Lingering Thought

Walking around the town in early morning in after a desperate night, you find the strangest places. Their dwellers can show you things that you though impossible. You just have to have an open mind.


2. Search

The door was unlocked, when I knocked it opened up a bit. I debated whether to go in or not. I decided it was best to see if something happened to the old lady. Taking a first step inside, I felt I was in another world. The amazing thing was that the house looked regular from the inside too. But the fragrance in the air told another, more mysterious story.

I was in a small hallway; on the right there was an open door. It was a supply room, with crystal balls, fabrics in all colors, boxes of candles and a magician's hat with bunny ears hanging out. I smiled remembering another interesting thing about this lady. She was a magician's assistant, and later his wife. Apparently they met while the Great MacGregor traveled abroad in his youth.

I noticed there was light coming from the half opened door at the end of the hallway. I made my way there, stopping to look at a large black and white photo of a young couple. They had the most sincere smiles while holding each other's hands. The picture was dated July, 1964. I continued on to the door and opened it.

The room looked barren; there were a few pictures and paintings on the walls. But there was no sense of glamour or mystique I expected. The room felt honest. The old woman was sitting by the desk, with her eyes closed. She was breathing loudly, which eased my mind from fear of really contacting the other world today. She didn't wear any makeup, and looked just like a regular old lady.

In the next moment everything went silent. Her eyes opened.

"Sit there, please." she showed a chair opposite to her.

I moved closer and sat. The desk was empty, no props, no crystal balls, no cards or bones. Just a simple tablecloth, this could be her dining table.

"Hello, I'm ..." I was just about to introduce myself.

"Please, there is no need for that. Look at me and give me your hands." she said, decisively.

This was all going fast. But I went along.

I touched the old hands whose texture resembled a tree bark. But it didn't bother me. Next was the surprise, when I looked in her eyes. That shade of blue was overwhelming. You couldn't look away. The sum of her experience and age, posture and the stare made her look intelligent and incredibly confident. In the next moment that image disappeared from my head and everything went to black.

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