Alive (A PLL/ 1D fanfiction)

Maya is the newest member at True North. She shares a cabin with 2 other girls and 3 guys totally to six in one cabin. When she finds out that Harry Styles is one of her cabin mates, they instantly fall in love. But someone is after her. 'A'. And 'A' also goes to True North and does anything s/he possibly can to make Maya's life miserable. Will Maya's friends turn on her or protect her from 'A's terrible ways? Find out in Alive. 16+
Shoutout to Jennifer_Luvs_1D!


2. True North?

*Alright, since none of y'all wanna comment and I really wanna start writing, Jessica will be one of the girls in the cabin and the other girl will be my friend Sarah. I'll just pick which boys to be in the cabin. (sorry jenni if i get your physical appearance wrong..)Peace!*


I said my goodbyes to my parents and managed to haul my luggage up to the door of the cabin.

"Don't worry, I got it." Stephanie said pulling the door open.

"Thanks." I gripped onto the handle of my suitcase and dragged it through the door only to be greeted by 5 other people, 3 were boys and 2 were girls, just like Stephanie said. I stood at the doorway with wide eyes as they stared at me with big smiles.

"Hi, I'm Sarah!" A girl stepped forward. She had long red hair to her hips and freckles all over her face. She had the most beautiful blue eyes, like the ocean. She had a tall sleek figure, not too curvy, not too thin, just right. In fact, she had the figure of a dancer. She had on cute pink skater skirt and a loose gray shirt with a tribal print pocket. She also had black converse, black cross earrings, and a gray beanie.

"Hi! I'm Jennifer!" a tanned girl stepped forward. "But you can call me Jenni." She didn't seem as bubbly and bright as Sarah, but she was smiling. She had medium brown hair with blonde ombre highlights and cute green eyes.she wasn't as tall as Sarah, she was average like Emily. She was wearing  blue high-waisted shorts (you know, the kind that's so short it cuts off right at your booty with the pockets showing), a black 'The Neighbourhood' shirt with the sleeves cut off low to the top of her shorts, and a black hoodlum beanie with gray vans. She also had some tattoos scattered around her body.

Both of the girls were pushing aside when it came to the guys. They were very attractive if you ask me. I would turn for them. *wink wink* The blonde one was first to step forward.

"Yeah move please." he said shooing the girls away. He had an accent, I think it's Irish. "Hey I'm Niall." he also had beautiful blue eyes like the ocean. He had the most beautiful smile in the world. Is it just me or do I see a relationship in this cabin? Niall also had and a blue sweater that said 'Skool Sucks', white skinny's and blue hightops. Cute kid.

"Zayn." Another boy raised his hand to smile and look down. Aww, he's shy! This boy had black hair in a quiff and brown eyes. This one was really attractive. He had a loose white shirt under his light blue jean vest and black jeans with black converse and a black beanie. He had a half sleeve full of tatts. Woah, sexy.

"I'm Harry." The last boy said smiling showing off his dimples. Cute. He was wearing a black sweater similar to Niall's but it said 'Teenage Runaway'. He was also wearing very tight black skinnies and black converse with a black beanie. I could see he had some tattoos on his hands. Hot.

The stared at me and I stared back. Then Stephanie gave me a nudge.

"Introduce yourself!" she said smiling.

"Oh I'm Maya." I said shoving my hands into the pockets of my shorts. I might as well tell you what I was wearing. I was wearing my favorite high-waisted light blue shorts, like Jenni's, and my 'Acca-Awkward' crop top. I topped it off with a gray beanie, gray Vans and heart-shaped sunglasses.

"OMG look, we're all wearing beanies! Beanie-mania!" Sarah yelled dancing around in a circle. We all burst into laughter. When the laughter died down, Stephanie spoke up.

"More like hipster mania!" We all just stared at her. "What? Did I say something?" Then we started laughing. "Alright, I'll leave you to do whatever teens do." She waved goodbye and shut the door. I stood there awkwardly.

"Oh, right! Harry and Niall, bring her stuff to her bed and Zayn you do whatever you do with Jenni. I'm gonna give you the tour!" I looked back at Jenni to see her already cuddling up to Zayn on the couch. Sarah grabbed my hand and dragged my to another room. "Yeah, those two are dating, so are me and Niall. You and Harry are the only single ones here. Unless you're not single. Are you?"

"No I am." I said looking down. "I broke up with my girlfriend a while before I left. We were going through some problems." Her smile dropped.

"No problem! There are no homophobes here!" She said smiling again.

"No it's alright, I'm bi."

"Oh!" she said doing a shimmy with her shoulders and wiggling her eyebrows. "Match-maker to the rescue! You're going out with Harry." I laughed.

"Nice one. Let's tour."


"And that's the whole cabin! Bigger than it looks, I know." She said while walking me back to the living room.

"This place is more like a house!" She shrugged.

"Yeah! If you have any question, ask any of us." She said smiling.

"Yeah actually--" I said raising my hand but she cut me off.

"Too late!" she said skipping away.

"Oh." I  slowly turned around to walk around. Where's that Harry kid? Whatever. I wandered around the cabin to find the girls room, I'm kinda tired. I found myself in a hallway with two rooms. Now is it the left or the right? I'll take the right. I slowly turned the knob and pushed open the door to find Harry sprawled out on the floor staring at the ceiling. He hadn't even noticed I came in. Well I don't really wanna leave. I'll just get to know him. I lied down next to him and turned to stare at his beautiful face.

"Hey." He turned to face me smiling.

"Hi. Whatcha thinking about? I've never seen anyone that deep in thought."

"Nothing really, I'm just bored." he shrugged.

"Let's get to know each other." I said propping myself up on my elbows.

"Ok I'm Harold Edward Styles, I'm 17 and I'm from Chesire, England." he said on one elbow.

"That explains the accent." He chuckled. "Well I'm Maya Anne St. Germain, I'm also 17 and I'm from San Fran baby!" I said earning another chuckle from him.

"I like you, you're funny."

"I'll be here all week!"

"And cute."

"And so are you Harold." we both giggled. We both lied back down and I lied my hand on his chest and his arms went around my shoulder.

"I like to sing." he whispered in my ear.

"Can you sing for me?" I said playing with his fingers. He sang the first verse and the chorus of A-Team.

"Wow Harry, that was beautiful." I said staring up at his eyes.

"You're beautiful." he said staring at my lips before licking his own, he was inches away from my face. "May I kiss you?" I smelt his minty breath.

"Please." I said eagerly. He closed the space between our lips and kissed my lips ever so lightly. Then he gently pulled apart and sat up. "Maya will you be my girlfriend?" he said pulling me onto his lap but I wasn't straddling him.

"Yes." I said grabbing his neck and pulling him closer, hungry for the feel of his lips back on mine. He placed his hand on my hip and rubbed into it earning a moan from me.

"Ehem!" A voice shouted. I jumped off of Harry and looked towards the door. Sarah.

"Oh hi Sarah." I said biting my lip.

"Hello Maya, Harry." I looked back at Harry and he looked so chill yet so hot. He had that sly dog smile on face. I couldn't tell myself to stop staring but it's okay 'cause he was staring back at me.

"Hey! I'm talking here!" Sarah snapped her fingers but I shooed her away. Harry wiggled his eyebrows and I nodded biting my lip. I pulled out a piece of paper with my kik from my pocket and tucked it in his pocket before being dragged out by Sarah.

"Excuse me Harry, just a word with Maya please." she said seriously. I waved at Harry before she slammed the door shut. she pushed me into the other room with Jenni and pushed me onto a bed.

"Spill!" She said excitedly while sitting criss cross applesauce on the floor with Jenni.

"What? I thought you were mad at me?"

"No of course not! I just wanted to scare you. Now tell us EVERYTHING!" I lied down in the bed, crossed my legs, and put my hands under my head.

"There's not that much to explain. We went from lying down, to talking, to cuddling to kissing, to making out. No biggie." I said sighing.

"Oh please," Jenni said rolling her eyes. "You're just trying to play it cool. It's alright you can tell us."

"AND THEN HE SAID I WAS BEAUTIFUL!" I screamed sitting up. We all shrieked. "Then he asked to kiss me like a true gentleman! It was soo magical." I sighed falling back onto the bed. "And he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes." We all sighed. There was a knock on the door. Sarah got up to answer and Niall was at the door.

"Hey babe." he said kissing her lips. "It's dinnertime." he said smiling. She giggled.

"Ok see you there." She said kissing him longer than before.

"Barf." Jenni said opening the door wider and walking past them.

"Hey guys, hope you don't mind but I actually wanna eat please and thank you." I said passing them.

"Yeah let's eat, I'm hungry!" Niall said pulling Sarah on his back and running past me to the outdoors. Jenni had already met up with Zayn and his arm was around her hip. D'awww.

"Hey." A familiar voice whispered in my ears and hugged me from behind. I turned my head and saw Harry.

"Hey." I said back kissing his lips. We pulled apart and he moved from behind me while interlocking our fingers.

"How do you like it here?"

"The counselors aren't as clingy as I thought they would be. That's a good thing."


We came back from the cafeteria, I ran to the bathroom brushed my teeth and changed into my jammies. After all the girls were done getting ready for bed we got settled and turned off the lights


I shuffled around in bed. I can't sleep. I turned to my other side and saw a body. I almost screamed my the person's hand covered my mouth.

"Relax it's just me." Harry said pulling me closer.

"What are you--"

"Shh no baby no." He wrapped his arm around my waist. "Let's just cuddle." he hummed the melody of A-Team and I found myself slowly drifting off to sleep.



Hey y'all! Sorry I really wanted to update.

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So ya hope you enjoyed!


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