Lingering Thought

Walking around the town in early morning in after a desperate night, you find the strangest places. Their dwellers can show you things that you though impossible. You just have to have an open mind.


6. Thalamus

I flew out of the door into another hallway. The walls were now a light blue. Adorned with pictures of a little dark haired girl. I examined the gold locket in my hand. It could be opened. The picture of that same girl smiled from there. Was she sharing memories with me, what is happening here?

The plaque on the door I came from was still glowing. I decided to look around. Then I had an idea.

"If all of these doors have numbers, what's the origin?", it worked in the sixteen walled room, perhaps it will here as well. The glowing number was "51", and the one near it was "50". That was the direction for me. I started running. When I reached number "3", I turned around and the number was still faintly glowing in the distance. Then I came to the door with no numbers.

"Here we go!" I said with a smile.

I opened the door and went in. This was even stranger than anything before. I actually started getting cold, and the air felt damp. There were rocks on the ground. After a few hundred steps, I exited a cave, and entered into a lush forest.

Ordinary forest, it was not. Everything was frozen, but not in a sense that there was frost and snow. Nothing was moving, as if time had stopped. The stream stood silent, and I hopped on it to see if it held my weight. It did. There was no wind, no sounds. After a while playing with this strange occurrence, I noticed someone.

A little girl was siting on a large tree stump. I knew who she was and I moved closer. She appeared to be soaking wet. Small drops of water were all around her body, frozen in the air. She looked pale. I looked past the stump and saw that there was a river. I didn't even notice it, hidden in silence. I approached the girl and lowered myself to see her face.

The sight left me terrified. She was grinning, in the most demented way possible. I lost my balance and fell on my butt. While sitting there, feeling stupid, I felt the world start to tick again.

Everything was set in motion. The deafening sound of the river was now letting everyone know about its presence. The girl was gone.

There was no chance of hearing the steps behind me. There was just a light bump sound on my head, and things went dark for a few seconds. I was now turned around and looking at Mr. Hunter's ugly grinning mug. Did he actually win? He stood still. I wondered what he was waiting for. His rifle was in his hand, but not yet directed at my face.

In the distance I heard people. There was some commotion, which quickly turned into screams, loud ones. One could not be mistaken; it was a scream of a mother.

Without cue I was now looking down the rifle barrel. The bastard was cleaning the scope with his sleeve.

"Yeah, I don't think, you'll really need that..." I said sarcastically.

No answer of course, but I remembered something in that moment. I felt around back of my trousers. And there it was.

"Mister... I would like to return something to you!" I quickly grabbed the knife that I took from him earlier and slid it deeply into his right foot. His face looked like he screamed, but there was no sound.

Without thinking I started running. I came to the edge of the river and jumped in. The current was strong. I was on the verge of drowning a couple of times. I caught a glimpse of a strange sight of a young woman standing above the water holding a little girl. Next turn of the river took me under, and I blacked out.


I washed up on a small island about a hundred feet in diameter. After swearing for a minute and catching my breath I looked around. White sand and perfectly clear water and palm trees. It looked like heaven. There was something in the center.

Under the red umbrella, on a fine beach chair sat The Great MacGregor. He was old here. Really old, probably the age he would be if wasn't deceased. Oh yeah, that's odd as well, because he is dead. He was wearing something on his head. I leaned closer to check it out. It was some sort of virtual reality device and the cable went down into the sand.

"Hey, can you hear me?" I tried.

No response. I'm beginning to feel a bit lonely here.

With nothing else to do, I raised my hands and took the device off. Darkness was set on the world again; sounds of the sea went silent. I don't even think the Magician was here anymore, or the island for that matter. Only thing I saw was the glow from the device.

I put it on.

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