The Telumesthic Trilogy: The Unknown Weapon

War. Centauries long, many lives lost, planets destroyed. But the Xylaarks now know how they can demolish the Humans once and for all. They just need the weapon... No-one but the Controller Xylaark knows what it is. Nothing will get in his way of getting it.

*This book was not originally my idea, but my boyfriends. So idea for Xylaarks and such go to: SamAwesome117


3. Cold Fire

Thunder, lightning, grey clouds rolling across the sky. Waves of grey rain came down like tear drops of the angels, wanting this abomination to end. As did the Human amongst the weather. Orlando Sharp. The taste of fear was like the smell of blood to him, it came with his job. A solider, a brave one at that. Unlike his Commanding Officer, a drunk disgrace of man. Sending wave after wave of men out to their death by the Xylaarks. Metallic Humanoids Xylaarks are, but no part of them is Human. No emotion, no mercy, no sense of living. Orlando looked to the sky, not blinking, not even to the water plunging onto his eyes. His dark hair clung to his skin, his stubble on his jaw flattened, his hazel eyes gazed.


Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Metallic footsteps approached him. He peered around his hiding spot, an old tree. A Xylaark walked towards something, determined. Orlando squinted to look clearly, but the rain was faulting his vision. He wiped his eyes, blinking rapidly. Then he saw a glint of silver amongst red. He then knew what the Xylaark was after. He aimed his gun at he Xylaark. He shot. Blasting its arm, basically just bruising him from this distance. The Xylaark's red eyes glared at him, only just seeing him. It shot the tree, burning his cover. He cursed under his breath and charged out from behind the burning embers. Kneeling now, he aimed, and released fire, repetitively. Miss, miss, Hit! He got him in the shoulder, his arm flew back from the impact, his gun still in his grip. Orlando walked towards him, and aimed his gun towards the Xylaark's head. It looked at him. One pull of the trigger and it was just scrap metal.


Orlando turned to the desired object of the Xylaark. He cautiously stepped to it, and offered his hand. He watched the cold, red fire move in the light wind. Then it seized his hand, with one smooth motion, it was almost at his height. He couldn't help but wonder why the Princess of Telumesthic was here...

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