Alive (A PLL/ 1D fanfiction)

Maya is the newest member at True North. She shares a cabin with 2 other girls and 3 guys totally to six in one cabin. When she finds out that Harry Styles is one of her cabin mates, they instantly fall in love. But someone is after her. 'A'. And 'A' also goes to True North and does anything s/he possibly can to make Maya's life miserable. Will Maya's friends turn on her or protect her from 'A's terrible ways? Find out in Alive. 16+
Shoutout to Jennifer_Luvs_1D!


3. One Direction

*Did y'all see PLL the other day? DAMN!*


"Maya, I still love you. Please don't go"

"I think we all know I have a problem. I smoke weed, I don't fit in and my girlfriends family hates me for being me. This just isn't working out."

"Please Maya. They are still adjusting. Imagine what it would be like finding out your perfect daughter is gay. This is new to them, Maya. Please give it some time. Please." She pleaded grabbing my hand. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes, blurring my vision.

"I'd be glad my daughter is being herself. I can't do this Emily." I shrugged her off with tears brimming my eyelids threatening to roll down my cheeks

"Please Maya!" She dropped to her knees, crouching down by my feet covering her already tear-stained face with her hands while her feelings poured out of her eyes and mouth. "I love you so much. Please don't do this." I wiped a tear from my cheek

"Listen Emily, I have to go to rehab. I'll come back a changed person. But until we meet again, you need to move on. I'm sorry." I left her sobbing on her porch while I stood in front of her with tears streaming down my face.

"Wake the fuck up Maya." she sobbed. 

"Wait what?"

"Wake the fuck up, goddamnit!" 

The something soft yet strong repeatedly whacked my head.

"What the hell?" I said opening my eyes to see two girls jumping on the bed I was sleeping on whacking at my body.

"Who the hell are you people? Where am I? Will someone tell me whats going on?" They jumped down from the bed and smiled at me.

"You're at rehab, ya silly goose you!" The redhead said pinching my cheeks. "You see, you came here yesterday..." I tuned her out while everything flashed back to me.

My parents forced me to this rehab camp for smoking weed.

I met Stephanie.

I met the girls.

I met the boys.

I met Harry.

We kissed.

We're going out.

"Ok I got it!" I yelled.

"You're really not an early bird, are you?" Sarah said turning her head to the side. I shook my head while sitting up and rubbing my face.

"Whatever you need to get up and get dressed though, brekkie is in 20." Jenni said walking out of the room.

"I'll leave you to do your stuff." Sarah also left. Well.


Walked out of the bathroom all freshened up and hair wet from the shower. I already had my daily makeup on and I was wearing my cute overall shorts with my black 'new york city bitch' crop top underneath. I was wearing high top black converse. I had on several lanyards and the cross that Stephanie gave me yesterday. The first person I ran into was Jenni

"Oh my god you look perfect!" She placed a black beanie on her head.

"You really love beanies don't you?" I smiled while putting on my flower crown.

"Not as much as I love your outfit!" She had on black leggings, a plaid flannel and black converse.

"Oh please!" I gave her a high five and we both walked over to Sarah. "So what exactly do we do now?" I asked her. She actually dressed plain today; blue shorts and a loose white t-shirt and black converse.

"It's a surprise, keep walkin'!" She pushed me into the main room where I saw five guys...singing and playing the guitar? And a random one drinking orange juice from a straw.

"Umm..." I said rather loud causing all the guys to look in my direction and stop singing. "Hi." I said tucking a strand of hair behind my hair a looking around. Finally Niall spoke up.

"Oh yeah, Maya, these are our friends Liam and Louis." he pointed to a boy with a buzz cut then to a boy with a little brown quiff. 

"Hello!" Louis jumped up from his seat. "I'm Louis!" he said smiling big and sticking his hand out while using his free hand to continue slurping his drink. I shook his hand and almost as if right on cue, Liam got up to introduce himself.

"I'm Liam!" he said smiling and coming closer.

"Uhh." I said backing up. Before I knew it, i was wrapped up in his arms having my face smushed into his chest.

"Harry has told me lots about you." he said pulling away with his arms at my shoulder. He stared at me for a while as if he were analyzing me. Then Louis came up behind him. "You're prettier in person." Liam said.

"Yeh," Louis said slurping away. "You're definitely ship worthy. You have really nice hair." Liam nodded along with Louis.

"Alright guys," Harry said sneeking up behind me with his hands at my waist pulling me away from the brown-haired boys. "She's my girlfriend." He said kissing my cheek.

"AWW!" Everyone cooed as we both blushed.

"So what is this?" I said motioning towards the guys.

"Oh babe, I'm in a band with these idiots." Harry smiled hugged me tighter.

"Hey!" Louis said before slurping his juice. "This juice is really good." We all laughed.

"There's a talent show tonight." Zayn said lowly.

"And we're gonna win!" Harry said.

"What's your band name?"


"NIALL AND THE POTATOES!" Niall shouted.

"Actually it's One Direction. Liam said.

"Cool. What song are you gonna sing?"

"Torn." Harry whispered in my ear. Ooh shivers.

"Come one guys! We're 10 minutes late for breakfast!" Sarah said running out the door. We all looked at eachother with that face like, 'What?!' and we all ran after Sarah.

"Sorry Steph. You know that traffic!" I smiled walking past her.



Sorry that's so short! My brother is coming back in a few so I need to post this. I post better stuff when I get my new laptop. Peace out muddafuqqas!

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