Alive (A PLL/ 1D fanfiction)

Maya is the newest member at True North. She shares a cabin with 2 other girls and 3 guys totally to six in one cabin. When she finds out that Harry Styles is one of her cabin mates, they instantly fall in love. But someone is after her. 'A'. And 'A' also goes to True North and does anything s/he possibly can to make Maya's life miserable. Will Maya's friends turn on her or protect her from 'A's terrible ways? Find out in Alive. 16+
Shoutout to Jennifer_Luvs_1D!


1. Prologue.

I sighed as my father's car came to a stop. My mother and father looked back at me from the front seats and began to talk but I shut them out my turning up my music louder. They continued to mouth to me what they were saying but looked at eachother and soon gave up. They both pushed open their doors while I continued to look out the window.

True North. If it weren't for Mrs. Fields, Emily's mom, I wouldn't be in this situation. I could still be living happily with my sweet Emily and balance on the drugs. It was just a little weed! I mean, come on! Emily's mom must have done drugs when she was younger. Everyone does. I'm glad I met Emily, though. She helped me find the real me.

By the way, I'm Maya, Maya Anne St. Germain. But I like to go by Maya St. Germain. I have long black hair and tawny-colored skin. I am a wealthy girl from San Francisco, California, who moved to Rosewood. This town is actually quite polished. It's very small. Everyone knows you so you have a rep. But I'm not like that. I'm more laid back, you know? Go with the flow kind of girl.

My first day there, though, was quite, what's the word? Interesting. I moved into the DiLaurentis house, an old victorian house. While I was moving in, a lot of stuff was still in there. You know Alison DiLaurentis? You know, the girl who went missing for a year? Yeah she was found dead in my backyard by construction workers when my parents were planning on building a tennis court for my brother. While they were taking out Alison's body, Emily invited me to sleepover at her house. And that's when I fell in love.

Suddenly my earplugs were yanked out of my ears.

"Hey! What was that for?" I looked at my mother with angry eyes.

"Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, sweetie." she said calmly. "I want you to come back home a grown woman and--" she helped me out of the car but I cut her off.

"Mom! It's bad enough you're sending me to rehab. Stop embarrassing me!"

"I'm sorry sweetie." she said smiling. "I'm just gonna miss my baby!" she said kissing my forehead and hugging me.

"Here's a thought, why don't we go back home and forget this ever happened?" I whined with pleading eyes.

"Nice try, MiaMaya." my dad said smiling. That's his nickname for me (not in the series). "Come get your bags, there's someone I'd like you to meet." I escaped from my mom's embrace and got my bags. I was lead over to a woman with a clipboard and short brown hair.

"You are," she paused. "Maya St. Germain, right?" I nodded. "Nice to meet you Maya, I'm Stephanie. I'll be your counselor." she said with a wide smile and her hand sticking out to me. She's too perky. But I'll play along. I pushed her hand away.

"I don't do handshakes." my parents looked at me with surprise and anger while Stephanie looked away. "I do hugs though." I said in more of a question way as I smiled and hugged her. "Is it okay if I call you Steph?"

"That perfectly fine with me!" she continued to talk to my parents while I zoned out. I looked around at the wilderness and the teen walking around further behind Stephanie. I continued to glance around the trees until I saw some movement.

"Woah, what was that?" I said cutting off Stephanie and my parents.

"What was what, sweetie?" my mother asked. I looked back but saw nothing.

"Nevermind." I glanced one last time before I realized my parents and Stephanie started walking away. "Hey wait up!" I grabbed my carry on and ran up to them.


 "And this will be your cabin. Since you are in one of the oldest age groups for teens, you will be sharing a cabin with 2 other girls and 3 other guys. Is that alright?" I like the sound of that.

"Definitely!" I smiled. My father sighed.

"Ok but no funny business, MiaMaya. I progammed your phone so you can only call home and no one else."

"Well this concludes the tour and signifies the beginning to a new life!" Stephanie pulled something out of her pocket, takes her hand in mine and placed the object in my hand and sealed it with her own. "It gets better." she smiled. She pulled her hands away from mine and in my hands was a rosary. Not to flashy but not to simple.

"Well go ahead, put it on!" She gestured with her hands. I opened up the strands of the necklace and pulled it over my head. "Welcome, Maya, to True North!" she said opening her arms out and looking up to the sky, smiling. Wow, that was dramatic.




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And I'll be picking one other person to be in Maya's cabin. Rules, you must be favoriting and liking, and you have to be a girl! Contest ends in 7 days as of July 26, 2013. Usernames will be in a hat and will be picked randomly.

Peace out, you pretty little liars!

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