The Telumesthic Trilogy: The Unknown Weapon

War. Centauries long, many lives lost, planets destroyed. But the Xylaarks now know how they can demolish the Humans once and for all. They just need the weapon... No-one but the Controller Xylaark knows what it is. Nothing will get in his way of getting it.

*This book was not originally my idea, but my boyfriends. So idea for Xylaarks and such go to: SamAwesome117


1. The War

Telumesthic is a small, yet powerful planet. Populated by a native species, called Humans. When their planet, Earth, was poisoned by Xylaarks, they had to leave. Half of their species went one way, and the other half went another direction. One half was killed when a black hole was located too late, and they were lost to an unknown place. But since then, hundreds of years ago. Humans have spanned across the Galaxy and have concord again and again. But the Xylaarks have never stopped to erase them from the history books. This is how the War began...  

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