where Nick was drinking some water. I smiled, "sorry i took so long " i said and went up to him, wrapping my arms around HIS waist.

I decided to text Niall, to see what time i should get there.


Me- Hey Nialler! Its that girl you talked to on Twitter, I was wondering what time should i be at the concert? xx

Him- Well it starts at 7:30 pm, so probably 6:25 if you want to get a good spot :) xx

Me- Okay thanks Niller <3 xx

Him- Haha, See ya there! xx


I smiled at my phone and put it in my pocket, "so i will make you a sandwhich for dinner with a drink and maybe some chips while im gone. If you need any help there is a help button on the right side of the door, so that the apartment security can come and help" I said and held his hand.

"O0okay" he stuttered confusingly.

"Okay" I smiled and pecked his cheek.

*Now its 6:00*

"I should probably head out now, I will see you later Nick" I said and kissed his cheek, "I put out some chips if you get hungry. And your sandwhich is in the refrigerator to the very far left in the front" I said and kissed his head while he sat on the floor.

"Alright love" He smiled and waved at me while i left for the concert.

I hopped into my truck and very anxiously drove to the concert.

I got there around 6:20 and there were already HUNDREDS of girls outside. I was shocked.

I went up to security and showed them Niall's conversation with me on my iPod to prove to them he let me come. "Okay- sine you have the meet and greet ticket you can go ahead in" Paul said smiling.

"Thank you" I smiled back and walked in, i walked around looking for where the stage was set up.

I was walking around looking, and accidently bumped into someone turning a corner.

"Oh sorry" I said stumbling to my feet and dusting myself off. "Its alright love" I heard a deep British voice, I gasped and looked up into Harry's eyes. Liam, Louis, and Zayn walked up behind him.

"Mate, were on in about 10 minutes!" Zayn said, I looked at Zayn and all of their eyes were on me.

I was completly shocked, i started crying into my hands, probably ruining my makeup.

"Dont cry love" Louis said and hugged me. I squealed and jumped around, I gripped to his hug and sobbed.

"Whos crying?" I heard a Irish voice say with footsteps coming up to us.

"A fan who had early acsess" Louis said smiling. I looked up at Niall who had a confused face, then a smile.

He smiled and walked over to hug me, "I gave her free tickets for the meet and greet, and the concert tickets" Niall said proudly while i sobbed.

"Dont cry" Liam said with a smile. "Well ,how can i not when One Direction is right in front of me? Hugging me and talking to me?" I stuttered and squealed in between sobs.


Niall smiled and released,  "your even prettier in person" Niall smiled, "Thank you. Your more perfect in real life" I blushed.

"Was that a flirt?" Harry gave a cheeky grin, "I guess so" I squealed.

"Haha alright, well we better get going then. Enjoy the concert!" They all waved and walked away.

I walked away, but its like i had to force my feet forward.

I walked down some steps into the arena and was in the first row, I stood there with THOUSANDS and i mean THOUSANDS of girls in the crowd.

The boys walked on stage and the lights got dark, everybody cheered. I cheered to and started crying.

"Have any of you seen the Best Song Ever music video?" Niall asked into the microphone, Everybody screamed, probably saying yes. But their loud roars were hard to understand.

"Well we all wanted to thank you for beating the Vevo record for the most views in 24 hours" He smiled while he looked into the crowd.

Everybody went wild, "Who would like us to play Best Song Ever?" He asked and jumped.

Everybody screamed again, it was never really quiet in here.


"Okay!" He yelled, but the song Rock Me came on instead. "Tricked you!" Niall laughed, and winked at me.

I screamed with a huge smile, I got out my phone to record.

"Do you remember Summer 09' Wanna go back there every night" Harry started, the crowd still had a few screaming girls. Tears were streaming down my face when all the boys eventually winked at me.


I wiped away my eyes and took my sweat pants off, because i had shorts underneath.

All the boys gave me weird looks while they sang, i blushed and threw my pants on stage.

Niall caught them and put them on, I took millions of pictures and a video.

All the boys started rocking out, then it was Zayn's turn to sing.

He held onto his word and sang it with such passion, i cant explain.


They finished the song and took a bow.

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Niall still had my sweat pants on, which made everybody laugh.

*After the concert*

I was exhausted and my voice was really hoarse.

I went to the Meet And Greet room where about 20-28 girls were waving and cheering.

They boys looked my way and couldnt keep their eyes off me while i walked in, i blushed and waited for my pictures with the boys.

I got my picture and left for home, it was aout 1:00 am now, and i was super duper tired.

I got to my apartment and was ready to crash to sleep, but Nick was nowhere and there was blood stains on the floor.

I gasped and searched my apartment for Nick, "Nick!?" I yelled in every room, and there was no sign of him.

I went into the kitchen and opened the refirgerator, he hadnt even touched his sandwhich.

I looked at the bag of chips that i left out, they werent open.

But next to it was a note saying

'Cat, I'm so sorry for anything wrong that i have done. Im a worthless man and I dont deserve to live. I love you so much, and i never got to tell you that. But I love you with all my heart, all my god damn heart.

I wish things didnt have to be like this, but the pills are sliding down my throat and i have my vodka in the other hand.

I dont know if you can read this, im having trouble writing. Please dont kill yourself <3 I love you so much. Please dont worry, please dont miss me. I dont want you hurt. I love you so so much.... Goodbye forever. ~Nick'


I dropped the note, then the phone rang.

I was sobbing whenever i answered, "Hello, this is a doctor from the hospital Nick is in. Please come quick!" The doctor yelled, I didnt respong i just dropped the phone and ran, i ran passed my truck and just ran as fast as i could to the hospital.

My legs ached whenever i burst into the hospital with tears streaming down my face.

I ran to the elevator and steamed down the hallway to his room, i ran in and Nick was shaking like a mental person on the bed, his adams apple was bulging and veins in his neck appeared while he sobbed and shook.

I held my mouth and started sobbing, i saw the cuts all up and down his arms, he was screaming and struggling.


I fell to the floor, sobbing and crying with my face close to the floor.

I put my hand over my heart whenever i heard him groan and struggle.

I felt warm arms around my arm, "Cat get up" the doctor whispered and helped me up.

I sobbed and sobbed,



He started, he looked straight into my eyes. He pulled me into a hug and held onto me gently while i gripped to him.


"Cat hes dead" He whispered, then the line beeped and everything settled.

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